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Last Seen in Massilia By Steven Saylor,

  • Title: Last Seen in Massilia
  • Author: Steven Saylor
  • ISBN: 9781841194318
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this mystery set in Marseilles in 49 B.C master detective Gordianus the Finder is on a personal quest to learn the truth about his missing son, Meto Plunged into the midst of the bloody Roman civil war, the well connected Gordianus and his son in law Davus survive adventure after adventure as they penetrate the Gaulic city Massilia, which is walled against Roman invaIn this mystery set in Marseilles in 49 B.C master detective Gordianus the Finder is on a personal quest to learn the truth about his missing son, Meto Plunged into the midst of the bloody Roman civil war, the well connected Gordianus and his son in law Davus survive adventure after adventure as they penetrate the Gaulic city Massilia, which is walled against Roman invasion From the first pages, author Steven Saylor is on sure ground with his distinguished protagonist Gordianus s careful, thoughtful musings are infused with real pathos as he seeks out information about his son whom, he has been informed, is dead There is some speculation that Meto betrayed Caesar and that death was his punishment Lacking a corpse, Gordianus cannot bring himself to believe that Meto is really dead.Indeed, bonds between fathers and children their betrayals, promises, and legacies play a key role in the twisting plot of Last Seen in Massilia Literally the title refers to Meto, but the motif extends to other key characters as well Apollonides, the imperious ruler of Massilia, has a peculiar bond with his horribly deformed daughter The city s scapegoat , Hieronymus, lives out the legacy of his parents illegal double suicide by being the human repositor of Massilia s collective sins He is expected to hurl himself from Sacrifice Rock to appease vengeful gods.Sacrifice Rock is central to the book, the site of a tussle between man and woman that ends, provocatively, in the woman s death Was it suicide or murder The three witnesses Gordianus, Davus, and Hieronymus are sharply divided on exactly what they saw Gordianus pursues the truth of this mystery almost as a diversion from the compelling mystery of his son s disappearance.
    Last Seen in Massilia In this mystery set in Marseilles in B C master detective Gordianus the Finder is on a personal quest to learn the truth about his missing son Meto Plunged into the midst of the bloody Roman civil

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    1. Last Seen in Massilia, like the other books in the Roma Sub Rosa series, is like a bag of Kirkland s fruits and nuts you can t just stop devouring it the sweetness of the fruits eaten alternately with the salty nuts is extremely addicting.Learned a lot about ancient Massilia modern day Marseilles in France and its people 1 Without wealth, a man in Massilia is nothing p.83 2 Massilians were said to love money above all else and to exemplify the concomitant virtues diligence, shrewdness, patience [...]

    2. Mais uma grande aventura de Gordiano, o Descobridor Desta feita, Roma foi totalmente deixada de lado e a ac o decorre do princ pio ao fim na cidade de Mass lia atual Marselha Como tal, nesta obra n o se encontram algumas das personagens j habituais, como Betesda, Diana, C cero ou Eco Esta aventura tem in cio no ponto onde a anterior terminou e Gordiano v se obrigado a partir para Mass lia com Davus, em busca do seu filho Meto, ap s ter recebido uma carta que o dava como morto O descobridor far t [...]

    3. Seventh in the Roma Sub Rosa historical mystery series and revolving around Gordianus the Finder and his family in the Rome of 49 BC.Chronologically, it s MY seventh and Saylor s eighth because the technical sixth, The House of the Vestals, is a collection of short stories that I ve slotted in chronologically on my website.My TakeLast Seen in Massilia is not as tense or dramatic as it could have been It s definitely an easy read that won t make your heart race I m not really sure why Saylor wrot [...]

    4. 3.5 5 stars Another great book in this series If you know me a little, you probably know that I m a big fan of almost everything about the Antiquity, including the Roma Sub Rosa series I m especially fond of the first 5 books where the murder is the center of the whole story and Cicero plays a big part, he s my problematic fave tbh Luckily, I also really did like this book in the series Before the book begins Gordianus has received a note that says that his son Meto has been killed Gordianus ins [...]

    5. After a great book 7, Saylor stays on a roll My only complaint w these novels is that the characters are too kind hearted and a little too 21st century in their ideas on individual liberties Similarly, Gordianus has managed to avoid some of the stickier moral issues that would result from a man living in a place like Rome in such a morally barren time After effectively dealing w my concerns in book 7, Last Seen delivers a surprisingly good mystery with a personal coda that disturbs for all the r [...]

