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The After Party By Wynter Daniels,

  • Title: The After Party
  • Author: Wynter Daniels
  • ISBN: 9990100000510
  • Page: 440
  • Format: ebook
  • An Ellora s Cave Naughty Nooner story.Victoria meets a handsome stranger at a relative s wedding When he asks her out for a drink after, she invites him to her place After a steamy encounter, they discover they have than their profession and their love of cats in common Their paths have crossed before But will that connection end what they ve just begun Publisher An Ellora s Cave Naughty Nooner story.Victoria meets a handsome stranger at a relative s wedding When he asks her out for a drink after, she invites him to her place After a steamy encounter, they discover they have than their profession and their love of cats in common Their paths have crossed before But will that connection end what they ve just begun Publisher s Note This story was previously published elsewhere under the title Kissing Cousins.
    The After Party An Ellora s Cave Naughty Nooner story Victoria meets a handsome stranger at a relative s wedding When he asks her out for a drink after she invites him to her place After a steamy encounter they dis

    One thought on “The After Party”

    1. I m always disappointed with Naughty Nooners because I never think they are long enough or always think they are too short I really liked Jake and Victoria The story was hot and I thought the little twist from their past was good I have read one other story of Ms Wynter s and this one makes me want to read

    2. This is a very fast, very HOT read I was so into the hot sex and thenWham No, it can t be true Can it Could they be related Your gona have to read it to find out Man O ManWynter, where do you get this stuff Just Brilliant

    3. Book The After PartyAuthor Wynter Daniels Publication Date 3 4 2011Reviewed by Tammy Payne booknooknuts My Rating 5 Stars REVIEW 16 HOT pages Victoria is at a wedding event for a family member and is beyond tipsy when her eyes land on Jake The party is just about over and Jake asks Victoria if she would like to go out for a drink but they end up at her place They do very little talking before things become EXTREMLY HOT The one thing they did find out about each other is they are both Teachers We [...]

    4. In The After Party , Wynter Daniels tells the story of Jake Victoria who meet after a wedding end up having a very erotic first date post wedding These 2 characters are actually a little human than would be expected for this genre of e books the twist with them potentially being cousins something they discover after sex is a nice twist Granted of course in this world, they aren t really related the sex passion continue on Definitely a pair of characters whose story could be developed much furth [...]

    5. Another quick, hot read from Wynter Daniels As the cover points out, what we have here is a bit of a naughty noonerat may just be a bit When two strangers hook up after a wedding, they discover that they have a lot in common they are both teachers and love cats, and are extremely attracted to one another Of course when the steamy time ends and they find out that they are both related to the groomn you say uncomfortable You ll have to read this for yourself to find out what happens, but let s ju [...]

    6. Victoria and Jake meet at a wedding reception and are attracted to each other Jake invites Victoria to go out for a drink but Victoria invites him to her apartment instead There s a little twist in this one, but you ll have to read it for yourself to find out what it is In spite of it s shortness, it is a great, sexy story.

    7. A short story of instant attraction at a wedding reception Sometimes you ve just got to go with it Good read

    8. I liked this Short to the pointfund with just a little excitement about the characters possible link in the past and future.

    9. Great short story This read is explosive, sexy, erotic and to the point The author did an excellent job of making sure the story flowed from scene to scene Great character interaction was steamy, hot and very fulfilling and a little bit of intrigue Highly recommend.

    10. These short stories from Ellora s Cave publishing are erotic but they too often are stupid, too.Go to a cousin s wedding as the wedding is breaking up notice a stranger across the room go to the ladies room come out and find him leaning up against the wall take him home riding in his car have hot sex with him.All within less than an hour At least they used a condom.

    11. Short and sweet compared to other Wynter Daniels books If you are looking for a good book to read but you don t want a long drawn out plot, this is just the book you re looking To make it a no brainier, the book is Free Great job as usual Wynter.T

    12. Short but sweetThis was a short story, but that didn t take away from the awesomeness of it Would have been even better with a few chapters Great book Wynter

    13. I loved the story and it has such protential to be GREAT I thought the meeting was a little fast, I would have liked to have seen at least one dance and a conversation before they run off to get down and dirty Like I said, good potential, but not finished enough for my taste.

    14. I ve read a few naughty Nooners and I have to say this was one of the better ones I wanted to give it 4 stars but it was just a little too short I would have liked it a little longer.It s fun and I enjoyed the characters If you finish a book and do just want a quick read this is it.

    15. Whoa, short A completely pointless story with flat characters and a crap storyline The story is rushed and ends quite sudden It s main focus is the sex scene, which is also crap it s a complete waste of time.

    16. Vicki Melrose and Jacob Whitmeyer meet at a wedding.They leave together and go to her place it s very close.After they become well acquainted, they find out they may be related.Why this was a huge problem for them seemed really stupid to me.Love is too rare to worry about that kind of nonsense.If they were worried about what other people would think, they should have realized that no one would think to ask them about anything like this as they don t have the same last name If they were worried a [...]

    17. These short and steamy erotic literary interludes are nothing short of fairytales for adult audiences This one isn t quite as descriptive as some but is leaves little for the imagination My one major criticism of this and other stories of this genre is that considering the unlikelihood of it taking place in real life it seems to overstress the safe sex policy I doubt that even the most conceited man would carry a pocketful of condoms on the off chance of multiply getting lucky It also breaks the [...]

    18. The star rating given reflects my opinion within the official rating system.1 star Didn t Like it2 stars It s Okay3 stars Liked it4 stars Really Liked it5 stars It Was AmazingI don t really give a rat fuck that there are some who think I owe an explanation for my opinion Nope, nada, and not sorry about it.Sometimes I may add notes to explain what my opinions are based on, and sometimes I don t I do this for me, on my books, in my library and I don t owe any special snowflakes a thing Fuck off if [...]

    19. Victoria is at a wedding reception, and she sees a strange man who catches her eye After a bit of chaos, she finds her way to the restroom When she leaves, he s standing there, waiting The two of them decide to leave the reception together after barely an introductiond rather than head to the bar they d discussed going to, they wind up on her couch instead They quickly end up naked and twisting, followed by a discussion about how they might be related A little backwards, don t you think This was [...]

    20. Victoria Melrose was at her cousin s wedding when this tall sexy man caught her eye Detoured helping another cousin when she returns he is gone With reluctance she heads to the bathroom, primps and there he is waiting outside for her With an impulse she asks him back to her place Jake is just as attracted to her and they find out they have many things in common Uninhibited they partake of their desires When the passion clears, another question arises, are they related This is a great fast read o [...]

    21. This was an ok freebie I liked the characters and the story ok and there was definitely a heart stopping surprise at the end that got my attention I wouldn t read this again, but it was ok for passing time or for something to read This was written well, but the story didn t really pull me in or have a connection feel to it Pretty much there Good Luck

    22. Two people met at a wedding They decide to have ater party of their After a heated exchange between the two they learn they have met before Will this new found knowledge ruin their hot romance.This story was okay I was disapointed in it To me it felt rushed even for a quick read It had all the components on being great but it fell short.

    23. One night standsA short story But although short it had okay romantic hot moments well slutty shall I say I almost had a oh no you did not moment but you will have to read the story for yourself to learn what I am talking about I believe these are a collection of short story s.

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