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Burton: A Biography of Sir Richard Francis Burton By Byron Farwell,

  • Title: Burton: A Biography of Sir Richard Francis Burton
  • Author: Byron Farwell
  • ISBN: 9780140120684
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
  • No man can be all things at once, no matter how hard he tries, but no man ever tried harder than Richard Francis Burton He made significant contributions in the fields of literature and geography, and was also a poet, traveler, soldier, diplomat, inventor, explorer, archaeologist, student of religion and But above all, Burton was an adventurer in both the intellectuNo man can be all things at once, no matter how hard he tries, but no man ever tried harder than Richard Francis Burton He made significant contributions in the fields of literature and geography, and was also a poet, traveler, soldier, diplomat, inventor, explorer, archaeologist, student of religion and But above all, Burton was an adventurer in both the intellectual and spiritual world.Byron Farwell spent seven years investigating virtually every place ever visited by Burton He overcame formidable difficulties in tracking down and reading all of Burton s extant works his widow, Isabel, had burned most of his books when he died Still, Burton proved a highly elusive subject for his biographer But he has at last been caught The result is a magnificent biography and a story that fascinates and compels.
    Burton A Biography of Sir Richard Francis Burton No man can be all things at once no matter how hard he tries but no man ever tried harder than Richard Francis Burton He made significant contributions in the fields of literature and geography and

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    1. A fascinating, readable account of the jaw droppingly talented man s life His ceaseless activity he would produce 700 pages on a place he had stayed for a week, while sick, and while doing any number of other feats is contrasted by his limitations his books were pretty bad he wasn t a leader his theories were often wildly off Burton described himself Briefly, his memory was well stored and he had every talent save that of using his talents Very apt Burton s life was a series of almost great disc [...]

    2. The incredible biography of a brilliant British career soldier and diplomat whose abilities to learn and to be adopted into native cultures are an inspiration to both the incredible enlightenment and loneliness which can result Growing up in India, he apparently learned no less than 25 languages ultimately translating the Tales of the Arabian Nights After his death his wife burned the remainder of his manuscripts which contained, like the Kama Sutra, which he also translated, fascinating first h [...]

    3. A fascinating view of a life too often overlooked for all the feats he had accomplished The book marvellously follows Mr Burton s life and the world he inhabited There are few countries that Burton did not travel to in his life and likewise the work feels like a veritable world history of the 19th century I found the author s views on Burton helpful especially considering the heights his life could of accomplished had personal and circumstantial shortcomings been evident The author is no paean f [...]

    4. In a rather readable prose, the book offers a glimpse on a life that just can t be summarized in a single biography Owing to many controversies around Burton s personality e.g the feud with Speke , his early biographers had often fallen in quite partial accounts of his life, while Farewell shows a balanced portrait of him.Still, the book was published in early 1960 s, so the author shows an unapologetic posh accent probably due to his upper class upbringing , entrenched with not so few sexist a [...]

    5. Wow What a life and what a book I would have loved to have hung out with him on some of his journeys Sir Richard Burton was a man after my own heart I love to travel and I cannot sit still.This book has it all I don t think I will ever have to read another biography about him His world is a world I would love to visit The trill of visiting far off lands, filling in the blank spots on the map Yes it was dangerous and yes he feel ill many times but in the end he made it to old age and lived to tel [...]

    6. Richard Francis Burton lived a fantastic life packed full of enough exploits, adventures, and accomplishments to make any ten men famous As such, no single biography is sufficient to capture the whole man, and anyone truly interested in exploring his amazing life will do well to read several treatments of it That said, Byron Farwell s excellent biography of Burton is an outstanding place to begin.Farwell captures Burton s driven, restless spirit, from his wild youth wandering nomadically about E [...]

