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All-American Girl By Meg Cabot,

  • Title: All-American Girl
  • Author: Meg Cabot
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just as a general thing, when you have saved the life of the leader of the free world, most people really want to hear about that and, sadly, don t want to hear a long winded description of your dog.Sam Madison has always been totally ordinary Apart from having two weird sisters, of course But then she does something utterly out of the ordinary she stops a crazy psychoJust as a general thing, when you have saved the life of the leader of the free world, most people really want to hear about that and, sadly, don t want to hear a long winded description of your dog.Sam Madison has always been totally ordinary Apart from having two weird sisters, of course But then she does something utterly out of the ordinary she stops a crazy psycho from assassinating the American President.Now Sam s an instant, world famous celebrity Dining at the White House sure isn t easy for someone who only eats hamburgers and lives in combat boots In fact, there s only one compensation David, the President s son
    All American Girl Just as a general thing when you have saved the life of the leader of the free world most people really want to hear about that and sadly don t want to hear a long winded description of your dog S

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    1. This is a good book if you re just looking for a quick read on vacation or a weekend Not too intellectually stimulating but, like many of Meg Cabot s books, a good day dream.

    2. Top Ten Reasons WHY You Should Read This Book 10 It s by Meg Cabot, the brilliant woman behind The Mediator Series, The Princess Diaries and other stuffish 9 It s a nice break from all those SUPER SERIOUS SMART BOOKS you read and, let s face it, you need a break and some good chick lit I mean, it s great to constantly improve your mind with salad and oatmeal, but in between a good candy bar is tasty.8 The narrator is awesome, awkward and a total dork.7 It s completely unbelievable and yet believ [...]

    3. I love this book I read it when I was in the fifth grade and when I reread it now it brings back so many old memories, good and bad I remember back in fifth grade I had like the biggest crush on these 2 guys who shall remain nameless and I just wouldn t shut up about it Honestly I m a bit shocked I got through the fifth grade without getting strangled by my friends at least once I talked about these 2 guys so much that I started code naming them Jack and David from the character in All American [...]

    4. Samantha is caught selling celebrity portraits at school and so her mother decides that maybe she needs a creative outlet and signs her up for art classes Samantha does not want to take art classes, she doesn t think that they would be any use to her, and when she runs it by her older sister s boyfriend, Jack whom she s secretly in love with he totally agrees with her Samantha decides to just go to the first class and then she ll ditch it, but she finds that it is actually kind of interesting, a [...]

    5. Audiobook rating 4,5 starsContent rating 4 starsShort, fast paced and exactly what I imagined Samantha would sounds like I really, really enjoy this audiobook A sweet reminiscent of what my taste as a tween is like I definitely couldn t appreciate this book as much as I appreciated it as a silly little girl, but I think it s still a reasonably good book to read for a silly, angsty tween P

    6. Sopho Samantha Madison is redheaded, a middle child, left handed, and, in her opinion, one of the only teenage girls left who have not succumbed to the soul sucking fashion trends of modern day society She s a wannabe radical she dyed her wardrobe black, and she s in love with her popular older sister Lucy s boyfriend Jack, who s as radical as they get Sam thinks it s the end of her already lousy world when, as a punishment for bad grades, her parents send her to art lessons at Susan Boone s Sam [...]

    7. Samantha Madison was an ordinary teenager who has a great talent for drawing, but she has a weird habit is that she only wears black no matter what Comparing to her two extraordinary sisters she is always the one who is being left out and forgot, but I guess she was satisfied with her life now Samantha s older sister named Lucy and she is one of the most beautiful and popular girl in her high school Her younger sister is also remarkable because she is a genius who attend some special school for [...]

    8. I think this book is very interesting to look to from a political perspective Well, like political time capsule perspective The early 2000 s were a very different world, politically, for America and it shows in here Ultra patriotism, right wing administration, pop culture references.That is purely a Meg Cabot thing Not a political thing But still,interesting to see how things have changed in ten years But I m not going to bore you with that.I really did like this book, even after all this time t [...]

    9. 3.5 Mediocre.Fun Frustrating.Also, I ve noticed that most of Meg Cabot s teenage female protagonists are very nearly the same Sure they look different, but they all asks the same questions, they all have the same tone, most of them are outcasts, and the boys they fall in love with are the boys that correspond to each other in the books.Another thing they all have in common They re all insufferably ANNOYING Like Please Kill me, I can t take any of this annoying.Samantha Madison sees a guy pullin [...]

    10. Lustige Story mit einer symphatischen aber doch manchmal nervenden Hauptcharakterin Zu fixiert auf sich selbst Und gewisse Top Ten Listen waren ein bisschen langweilig.

    11. 3.5 All American Stars I know, i know, I couldn t get any obvious and cheeky in the prefixes My Math Exams tend to do that TOP TEN REASONSSamantha MadisonIS IN DEEP SHIT okay, fine, I know every second reviewer has reviewed this way, but I want to, and will anyway P 10 Her big sister is the most popular girl in school9 Her little sister is a certified genius 8 She s in love with her big sister s boyfriend 7 She got caught selling celebrity portraits in school 6 And now she s being forced to tak [...]

