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Wherever Grace Is Needed By ElizabethBass,

  • Title: Wherever Grace Is Needed
  • Author: ElizabethBass
  • ISBN: 9780758235121
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The author of the acclaimed Miss You Most of All reveals even greater depths, crafting a poignant yet uplifting story of family, friendship, loss, and hope.
    Wherever Grace Is Needed The author of the acclaimed Miss You Most of All reveals even greater depths crafting a poignant yet uplifting story of family friendship loss and hope

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    1. Wherever Grace is Needed by Elizabeth Bass isn t a chick lit novel, but this story definitely won me over and deserves a five star review The story centers around two very different families, neighbors living in Austin, Texas Grace Oliver leaves behind her house, boyfriend, and business in Portland for a few weeks to help her father recuperate from a car accident Grace loved her life in Texas, her father and her older half brothers, but moved to Portland with her mother after the divorce Feeling [...]

    2. I just finished reading this book, and I must say that I loved it When I started reading Wherever Grace is Needed, I didn t know what I was going to find in those pages It was the first book by Elizabeth Bass I read and I didn t know if I was going to like the book or not, or If I was going to enjoy her writing style or not But I m glad to say that I really enjoyed it.Elizabeth Bass tells the story of two different families, two broken families, two dysfunctional families, and how they need to w [...]

    3. My favorite authors generally keep me in ample supply of reading material, given that I have some 30 40 favorites However every now and then I like to branch out and try new authors, either at random or based on a recommendation or review Ms Bass is one of those experiments , based on a review I read, and I am happy to have discovered her I will definitely read of her work This book is poignant, but also hilariously funny The premise is that a young woman, Grace, moves back to her childhood hom [...]

    4. Great read Hard to put down Would recommend this book to all families with teens Never give up hope Page turner A must read Colorful characters Suspenseful ending Great description of area Enjoyed the plot and the ending Great

    5. I always appreciate the double meaning of something Take the title of this book for example Wherever Grace is needed she goes, wherever Grace is needed it is given Grace is in between families She s got 2 half brothers on her Dad s side and a half brother and sister on her Mom s side, she doesn t really feel like she belongs anywhere We first meet Grace when she is 7 and then we meet up with her again when she is 30 By the time we meet the adult Grace she has figured out a life for herself and, [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book by Elizabeth Bass Grace moved away from her father as a child because of her parent s divorce but drops everything to be near him after he is hit by a car breaking his leg It soon becomes apparent that he is the early stages of Alzheimer s disease and will need somebody to be with him for a long time to come Ray and his three children Jordan, Lily and Dominic live next door to Grace s dad and are in the throes of learning to live without their mother and Jordan s twin [...]

    7. This is the story of a family and the love that holds it together The adage, Grace under pressure applies here.Grace Oliver goes home after thirty years, to assist her father who is recovering from an auto accident Unexpectedly, it is also revealed that he has Alzheimer s disease This prompts Grace to remain longer than she initially planned.Unfortunately, the previously distant Grace finds herself confronting her past within the family, including her relationship with her siblings She finds it [...]

    8. This is the story of Grace Oliver, a young woman who was separated from her father and her older two brothers when she was twelve and her parents divorced Her mother took her to live in Oregon while her father stayed in Texas However, now Grace returns to Texas to care for her father who was hit by a car and broke his leg in the accident But once Grace returns to Texas, she realizes something is not right with her father in the following weeks, her father is diagnosed with Alzheimer s She stays [...]

    9. If you like to worry over characters in books, this one hits the spot thirty year old record store owner Grace Oliver leaves her life in Portland, OR behind to go home to the Austin area when her father has an accident Then it becomes clear her father is suffering from Alzheimers, and her visit turns into a true relocation Add in the neighbors next door, widower Ray and his three kids, all grieving for the recent loss of their mother and sibling, and Grace has plenty of people to fuss over She i [...]

    10. This is a story about coming home, to a place you once lived It s a story of family, love, new chances, and the complications of all relationships between fathers and daughters, brothers and sisters, and relationships between strangers that have than just a common bond Grace gets the call that her father has been in an accident, and she immediately comes home, leaving behind her music shop and her boyfriend She can t just say no to helping her father And then she meets the family next door Thre [...]

    11. I really liked this story covers a lot of family dynamics I have boys who find it hard to get along with each other and often ended up in fist fights I keep thinking that families with girls do not go through this stuff This novel reminded me of just how mean sisters can be to each other Grace is good at helping ease relationships between others This is also the 3rd novel in about as many months that deals with the disease Alzheimers The writing is emotional and heart felt I begin to care about [...]

    12. I just finished Elizabeth Bass Wherever Grace Is Needed and could NOT put it down Bass has done an exceptional job in portraying a typical split family, as well as a family in mourning I couldn t wait to see what happened with each of the characters, especially the sisterly love between Jordan and Lilly The plot line was fantastic a smidgen of romance, a rebellious teenager with a breaking heart, a little boy dying of attention and the brainy teen who doesn t want to face particular facts I can [...]