    6. So close to five stars This series is rapidly reaching a climax and that climax is Cesar The realization the end is coming makes me a little sad I stormed through this novel It wasn t as action packed as some of the previous novels but the story was so much gripping than any of the previous novels I was a little shocked at the end view spoiler when Gordianus disowned Meto It seemed like a rather rash reaction I am hoping the next novel deals a little with the reaction of Gordianus family and pe [...]

    7. I think this was of a 3.5 star book I enjoyed it and flew through the story, but it seemed to take its time to get going with a strong plot, and I wasn t overly interested in what I considered to be a rather simplistic mystery at the sacrifice rock However, I think it was an extremely interesting historical setting, I loved reading about Massilia, and I m sure this story is integral to the later books Not a disappointment at all, but not as interesting as some of the earlier books in the series [...]

    8. This is the first one of the series that I have read It is a great historical mystery in a time and place not often written about Set in Massilia now Marseilles during the Roman Empire, it is a fascinating look into an ancient culture Wonderful combination of mystery and history.

    9. Following hard upon Rubicon both in plot and in publication, this novel suffers by comparison Saylor s writing is as excellent as always, but I found the twist at the end entirely unbelievable view spoiler Perhaps in the next novel Gordianus will reverse his bizarre decision to disown Meto hide spoiler

    10. This was a very well written and entertaining read I am quite a fan of historical fiction, and Steven Saylor does a convincing job of recreating the world of the ancient Mediterranean as we know it, while adding in his little fictional side show, playing along simultaneously with the real historical events, yet without conflict between the two His characters are not prominent enough figures to pose any real problems in this regard, at least in this book That is one element of this era that would [...]

    11. Hemmed inside the walls of ancient, Greek controlled Marseilles, Pompey s sympathizers besieging your loyalties even as Julius Caesar s legions blockade all access by land or sea, what would you expect to find Starvation and hysteria, certainly, as well as suspicion and political intrigue in abundance But if you happen to be Gordianus the Finder, renowned sleuth of the Roman Empire, murder finds you.In 49 B.C civil war embroiled Rome s vast empire Caesar crossed the Rubicon to assert his regal c [...]

    12. I have read some of these before and missed this one previously His disowning his adopted some came as quite a surprise to me I guess I will have to read further now close In this mystery set in Marseilles in 49 B.C master detective Gordianus the Finder is on a personal quest to learn the truth about his missing son, Meto Plunged into the midst of the bloody Roman civil war, the well connected Gordianus and his son in law Davus survive adventure after adventure as they penetrate the Gaulic city [...]

    13. A typically ancient story of passion and ambitionSaylor s eighth novel about his fictitious private detective Gordianus, actually the twelfth when the prequels are placed in their correct order, is set in 49 BC entirely around ancient Marseilles, which had been founded as a Greek colony nearly six centuries earlier and was then under siege by the Romans As usual with Saylor, it has evidently been meticulously researched I have always thought the ancient Mediterranean the most exciting place to h [...]

    14. In Last Seen in Massilia, the eighth book in the Sub Roma series by Steven Saylor, our hero Gordianus the Finder has traveled with his strong son in law Davus to Massilia present day Marseille because he s received a note telling him that his son Meto died there and, being the Finder that he is, he has to learn the truth As he arrives in Massilia, the place is under seige by Caesar s Roman forces because the city state had refused him entry some time earlier and instead thrown in their lot with [...]

    15. Last Seen in Massilia is a book that would not normally be on my radar, but I was pleasantly surprised Most of the historical fiction novels I read are centered around strong female characters Last Seen in Massilia takes place in what would be Marseille, France today but it is called Massilia in ancient Rome It centers around a Roman Citizen, Gordianus the Finder who is also a detective Gordianus receives word from an anonymous source in Massilia that his son may be dead, so he travels there wit [...]

    16. With this episode in the continuing saga of Gordianus the Finder, our hero leaves the mundane plane of every day existence and gains the rarified status of a super hero I say this as in this novel Gordianus survives several dangerous escapades, by rather incredulous means, escapades which would land any ordinary person not a super hero in their urn The story Gordianus, on hearing of the death of his son Meto, in the Greek colony of Massilia, travels to the city to see for himself just what is go [...]

