[PDF] ✓ Escape from Slavery: The True Story of My Ten Years in Captivity and My Journey to Freedom in America | by ☆ Francis Bok Edward Tivnan

Escape from Slavery: The True Story of My Ten Years in Captivity and My Journey to Freedom in America By Francis Bok Edward Tivnan,

  • Title: Escape from Slavery: The True Story of My Ten Years in Captivity and My Journey to Freedom in America
  • Author: Francis Bok Edward Tivnan
  • ISBN: 9780312306243
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
  • Winner of the Books for a Better Life Suze Orman First Book AwardMay 1986 Seven year old Francis Bok was selling his mother s eggs and peanuts near his village in southern Sudan when Arab raiders on horseback burst into the quiet marketplace, murdering men and gathering the women and young children into a group Strapped to horses and donkeys, Francis and others were takeWinner of the Books for a Better Life Suze Orman First Book AwardMay 1986 Seven year old Francis Bok was selling his mother s eggs and peanuts near his village in southern Sudan when Arab raiders on horseback burst into the quiet marketplace, murdering men and gathering the women and young children into a group Strapped to horses and donkeys, Francis and others were taken north into lives of slavery under wealthy Muslim farmers For ten years, Francis lived in a shed near the goats and cattle that were his responsibility After two failed attempts to flee each bringing severe beatings and death threats Francis finally escaped at age seventeen He persevered through prison and refugee camps for three years, winning the attention of United Nations officials who granted passage to America.Now a student and an antislavery activist, Francis Bok has made it his life mission to combat world slavery His is the first voice to speak to an estimated 27 million people held against their will in nearly every nation, including our own Escape from Slavery is at once a riveting adventure, a story of desperation and triumph, and a window revealing a world that few have survived to tell.
    Escape from Slavery The True Story of My Ten Years in Captivity and My Journey to Freedom in America Winner of the Books for a Better Life Suze Orman First Book AwardMay Seven year old Francis Bok was selling his mother s eggs and peanuts near his village in southern Sudan when Arab raiders on h

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    1. This book will break your heart This lets you look inside the mind of a child slave The whole time I read about his time in slavery I wished I could reach out and pull him into the loving comfort of a warm lap and squeeze him with tender snuggles, like all children need I will never forget this mans story.

    2. The first person account of Francis Bok, who was captured from the market town of Nyamlell at the age of seven and forced into slavery in North Sudan Some friends of mine who are also good friends of Francis lent me this book after telling me a little bit about his story It was every bit as interesting and eye opening as they indicated The culture of Sudan depicted throughout the book stands in stark contrast to the American culture in which I ve grown up It is hard to even comprehend the realit [...]

    3. For my English class, we had to create a Found Poem , a poem using words found throughout the book This is my poem.It was late afternoonunder a tree.I was excited to get my trading career started.Then, smoke.In the village.Something had happened back in the village.The Murahaliin were coming People ran away.I could not find my way.Men entered the market place.With guns in their hands.I raced away, but I stopped abruptly.A man grabbed me.An Arab grabbed me.My mother trusted meshe expected me home [...]

    4. In this book Francis bok tells a tale about his excruciating childhood life in slavery and how he escaped it This is one of the best and most important books ive ever read in the begining he goes on to tell the reader how great his life was before he was captured This really helped build character, and show the reader that slavery happened to everyday people who lived their lives just like you and me He also goes into great detail about his culture and just talks about the Dinka people in genera [...]

    5. Bok was a seven year old Dinka villager in the South Sudan when a raid by Arab Muslims from the north left his family murdered and him packed off in a donkey caravan to serve the next decade as a slave to pastoral nomads as a shepherd His escape, and the subsequent time in refugee camps and Cairo being process through the INS and UN emigration system is mind boggling for westerners with bureaucratic experience and reminds me strongly of Dom Jean s excellent training exercise for the Lutheran Soc [...]

    6. The story of a Sudanese Dinka boy who was captured and enslaved for 10 years, then jailed for speaking out after he escaped His story, including how he came to be in the US and working for an anti slavery organization is easy to read, enlightening, and horrifying I will say, though, that his discussion of the history and politics of Sudan at the end are a radical shift in writing style, and so likely to put people off a bit But as most of us myself included know little about African history and [...]

    7. You have to admire how much he preserved, this book is emotional, captivating and motivating because you get to see how much he fought to get to where he is today This book captures how much he fought in the hands of the people who stole him, abused him and tried to take away his spirit.

    8. a great detailed story of the terrors of other countries as well as the triumphs of hard work and perseverance.

    9. During the invisible civil war in Sudan two million southern Sudanese have been killed and 4.4 million displaced Women and children not casualties of the war often ended up as slaves One of those slaves was a seven year old Dinka boy, Francis Piol Bol Buk Francis Bok.For the first seven years of Bok s life, Bok learned a strong work ethic that earned him the nickname twelve men , was a quick study, and received encouragement from father Bok was told repeatedly that he would one day do something [...]

    10. This is how this book begins I have told the story many times about that day in 1986, when my mother sent me to the market to sell eggs and peanuts the day I became a slave This is how it ends Finally, I want to thank God for blessing me and guiding me in the worst of times and the best of times Acknowledgements Here is a boy, age 7, who was suddenly and brutally removed from his family, his town and his culture, kidnapped by northern Sudanese raiders and enslaved for 10 years He escaped three t [...]