    13. Not a bad book, necessarily, just not a good book A two star rating feels realistic but if the description of two stars is it was ok thenI m afraid not I m not a crazy book critic or anything but in general, I got almost halfway through this book and just didn t feel any compulsion to continue reading I wasn t connected to any of the characters, and I didn t really care what happened in the story The writing, and storyline, felt a little immature If you were in the airport bookstore and you got [...]

    14. This is the story of two families with similar situations one dealing with the new diagnosis of Alzheimer s and one with the death of a mom and sister Grace is there for everybody, leaving her business and boyfriend in Portland and going to Austin, TX to help her father While there, she meets the next door neighbors and befriends the children coping with their loss.Good character development and story line Even though the outcomes were predictable, I wanted to know how they would be achieved.I h [...]

    15. It felt to me like this book needed to make up its mind Was it about a grown woman returning home to help her father deal with Alzheimer s Was it about a troubled teenage girl who believes she is responsible for the death of her mother and sister Or was it The Parent Trap I found the plot scattered and the characters scarcely developed, and the ending suffered from a bad case of Whoops, time to end the story, let s wrap everything up neatly despite the fact that the characters have no motivation [...]

    16. Had a slow start, but then you meet the characters, and you fall in love with them, even Jordan, who ll be my benchmark for difficult teen now This reads like Bass compiled a list of what makes the world a happy place and plonked them all here a brother slash best friend, an ornery father slash best friend, a dog, cats, neighbors both lovely and the other kind all these side by side with the grief from losing a loved one so suddenly in an accident, and from the impending loss of a parent to Alzh [...]

    17. I loved this book The heroine, Grace Oliver is engaging and memorable, but what makes this story what it is are the layers within her relationship with her father and older brothers and separation from them growing up her father s diagnosis and what that means and the family next door that she becomes involved with a family struggling from their own wounds.This book covers the gamut but doesn t fall short on any of it I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to lose themselves in a great s [...]

    18. This book was engaging enough to keep me reading until the end, but only just I found the events in the book to be rather disjointed and kind of springing up from nowhere, without a solid back story to make them relevant I also found it difficult to really become attached to the main characters, which also made it hard to truly be curious about the outcomes of their situations throughout the book A bit weak overall.

    19. This was an easy read but thoroughly captured me the minute I started it There are lots of emotions to deal with.f, teenage love and angst, an aging parent with Alzheimer s It s amazing though how time and the closeness and big hearts of others can help to heal us in whatever it is we re dealing with.

    20. I really liked this book Grace leaves her boyfriend and her business in Oregon to help take care of her dad after he is hit by a car Dad is then diagnosed with Alzheimers and her stay extends She also gets involved with the family next door a dad and 3 kids whose mother has been killed in a car accident Parts of this are funny and parts are heartbreaking but a great read.

    21. This book was just a bit boring It kind of drug on with not much happening I was tempted to stop reading in the middle but usually never do that I kept thinking this book is going to get better I did finish it though.

    22. It seems like its been some time since I have read a book and when I was finished felt like I really was a part is the characters world This book made me feel that again I would definitely recommend this book

    23. A very layered and heartwarming story about blended families, relationships, loss and even self discovery The characters and plot are woven together so beautifully and touched all of my emotional buttons Once I started this book, I was unable to put it down.

    24. A very sweet story about a woman who moves across the country to help her ailing father, and about a neighbor girl who is grieving the loss of some of her family in a car accident Out of the sad situation comes a nice story about healing and growing.

    25. This was a totally predictable and sappy book with flat characters that allowed you to project whatever personality onto them that you wanted And yet I really enjoyed it Maybe bc it was set in Austin lots of bbq.

    26. This book was harshly realistic My emotions went up and down with Grace s and I could relate to her on so many levels Because of this, it was hard to continue reading It was a well written book and I appreciated the reality of it.

    27. I loved this book What a wonderful compilation of characters and personalities I enjoyed every single situation and way curious to see where the story would lead I suggest this if you are looking for an enjoyable read about family connections and the true meaning of a family relationship.

    28. I thought I had read this before and when I checked my list, I was correct I really enjoyed it again though and with my husband just beginning the Alzheimer s disease journey, I could identify with Grace and her challenges.

    29. This irritating failure falls into my twice used category of Books I Have Refused to Finish I at one point attempted to skim read it instead but, my eyes kept getting gouged on words like rents , hemorrhoid as a description of a person , and whoa There s only so much I can tolerate.

    30. Elizabeth Bass did an AMAZING job with this book, she s a descriptive genius Every detail was just enough Her characters were so vivid, their emotions perfectly reflected in her chosen words I laughed, cried and didn t want the story to end The good, the bad, the messyI loved all of it.

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