    12. Oh man, I was SO obsessed with this book when I first read it I remember thinking about it for a while after, which meant a lot to me at the time It s been years since I ve read it again, but I may have to now

    13. Relatable, funny, and captivating It was meant for teens, but this PG story was full of PG 13 garbage that s literally ruining kids lives IE teens really need to hear about the female reproductive system in vulgar terms Thanks for the respect and thoughtfulness, Cabot.

    14. Ich bin einfach keine ebook Leserin, ich muss die Seiten f hlen und den Fortschritt physisch sehen k nnen.

    15. Review originally posted here.I ve lost count on how many times I read this book, All American Girl is one of my favorite Cabot s books and when I was younger a yearly re read was obligatory As usual with books movies that are favorites of mine on the past, upon a re read things change, some things that I remembered remained the same and others not so much.The thing that most changed for me was the way Samantha voice sounded, she seemed a lot judgmental and immature on the way she faced things, [...]

    16. The name of this book is called The all american girl by Meg Cabot She saved the presidents life and she thinks that her life is so horrible She gets a feeling that the presidents son shes taking all of these art lessons and she doesn t like any bit of her life Everything s just so crazy for her at school and at home Her sister is hot according to everyone and she knows every bit about relationships and everything in between Her younger sister is talented and she just don t think that she has ev [...]

    17. It is meant for YA readers But I liked it It had almost the same template as that of The princess diaries series A high schooler with her own funny ideals, not so popular in school, has a crush on somebody, does something that propels her to be the toast of the town, another boy walks into her life, confused as to who she really is in love with, and finally a happy ending for everybody Meg Cabot s trademark humor and smooth writing keep the book fun It is not hilarious like some of The Princess [...]

    18. This was my 1st romance novel that I ever read.It s really good, and really sweet.I love ne kind of teen romance novel.If U like to trick things up a lil bit, wat u can do is when your reading a teen love story, make Imagine the main girlfriend, or girl as u, and the boyfriend, or the guy love interest, as someone u like Like a boyfriend, or even a singer or actor like I do.But I LOVE this book.I m writing my own teen novel write now, and I made the guy s name David, just like the guy s name is [...]

    19. I just realized I never reviewed one of my favorite book in middle grade lolLet me re read it and write this a review 3

    20. Top Five Reasons why Samantha Madison s life isn t a bowful of cherries 5 Sam lives in Washington DC, a hop skip and jump away from the White House ergo, perennial traffic jams caused by the never ending presidential motorcades 4 Sam is the middle child, stuck between the perky cheerleading elder sister Lucy and girl genius going to special school younger sister Rebecca ergo, she is the source of constant disappointment to her parents, teachers and the rest of her school mates 3 Sam s one great [...]

    21. I was really hoping to take the political edge off with this humorous story of an average American teen who saves the president s life and then has a fluffy romance with his son It didn t quite work First, I couldn t stop wishing that the book were political that Sam, the teenage heroine, would have stronger beliefs there s a short bit where she disagrees with the administration about the judging of an art contest, but that s about it Wouldn t it be interesting to read about a teenager who save [...]

    22. All American Girl is about Sam, who is a really good artist but gets a bad grade in German and her mom sends her to art classes for her punishment There Sam meets David who tells her that she has really cute boots and that staples to her mind Although she is in love with her sister s boyfriend The second time she is supposed to go to art class she decides that she wants to skip it Just before she gets picked up Sam sees the President and this guy that wants to shoot him Somehow Sam jumps on him [...]

    23. DNFBack when I was still in high school I developed a certain liking to Meg Cabot s books I still do I had just finished reading Avalon High and decided to take this book from the library Due to school I couldn t really get into it I wanted to go back to it hoping that this time I would finish it Well I was wrong The book is formatted through top ten lists At first I found that really cool and pretty funny but then I started to get annoyed It all started after I finished reading Sam s Top Ten Re [...]

    24. This book was so good It was hilarious, like all of Meg Cabot s books, and there was the usual boy meets girl and they eventually end up happily ever after element that I seem to find essential I really liked the plot and the setting, too Like, how she saves the president s life and is suddenly an international hero or whatever And it was nice that she didn t let it go to her head, which is something that most authors do to their characters Sam stayed true to herself and what she believed, thoug [...]

    25. Sometimes it s fun to go back and read books that I read in middle school I remember this is one that I loved because it had lots of references to Save Ferris and No Doubt, two bands I was pretty obsessed with when I was younger Drugs alcohol referenced but otherwise noSex noViolence Assassination attempt derailed in a hilarious way Totally appropriate for 12 Language I think it swore like once.

    26. claps Wow I don t know how this managed to be so so so freaking offensive and I am fucking mad right now Also, it was so boooring ugh I feel like my eyeballs have exploded ByeRTC maybe

    27. the first YA book i ever read i don t think i m being blinded by nostalgia when i say it still holds up it doesn t matter, though, because either way i am still very bitter that the movie adaptation never came to fruition

    28. I absolutely love meg cabot books especially this one All american girl was a super easy read Sam and her family are completely relatable and totally weird I loved it I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

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