    7. I am bummed I was going to say that I started reading this book 20 years ago, and it sat on my bedside table for just about as long Always with the intent to pick it up again, as I am genuinely interested in Burton and his life s adventures What I just saw though, when clicking to add the book, is that this book is not THE book Farwell s biography on Burton was not the book at my bedside It was Edward Rice s biography on Burton that sat there Well, I enjoyed Farwell s biography, so I guess that [...]

    8. I am somewhat mystified that the fascinating life of Sir Richard Francis Burton is not better known He seems to have become a footnote in the history of the Victorian age of exploration Although many of his exploits ended in failure, the magnitude of his unsavory yet dominating character should be enough to have made him an enduring legend The basis for my beloved Flashman, he spoke nearly 30 languages, snuck into Mecca disguised as a Mohammedan, almost discovered the source of the Nile, served [...]

    9. When I picked up this book, I had read the wiki of Burton and checked out a few websites devoted to him These made me imagine Burton as a paragon of adventure and a hero of a man I wanted a book that would weave tales of his travels and tell me of the legend But this book actually told me who the real Burton was an incredible man, yes he spoke 29 languages, was a master swordsman, wrote dozens of books, traveled to unexplored areas of Africa, and but he was also an alcoholic obsessed with his o [...]

    10. This is a pithy biography of the famous British adventurer that stands the test of time Sir Richard Francis Burton is honored not by hagiography but by an evenhanded description of his many exploits, remarkable talents, and manifold weaknesses especially blind egotism.Burton was a man born at just the right time an Englishman at the height of empire an obsessive traveler on a globe with just the right amount of white space and a perpetually curious linguist in a world of exotic religions and lan [...]

    11. A story about a fascinating man born 1821 and died following a life of adventure in 1890 He explored, traveled and wrote copious notes all all he did and saw No subject was off limits for him However he had little to no self discipline hence did not achieve the greatness he felt he deserved He learned approximately 29 languages and it seems could remember them and write in them for many years, as in 50 years, not having as far as is known, to have used the language for that span of time.

    12. A well researched book about a fascinating subject Very readable and on the whole enjoyable Burton is such a towering figure and iconoclast that even a poor book would probably be interesting and this is not a poor book The only reason this doesn t have four stars is for the rather overt sexism and slight colonial apologist bent to the writing, this isn t hidden, Farwell literally opens the book by saying that women as a sex aren t really adventurers by nature but that said, he s a terrific writ [...]

    13. The reserved portrait of Richard Frances Burton that the American Byron Farwell gives in his book Burton A Biography issued 1963, is distanced and slightly derisive, enhanced by the upper class accent of the narrator That Burton s life and books still fascinates us is not reflected in the book whatsoever Much weight is put on his failed career I lost confidence for this biographer because both the wondrously beautiful The Kasidah and the Arabian Nights were step motherly treated.

    14. When I read this book some 25 years ago or , I knew virtually nothing of this man I ask myself, why Why isn t this man better known By all accounts, he was an amazing man, scholar, linguist, adventurer His exploits, as chronicled in this biography, are the stuff of legend Simply put, this is one of the most engaging, entertaining biographies I ve ever read Worth another read.

    15. The writer did a first class job of compiling a mass of journals and accounts into a coherent, and often hilarious, tale of the life of a remarkable non conformist linguist and one of the worlds great travellers A highly recommended read for history exploration buffs.

    16. An excellent and entertaining biography of the Victorian adventurer and explorer, who discovered the source of the Nile and was the first Westerner to enter Mecca, disguised as an Arab The stuff that ripping yarns are made of.

    17. Boring Boring Boring Byron accuses Burton of writing books at included extraneous information but Byron is just as guilty This book could have been written in half the length And the print is very small.

    18. He will always be the translator of the Arabian Nights for me And I am sure he found the source of the Nile before Speke.

    19. Poorly written and Burton as a human being proved to be annoying, egotistical self centered and paranoid.

    20. Good overview of Burton s life Farwell reveals some new material concerning Burton s Interest in and possible conversion to Sufism.

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