UNLIMITED KINDLE Ò Towards Zero - by Agatha Christie

Towards Zero By Agatha Christie,

  • Title: Towards Zero
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9780007354689
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Murder begins before the actual deed said a guest at Lady Tressilian s last dinner party The next morning Lady Tressilian was found dead.The old lady had invited several guests into her seaside home of Gull s Point for two weeks at the end of the summer Tennis star Nevile Strange incurred her displeasure by bringing both his new wife, Kay, and his ex, Audrey, causing a Murder begins before the actual deed said a guest at Lady Tressilian s last dinner party The next morning Lady Tressilian was found dead.The old lady had invited several guests into her seaside home of Gull s Point for two weeks at the end of the summer Tennis star Nevile Strange incurred her displeasure by bringing both his new wife, Kay, and his ex, Audrey, causing a great deal of awkwardness But events soon turned even sourer when Lady Tressilian was killed and Superintendent Battle, who is vacationing nearby in the home of his nephew, finds himself in a labyrinthine maze of clues and deception.
    Towards Zero Murder begins before the actual deed said a guest at Lady Tressilian s last dinner party The next morning Lady Tressilian was found dead The old lady had invited several guests into her seaside home o

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    1. I like a good detective story, he said But, you know, they begin in the wrong place They begin with the murder But the murder is the end The story begins long before that years before sometimes with all the causes and events that bring certain people to a certain place at a certain time on a certain day.What makes a good detective story Suspense Atmosphere An outrageous plot Memorable characters Twists As with many others of Christie s stories, Towards Zero relies on a set of characters, the typ [...]

    2. It s been some time since a murder mystery has imposed on my mind so heavily Even when this mystery had all its clothes on, you could guess the promise it contained I kept thinking, and the question and the curiosity, the suspense and the wonder, they kept occupying my mind As the pages flew by, the time to say goodbye to Inspector Battle came too soon At least Miss Marple starred in 13 of her books Poor Battle was shunted aside in the public s stampede for Poirot I guessed wrongly regarding the [...]

    3. I m breaking all the rules here I had been reading my way through the Agatha Christie canon book by book in chronological order Generally I was managing to get through a couple, or , books per year Suddenly and very generously my parents bought me a copy of Towards Zero for Christmas As the fifth of the Superintendent Battle books and the thirty fourth published Christie novel it was going to take me a while to get to In fact, based on my current reading pace somewhere between 10 and 15 years Wh [...]

    4. Even though most mysteries start with a murder, actually it is the end culmination of a lot of events at a common point Or so says one of the characters in this novel.This is the theme of this book events moving towards a murder towards zero.That it starts with a murder is of no matter By the time one finishes the book, one will understand the appropriateness of the title.This book features my favourite Christie policeman, Superintendent Battle.

    5. Brilliant Elegant and spare like The Body in the Library No Poirot or Marple, and I did slightly miss them Superintendent Battle doesn t work as well for me but is still one of Agatha s best, most well plotted stories.

    6. 4.5What a devilish book this is It is no secret that Agatha Christie is one of my favourite authors, and in this novel, she truly excels Slowly, inexorably, all the pieces of the chess, or mystery, are put in place awaiting the final scene the murder but things are of course not what they appear The tension grows while all these characters meet, cross and finally come together No Poirot present, although mentioned, but a very competent Superintendent Battle.This is definitely one of her best The [...]

    7. Ono kad se poklopi slobodna nedelja, prazan splav, ladno pivo s limunom i odli na knjiga.Sasvim pristojan letnji dan u Beogradu.Da stvar bude neobi nija, jedna napomena vezana isklju ivo za ovo jeftino izdanje uz Blic enu,Prevod opet Liber Novus s kojima ve vodih rat ovde zbog o ajnih prevoda Ovaj put prevodilac potpisan i prevod mnogo kvalitetniji nego u prethodnim izdanjima.Sve ide na bolje.

    8. Re read 23.09.2017 From 4 to 5 stars.None of the books I m currently reading have been drawing me in during the past few days, making me watch movies and Buzzfeed Unsolved instead, so I felt like continuing my little project of re reading a few of my favorite Christies.Towards Zero is a bit different with Superintendent Battle as the main crime solver mind you, influenced by Poirot s methods , and although he comes across as a bit bland with no distinct personality, the case itself is excellent [...]

