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Cordina's Royal Family: Bennett & Camilla By Nora Roberts,

  • Title: Cordina's Royal Family: Bennett & Camilla
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780263858402
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Mass Market
  • Good A copy that has been read, but remains in clean condition All pages are intact, and the cover is intact including dust cover, if applicable The spine may show signs of wear Pages can include limited notes and highlighting, and the copy can include From the library of labels.Some of our books may have slightly worn corners, and minor creases to the covers PleaGood A copy that has been read, but remains in clean condition All pages are intact, and the cover is intact including dust cover, if applicable The spine may show signs of wear Pages can include limited notes and highlighting, and the copy can include From the library of labels.Some of our books may have slightly worn corners, and minor creases to the covers Please note the cover may sometimes be different to the one shown.
    Cordina s Royal Family Bennett Camilla Good A copy that has been read but remains in clean condition All pages are intact and the cover is intact including dust cover if applicable The spine may show signs of wear Pages can include limi

    One thought on “Cordina's Royal Family: Bennett & Camilla”

    1. Typical Nora Roberts read As I m a sucker for anything related to the royal family, I like it The thing with Nora Roberts reads is that it is very very easy to read The second story revolves around Princess Camilla who is on a journey to find some space for herself and during this quest ends up meeting a dashing archaeologist, who she eventually falls in love with Could finish this book in 4 hours straight But the flip side of reading books like these is that you become impatient with the detail [...]

    2. Bennet Hannah s book I ve read a fair number of Robert s books that i disliked forvarious personal taste reasons, but it s rare that I dislike a Robert s romantic couple this much This was especially disappointing because Bennett has been my favorite character of this whole series I like Brie and found reeve broody and hunky I adored Eve s spunk and got swept up in Alex s passion But Bennett held a sspecial place in my heart Despite him being made out to be the playboy prince I always sensed und [...]

    3. Overall, a good book to while away a cold Sunday with It contains 2 short books, The Playboy Prince Cordina s Crown Jewel The Playboy Prince was my favorite of the series and I really enjoyed the characters in Cordina s Crown Jewel.These books are pretty reflective of the type of romance novels written when they were written so they are somewhat predictable but still a good read overall.

    4. I loved the Royals of Cordina This was Book 3 4, stories of Prince Bennett and Her Royal Highness Camilla Gabriella and Reeve s daughter.

    5. The Playboy Prince There are a few things in the plot summary of this book that are spoilers for the first two books The spoilers are for something that is predictable from each book Prince Bennett is the youngest child of Prince Armand Prince Bennett won t rule the country, but he does have several other obligations to the country He is in Cordina s Navy He is also very involved with the museum, and he breeds horses He has a reputation for being a playboy that has been with him for years The ta [...]

    6. Great double story book continuing the Cordina s Royal Family series Bennett s story has twists and turns with love story you want to happen Camilla the runaway Princess.loved it Recommend as a good read.

    7. UN PICCOLO GIOIELLOLetto in spiaggia con in sottofondo il ru del marensavo di leggere quattro romanzetti leggeri, senza troppo impegno e in parte stato cos , mae al solito la Nora mi ha fatto ricredere mi sono piaciuti davvero tanto i primi tre e il quarto non tanto.Si parla dei principato di cordina, che ricorda mooooooooolto il principato di monaco geograficamente.I primi tre romanzi parlano ognuno di uno dei figli del regnante due maschi e una femmina con annessa storia d a e non solo tutte e [...]

    8. This book was so sweet I love Nora Roberts and her books She always, always, always tells you a beautiful story with a happy ending.This book had two stories within it The Playboy Prince was about Prince Bennett and how he came to find love with Lady Hannah It was an action filled story with the Royals still fighting off the attacks of terrorist, DeBoque I loved the chemistry between Bennett Hannah It was definitely entertaining.The second story was Cordina s Crown Jewel about Princess Camilla a [...]

