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Last Minion Standing By Eve Langlais,

  • Title: Last Minion Standing
  • Author: Eve Langlais
  • ISBN: 9781595787972
  • Page: 343
  • Format: ebook
  • Who will be the Last Minion Standing All I said was I needed a minion, the next thing I know, I m embroiled in a reality show with cameras following me everywhere I should have told them not to bother, as I was ready to declare a winner and get naked the moment I met Drake Shirtless and shoeless, in low slung jeans, I could think of so many ways he could serve me especiWho will be the Last Minion Standing All I said was I needed a minion, the next thing I know, I m embroiled in a reality show with cameras following me everywhere I should have told them not to bother, as I was ready to declare a winner and get naked the moment I met Drake Shirtless and shoeless, in low slung jeans, I could think of so many ways he could serve me especially in bed But, Drake, the super sexy dragon shifter, is after than a chance to work alongside me in my battle to capture evil souls, he also wants to win my heart But love is for weaklings, and no matter how much he tortures me sexually, I will not give in, even when he resorts to restraints and sensual flogging Mmm, bring it on harder please.
    Last Minion Standing Who will be the Last Minion Standing All I said was I needed a minion the next thing I know I m embroiled in a reality show with cameras following me everywhere I should have told them not to bother

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    1. Eve Langlais writes dangerously sexy and witty novellas She has become one of my favorite novella authors Why Because her writing is brilliant When you can take two people and throw them together and make it a sexy, fun and fulfilled read in a short amount of time that s amazing I never liked novellas before, but with the right author you can have a short read and still feel like you didn t miss a thing A couple of things I love about Eve, She loves writing most of her heroines on the plump siz [...]

    2. Heh Eve Langlais s Hell is a sassy, dangerous, knock down circus of a place The ladies are just as bloodthirsty as the men and you never know what s hiding under someone s skin.Sometimes literally.Our heroine on this adventure is Sally She s feisty She s also a kickass bounty hunter who tangles with Drake in the most delicious of ways Actually, it was like a bounty hijacking, but Sally WISHED it was in a delicious way Then things get really interesting.You know, with reality shows and battles [...]

    3. Posted at yummymenandkickasschicks along with eBook giveaway until May 20th 2011If you are a fan of erotic romance books filled with quirky characters and a quick fun plot, then you are going to enjoy Last Minion Standing And just a heads up, Eve Langlais does not skim the erotica border here This is a full out, hot and steamy title Sally is a half demon who hunts those who have escaped Hell She has a natural knack for it and loves what she does She is a funny gal who speaks her mind and goes af [...]

    4. This review was posted at Under The CoversI have to say that I love the way Eve Langlais thinks, she is quickly becoming a go to author for me when I m in need of a quick improvement in my mood She manages to write stories that will make you laugh and squirm at the same time The snarky comments and humor she puts in her stories is so entertaining Last Minion Standing is, as you can probably imagine by the title, a play on a reality TV show Sally is a bounty hunter for the Hellacious Office of Es [...]

    5. Sally s Job is sending escaped souls back to hell Wail Sally was out on a routine assignment, she was interrupted by the handsome Drake and all his half naked hotness Drake swooped in and took her bounty from her As much as he pissed her off, he heated her blood twice as much.Once sally decides she needs a minion and a super hero name, her best friend sets out and gets her on a demon reality show But to her surprise the sexy drake is contestant The she gets to know this infuriating man the she [...]

    6. This is one match where Satan didn t need to interfer, thanks to HBO Hell Broadcasting Evidently, cheesy reality shows are all the rage in Hell as well, and one of the contestants competing for the title of Sally s sidekick minion, is Drake, the sexy bounty hunter who stole her prey just the other day Does he have ulterior motives, or does he really want her as his mateMmm, sexy, story and hot as hell Drake is one possessive dragon, and Sally, daughter of the demon of lust, is his equal, in and [...]

    7. Talk about possessive, holy sweet baby Jesus, through clenched teeth, he growled, You will not meet with that slug If you have needs, I will take care of them Know, right now, I will not allow another to touch you I liked this book, but I wasn t in love with it.

    8. Last Minion Standing by Eve LanglaisWelcome, dear reader, to Last Minion Standing A Hellish reality TV show where you can fight your fellow monsters, shifters, and demons oh my for the right to play sidekick to the very bad ass bounty hunter Sally When one smexxy dragon shifter, Drake, enters into the contest, all bets are off He sees Sally as his mate, and nothing will stand in his way to claim her aim her up against the wall tied to the bed in the showerd oh my naughty parts can this dragon ta [...]

    9. Reading something by Eve Langlais has quickly become one of my guilty pleasures and without fail, each time I finish reading one of her books I m left with a huge smile on my face and feeling just a little bit naughty Eve has an amazing talent of being able to catch the smolder of the irresistible Alpha male, the sassiness of a strong woman, the sizzle that comes when passions ignite and add them to fun and quirky storylines LAST MINION STANDING is a perfect example of just how fun reading eroti [...]