    9. I loved Towards Zero It was such a page turner and the title gives the novel a feeling a movement and destination I loved the detail that was given to the back story to the murder and the anticipation of who was going to be murdered, due to the delay of the actual murder I thought this was an excellent novel structure I found the structure of this novel interesting and wonder if anyone reading it guessed the murderer or worked it out I found there were very little clues in this novel I found the [...]

    10. I love Agatha Christie, really love her And you know, Towards Zero is really different from her other books, in a good way It sort of stars Superintendent Battle as our lead detective, and has a very unique sort of murders.You see, Towards Zero postulates that s a word that should be used often that a murder begins before someone dies After all, it starts when someone decides to kill And so, a murder occurs, and it s not as simple as it seems There is Mr Strange, his first wife Audrey and his s [...]

    11. This is the third Agatha Christie novel I ve picked up and the third I ve enjoyed While Towards Zero was certainly lacking the edge of your seat levels of suspense that made her And Then There Were None so fantastic, it still had its merits and was worth the read It was in tune with Murder on the Orient Express in the sense that the book built up until a jaw dropping finale, but lacked the certain addictive spark for the better part of the story.The concept of this book was brilliant, and the i [...]

    12. Did you ever notice if you re channel surfing on TV and you pause in the middle of a CSI or Law and Order type show that people are just talking talking talking Around a desk Walking down a corridor Standing in a police garage or the morgue They TALK And talk, and move and talk some , always explaining something to someone about something they ve discovered or guessed or figured out The writers try to make all this TALK interesting by having the actors move and use different locations, but it s [...]

    13. Towards Zero could be called a classic whodunit a murder mystery, multiple suspects each with the motive and the means Agatha Christie s charming manner of introducing her characters and defining them with their individual quirks engages the reader The setup of the plot seemed a little obvious Midway through, I was already constructing situations in my head over which character would be murdered in order to deliver the maximum tension, so crucial to a book of this genre.The case analysis, clue f [...]

    14. Cinta berubah jadi benci, lebih mudah dari yasng anda kira Reread again Baik hati orang itu, kasta Dr Lazenby meninggalkan senjatanya, meninggalkan sidik jarinya disitu heran ia tidak meninggalkan kartu namanya Well, salah satu novel dengan penggunaan psikologi terbalikBest

    15. Though this book is not long in page numbers, it is drawn out as if one is plowing through a hard field I got to thinking, boy, she is still bitter about her divorce but then looked up the dates Divorced 1928, this book 1944 So that wasn t it This was the final Superintendent Battle book, a series of just 5 books that had started in 1925 I had not read one of these before, so now I have had my Battle.I shall not spoil book for others, so here it is briefly The cast of characters is slowly introd [...]

    16. TW SuicideWant a love triangle and insta love in one book Christie was all over that before we were born.Not her best work things got stupidly convoluted by the end And I think this may be the most red herrings she s ever packed into one book.My 2010 copy is a reprint of the 1944 first edition On the flyleaf is some hilarious WWII propaganda telling the reader to listen to the BBC because that s the only place you ll get truth in reporting None of this false news the enemy sends out Trump would [...]

    17. 3 5 stars Pembunuhan itu sendiri merupakan akhir dari ceritanya Itulah Titik Nol nya p 275 Kirain pembunuhan disini gara2 masalah warisan, ternyata gak se sepele itu Bahkan pembunuhan ini terjadi sudah direncanakan jauh2 hari sebelumnya Pelajarannya jangan meninggalkan terlalu banyak barang bukti di TKP pembunuhan, walaupun memudahkan polisi, justru itu menimbulkan kecurigaan Haha

    18. In this excellent mystery, Christie creates a complicated and tangled mystery with a satisfying and surprising ending.

    19. Opini o no blog howtoliveathousandlives.blospoLigeiramente distinto das restantes obras de Agatha Christie, esta assenta na ideia que um homic dio n o come a quando algu m morre, mas sim quando algu m decide matar Por este motivo, as mortes nesta est ria n o s o imediatas, existindo um longo per odo de introdu o de personagens e caracteriza o das rela es entre si.De igual modo, esta obra protagonizada pelo inspetor chefe Battle, apesar de existirem algumas refer ncias ao genial Hercule Poirot Ai [...]

    20. This is, I think, a better written Christie than many of her other books, but the ending is complete nonsense AND yet I still mostly figured it out Pleasant diversion, yes Compelling mystery, not so much.

    21. July 2016 My first re read of this book, and I think it remains my favourite Christie to date Nothing to say Also, third book of the booktubeathon complete

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