    9. Devoured yet another one This set was perfect together I enjoyed both Bennett and Camilla s stories Couldn t put them down Bennett was a dream Funny, light hearted yet filled with intensity that would peak through Loved his character I wasn t as mesmerized by his love interest, Hannah, BUT overall I thoroughly enjoyed their story The intrigue definitely increased the pace of the book and made it impossible to step away from I adored both Camilla and her love interest Delaney She was endlessly pa [...]

    10. The Playboy Prince I liked Bennett in first book, he was sweetheart and fun, in this book however we saw different side of him aggressive, and I didn t like it Story was interesting and I liked Hannah Cordina s Crown Jewel I do not know how the poor girl fell in love for this horrible man There was nothing I liked about Delaney He was overly aggressive, dirty and rude He lived like a pig, she admitted so herself And the climbing down the palace wall was the most stupid thing the man in love wou [...]

    11. this is the conclusion to cordina s royal family this is bennett and hannah story from how they met to the fact that they had secret and lies from hannah side because part of it was a mission for her so falling in love with bennett wasn t meant to happen but will bennett play for keeps when he finds out what going onmilla macgee wants to be seen as anything but royal highness so she can be taking seriously so she finds herself working with delaney caine but she new she would have to tell the tru [...]

    12. For the first story, I felt the romance was slightly one sided Or she never really consents, I don t think He s just like I know you want this And that made me kinda uncomfortable.But the secret agent bits were pretty cool, even if the ending of that plot line was poorly handled.Probably my favourite part of the second second was the guy grovelling for the lady to take him back Because I enjoy some angst.I do find it stupidly convenient that he has some kind of noble lineage, because really Just [...]

    13. I found out after starting the book that this is books 3 and 4 of the series The Cordina Royal Family series centers on the four siblings in the small country of Cordina Book 1 2 focus on Gabriella and Alexander the heir I had taken this book on vacation so read it out of order, but it did not make any difference It was good and I ve reserved book 1 2 from the library Another good Nora Roberts read.

    14. Two lovely little romance novels, and perfect for lazy, warm summer nights in which you want to give your braincells a break and just READ I tore through the whole book in about 4 days But really blasted through the final novel 200 pages in 3 hours while laying in bed The characters were so quirky, full of faults, and addictive that I simply detested the idea of setting them aside until I d read all I could about them Typical Nora Roberts, so I have not an ounce of complaint.

    15. The Playboy Prince I expected to like since I loved Bennett s character But that one I d give 4 stars I LOVED Cordina s Crown Jewel, which I didn t expect to like at all Read it all in one day and stayed up until after 1 to finish Loved the characters and liked the lack of life and death circumstance the other Cordina books had I don t need that stress Fairy tale fun.

    16. Really enjoyed it Not quite as good as he first one though Vanillas story was very cute and romantic Bennets story had an interesting plot and good action although I didn t find it very believable that bennett would fall in love with someone like Hannah plus her character was not likable However overall it was great and def worth reading

    17. this is another two books in one i liked the first two books in this series, but wasn t crazy about the Bennett portion of this one I really didn t care for the female lead, but I enjoy the story and the happy ending of course I am just about at the halfway point right now.

    18. I have a hard time seperating out all the stories of this seris since I like them so much I read them all back to back in a matter of a few days Great family as always and each book has great drama for lack of a better term in it.

    19. The first story is so so The chemistry between the two characters seems forced and I just didn t buy it that Bennett fell in love in a few days The second story is much, much better Chemistry is sizzling and it is always nice to see intelligent people fall in love.

    20. This was the first book that I ve read by Nora Roberts and let s just say it doesn t leave a bad impression.

    21. This was my first Nora Roberts book It was a bit different then what I was expecting When I was reading this I was in school and Ms Converse was making fun of me while I was reading it.

    22. Love the Cordina s Royal Family series from Nora Roberts Fast, fun and enjoyable to get away from the real world to their royal world.

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