    10. Another great novella from my favortite author Eve Langlais Half demon Sally is a bounty hunter for Hades, sending souls back to Hell where they belong Deciding that she needs a Minion Sidekick her best friend roomate sets her up with a contest to find a Minion and a Super Hero name which turns into a reality show contest One night on a routine job a shirt and shoeless hunk, Drake, comes along and steals her bounty right from under her Seeing him not only pisses her off but gets her all hot and [...]

    11. Wowser Once I started I couldn t put it down This has everything I want in a paranormal romance I just loved Sally She was strong and funny and just plain stubborn Drake was sexy and protective and well just plain stubborn too Both are thrown together and then the fire ignites This book will leave you squirming I read it all in one sitting and loved every second of it You get witty and fun dialogue and some sexy scenes that leave you breathless A great combination This is my 2nd book I have read [...]

    12. Warning Last Minion Standing is one hot tale meant to set your unmentionables on fire Drake and Sally together are a fire waiting to happen and it explodes all over the pages The witty writing voice of Ms Lanlais adds kindling to a fire already blazing out of control I dare you to pick this little number up and spend some time hotter than hell.DelaneReviewer for Coffee Time Romance More Full Review coffeetimeromance Book

    13. Very funny story about how Sally, a half demon, goes through a Bachelor inspired competition to find a sidekick, and ends up finding love with a demon shifter Smoking hot sex.

    14. Okay, well that happened It was alright, I ran through it, and it didn t really provide any further background for the Welcome to Hell series.

    15. This book is funny and steamy All Sally said was she wanted a minion and now she finds herself with a reality show Sally has a job in hell, she is a bounty hunter for souls who escape hell While working a case she meets Drake He is actually there to do the same thing she is She is pissed that this guy is stealing her case but super turned on by how sexy Drake is Turns out Drake is one of the contestants on her reality show More is going on than meets the eye and things are about to get real inte [...]

    16. Another wonderful read from Ms Langlais I have owned this book for ages but it has been rereleased and the author kindly gifted me a copy though I will admit I like the original cover better.Ms Langlais is the queen of funny and humorous but very readable books I love her books and have nearly everything she has written.Loved this read about a half demon bounty hunter Sally, who has the hugest ego ever and her falling against her will into love with Drake, a dragon shifter.The whole HBC show ide [...]

    17. Hilarious with a kickass half demon who gets than she bargained forWhen a half demon soul decides that she needs a minion or side kick it leads to all sorts of fun and frolics when her best friend ends up turning her request into a reality show However, its not all the contestants that want to win for her, there is one there who wants his mate and another who wants her dead.

    18. This is too cute Hell s own reality TV show to select a superheroine name and a sidekick minion Our heroine wants the fame and fortune a badass bounty hunter gets but unbeknownst to her, someone wants her dead Our hero is hired to discredit or kill her but upon meeting discovers she s his mate So he decides to enter the contest to win her and discover who s out to kill her.

    19. Sexy, sassy, and fun I loved the reality tv concept in this book The characters, Drake and Sally, complimented each other perfectly naughty, stubborn, and defiant but, with just enough give to make it work The narrators were pretty perfect although, I would have liked to see them work together instead of each with their separate parts.

    20. Soul slutWhat a great concept, although reality tv is overratedI would probably watch this one Poor Sally is extremely stubborn, but love wins in the end Very hot and steamy Loved it

    21. Arc review For honest review Sally is a bounty Hunter superhero Drake is a demon Dragon shifter bounty Hunter Sally is looking for minion and superhero name.funny ,cute and plain awesome

    22. 3.5 stars Fun read but her personality ended up getting on my nerves Great concept and had lots of humour.

    23. Entertainment at its best.Kick ass heroine looking for a minion and getting than she bargained for Eve Langlais never fails to entertain with her delightful characters.

    24. Good story This was a fun quick read Great for an afternoon light hearted escape The characters were easy to like, and the storyline moved along nicely.

    25. This book Sally, she is one of hells hunters, she decides she is like a super hero and she wants a side kick minion to help her send souls back to hell Her friend decides it would be a good idea to have a reality TV show where people compete in games tasks to see who the right person for the job But one night while out sending a soul back to hell Sally comes across a guy who sends her demon back to hell before her and it makes her blood boil So does the sight of him, in all his hotness standing [...]

    26. I m not a fan of reality shows at all, but if there was one like this I would be glued to the television every week Sally is a half demon who is essentially a bounty hunter for hell she rounds up the escapees She loves her job, and there s only a small hitch she needs a minion sidekick and a kick ass superhero name to go with her personality and her screwy sense of humor Jezebel, her roommate, convinces her to pitch the idea to a producer Last Sidekick Standing is the game show where Sally gets [...]

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