    17. The civil war in the territories continues in 8 of the Steven Saylor series about ancient Rome It s 49 B.C and Gordianus the Finder has received an anonymous message from the city of Massilia Marseille declaring that his son Meto is dead Is Meto a double agent for Caesar Massillia has declared iloyalty to Pompei Caesar s rival Gordianus does not trust the news and resolves to find out the truth about his son s life He sets out with his son in law Davus as bodyguard and companion Together they sl [...]

    18. Last Seen in Massilia is another worthy addition to Saylor s Roma Sub Rosa series featuring ancient Roman detective Gordianus the Finder Like all of the books in the series, Last Seen in Massilia features a mystery with excellent historical detail Gordianus is a white hat in search of the truth The truth turns out to be shockingly painful in this instance He has received an anonymous message that his son Meto has died in Massilia and goes there with his son in law Davus to learn the truth A civi [...]

    19. verdade, mais uma aventura de Gordiano, o Descobridor.Desta vez, o palco da ac o na cidade de Mass lia, que actualmente a cidade de Marselha Gordiano recebeu, em Roma, uma mensagem an nima a inform lo que o seu filho Meto est morto, e decide partir para Mass lia, com o seu genro Davo, para tentar descobrir o que aconteceu.Gordiano chega a Mass lia, na altura que a cidade est cercada pelo ex rcito de C sar, e acaba por descobrir uma forma engenhosa para conseguir entrar nas muralhas.Para al m de [...]

    20. When it comes to murder mysteries, sometimes the author gives you plenty of clues and hints so that when it comes to the final revelation of the killer and his motives, you have this OHH moment In other mysteries, the author deliberately hides everything and even reading a second or third time does not help.In this book, the author tipped his half way through and thus when I read it a second time and also because I have a very good memory from the first time, it felt lame Of course, there were p [...]

    21. You have to say one thing for Steven Saylor, his historical accuracy seems pretty spot on You always feel like you are in ancient Rome, battling with Caesar Occasionally it feels like the mystery itself is overshadowed by the bigger historical picture which isn t necessarily a bad thing with writing and research as good as Saylor s , in this particular case the siege of Massilia modern Marseillais by Caesar s forces But I have to say, just when I sort of thought What a third rate mystery, I alre [...]

    22. First a confession I am a Rome geek I will read almost anything, fact or fiction, about life or people in Rome or its colonies Last Seen in Massilia is part of an outstanding series written by a classics scholar, so the books get the details right from what s for dinner to the actions in battles seen from afar Saylor s fictional characters have conversations with historical characters from the famous like Caesar to the not so famous the roman architect Vetruvius In this book, Gordianus the Finde [...]

    23. Steven Saylor developed a passion for all things Roman as an adolescent He s spent years reading and researching everything he could find on this time period and writes stories based on historical events and characters He doesn t sugar coat the past nor does he write under the influence of any religious dogma If you re easily offended by depictions of gladiatorial games, bloodshed, and sexual attractions and situations, do NOT read this series If however, you re an adult who accepts that ancient [...]

    24. Not my favourite in the Sub Rosa, but even still a very good read I felt that Gordianus went too much with the flow rather than being involved and at the heart of the intrigue He was too much a passenger of events compared to previous books I also missed Cicero who is not always in the books but when he is he adds a completely different dimension There s an interesting insight into Massilia modern Marseilles and its politics The city is under siege having forbidden Caesar entry Gordianus hears a [...]

    25. Gordianus the Finder leaves Rome and travels with his son in law to the besieged city of Massilia in search of his son Meto, whose been acting as a spy for Caesar Gordianus has received a note that tells him that Meto is dead When he arrives, he and his son in law must join in with a group of soldiers who enter a tunnel to enter the city Tightly packed and in nearly total darkness the trek through the tunnel is only the beginning of Gordianus adventures and soon he I m embroiled in to the myster [...]

    26. I do not want to give this away but this book was a huge installment in this series because of the changes that take place in his family With the family changes that this book has it is a must read of course for the fans of the series but my favorite thing about this book was that it had my favorite mystery for Gordianus to solve so far He is charged with trying to find his son Meto in Masillia a besieged town in present day France While he is there is meets a doomed scapegoat and whitnesses wha [...]

    27. set in Massilia modern day Marseille, it gives some historical background into what was important to the people of that town The story has Gordianus and his son in law Davus going to Massilia after Gordianus received a letter saying that his son Meto had died and he can t believe it He goes in search of answers or at least a body The town in under siege by Caesar s forces and Meto was an undercover spy for Caesar The story follows the adventures as they secretly enter the town and get befriended [...]

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