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Holding Time By Martha G. Welch Mark Ellen,

  • Title: Holding Time
  • Author: Martha G. Welch Mark Ellen
  • ISBN: 9780671688783
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Holding Time”

    1. Quite literally, this book saved the placement and adoption of my daughter.I know that many look at this material and falsely equate the process it teaches as torture or abuse It is anything but The process can look difficult and upsetting, but the results are amazing.Liz was seven years old when she was placed with me She had been in the foster care system since she was just three years old She had just had a placement disrupt because she had attempted to kill a pet dog, broke a window, and dem [...]

    2. I could never recommend this book because much of the therapy within this is done forcibly to the child the coercion is a joke.I was one of the kids who went through these so called treatments, as a kid since I was adopted , and I m currently going through PTSD therapy because of it It does not make the child bond at all if anything, it makes them learn how to dampen fake emotions further so as to prevent of these treatments The entire treatment is shown as a cure all for many overlapping behav [...]

    3. I know this book is very popular with a lot of adoptive parents, particularly for infants and toddlers Because my kids are older, I can t address the specifics of its use in younger children My first problem with the book is that it s presented as if holding time is a magical cure for everything I am skeptical of any book that promises this My most significant problem, though, comes with the holding itself This is not a book about cuddling with your kids to help them feel safe and loved It s abo [...]

    4. I heard of this book and the theory of holding time many, many years ago from a homeschool friend who was advising another on how to deal with difficult children It peaked my interest and I ve implemented my own version off and on over the years with my kids I believe in the principle, have seen the practice work, and can even witness to it working ON ME My husband has been doing this with me for years, though he doesn t know this is what he s doing It s always been his instinct when I get wound [...]

    5. This book is over 200 pages and could probably be reduced to about 20 It s very repetitive I think the author means well, but this is not for every family as the author insists it is Holding children can be a good thing, but I disagree that it should be done against their will You can call it what you want, but it s another form of restraint I don t view that in a positive light.

    6. Every parent that wants a well behaved child, an excellent relationship with them and peace with siblings needs to read this book As well as any grandparent or relative and close friend Simply a book EVERYONE should read.

    7. I would never recommend this I think it further traumatized my child who was already traumatized from his adoption

    8. it is a very old school has good techniques for holding infant and kids but when I was reading it , I had to notice that some of the positions are not correct for example the way of kissing the child, it is now forbidden to kiss direct on the lips I need to kiss on the face.

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