    11. This book talk about a lost boy who have been missing from his home for ten years Francis Bok loved his mom and dad so much that he will do anything for them His dad use to take him to his friend and say that this kid is very good kid his dad say so one day his mom told him you will go with other older girls and sell stuff but if u sell anything give money to the older girl.Francis was so happy that his mom trusted him to go out So they went to the shop and sell stuff, then he saw people running [...]

    12. Francis Bok spent his early childhood as a happy member of a Sudanese Dinka family He took great pride that his father felt he would someday grow up and do great things At the age of 7, Francis was allowed for the first time to go to the market to sell his family s goods His mother put him in the care of 2 other children Little did he know that this would be the last time he would ever see his family again He was captured at the market and was bound in slavery for the next ten years This book is [...]

    13. I currently owe CSU 100 for this book since my dog chewed it pretty good Still readable, but missing half it s hard back cover unless I can find another with the same ISBN number.I read this with my Honors middle school students It s a pretty simple read, but provocative Reminds us that there is still slavery in the world today Piol is a Dinka who was captured when he was six in southern Sudan and worked for his Arab master for ten years in northern Sudan Check out his website at iabolish His st [...]

    14. When I first got to college, each student was given a book and the promise that the author would come and speak to the class later in the year My freshman class was given Francis Bok s fascinating memoir Escape From Slavery.It challenged my notion of slavery That s something from the past No one still participates in that barbaric practice , while humanizing the victims When I finally got to see Bok speak, I was in awe at his strength and his amazing story.It also opened up an entire world of hi [...]

    15. I m grateful that this strong brave man wrote his story out , it s important that people hear this kind of thing This one will open your eyes and is an important read Yes its written simplistically with swaths of explanation about America that I skipped over since i m from Philadelphia, but,like Americans tend to forget, there are other people in the world who may not know this stuff In terms of the writing style, English is this mans third language cut him some damn slack besides the simple sty [...]

    16. This is an incredible story of courage, faith, and determination To think that a seven year old boy could be kidnapped from his village in 1986 and be kept as a slave for 10 years is difficult to grasp in this modern day, yet this is exactly what happened to Francis Bok While the Sudanese government was vehemently denying that slavery even existed in Sudan, thousands of women and children, primarily of the Dinka people, were being stolen each year as part of the ongoing civil war there That this [...]

    17. In the Sudan, the southerners are black Christians and the northerners are white, Arab Muslims Francis Bok, a Dinka living in the south, was stolen into slavery by white Arab marauders from the northern part of Sudan He was brought back up to the north to work as a sheep herder He was treated harshly, but not cruelly He was an involuntary, poorly paid, servant, selected because of his poverty, race and religion He was not treated as badly as the women in the memoirs I have read by women growing [...]

    18. The story of Francis Bok s life is an amazing one, which he has shared before many audiences in person and retells here Bok grew up in southern Sudan before he was kidnapped and forced into slavery at age seven He managed to escape ten years later only to be enslaved by the police he went to for help for two months Eventually, with some surprising help, he ends up making it to America as a UN refugee Soon he is working with anti slavery groups, telling his story, raising awareness and helping h [...]

    19. This book was very touching It was about a young boy from Sudan being enslaved after a raid in his village, He was in captivity for ten years The people who enslaved him and lots of others were Arab raiders who killed hundreds of people of his village He survived the ten years of struggle and hardship to make it to America He then became a Captivist and joined an anti slavery group and was very sucessful He was one of the very few slaves that lived to tell his story I thought is was a very good [...]

    20. I was shocked when I realized this boy probably ended up in the same country as some of his ancestors as the Arabs in the north have been enslaving and selling the black people in the south of Sudan for hundreds of years Yet, you find black people in the U.Soud to be Muslim, thought it was Muslims who had sold them into slavery and forced their religion on them as well What a travesty to think the same thing is happening today in the modern world Glad this young man is in a better place and happ [...]

    21. Think slavery ended hundreds of years ago Think again This is the story of a Dinka man from southern Sudan who was captured as a young child and forced into slavery by Arab Northern Sudanese folks He escaped and made it to America and now is an anti slavery activist working to make sure this never happens to anyone else ever again.

    22. I highly recommend this book to anyone I never even imagined that slavery like this exists today It opened my eyes to another world and culture, and the hatred and ignorance that is very real for some people I also marveled at the triumphant spirit of the author A terrible, and wonderful story of survival.

    23. Once again a book that amazes me of the human will to live and the strength that people find within to do and be great in spite of extreme trials This book is along the lines of Left to Tell, but not quite as graphic Excellent and would highly recommend it.

    24. Incredible story, but the book ends up very political and was hard for me to follow the country slavery history and political struggles Although I know this is a very important part of the book, I had a hard time following the author at the end.

    25. 4 5 star for the experience of reading about this topic Doesn t help islamfobia I am not sure how current this topic is and what is happening at the moment in Sudan about slavery and not knowing makes me even sad.

    26. This was an amazing book I highly recommend it It is amazing to learn that slavery happens today, now in our world This opened my eyes and I learned a lot from his honest perspective on his life story.

    27. This is an amazing book I wasn t much aware of this topic before reading this autobiography, and it completely opened my eyes to modern slavery It s also a good primer to the various conflicts still raging within the Sudan.

    28. This book was suggested during my social justice class It is hard to believe slavery still takes place It is unbelievable that Francis was able to survive slavery for ten years His parents gave him a good foundation and his desire to return to his parents kept him alive.

    29. True story of Francis Bok who was kidnapped at age seven in 1986 and spent ten years in slavery in Sudan before he successfully escaped and was eventually granted passage to America He speaks for millions of slaves in nearly every nation, including our own.

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