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  • Title: Art
  • Author: Patrick McDonnell
  • ISBN: 9780316114912
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A rhyming tribute to a budding young artist.
    Art A rhyming tribute to a budding young artist

    One thought on “Art”

    1. This is Art.And this is art.Can you tell them apart I love the way this book uses art drawing, painting, etc and Art a young boy interchangeably The text is very clever and sweet as is the lovely ending and the artwork is fun and cute the dream.Sometimes the simple things are just as sweet this is a perfect example.

    2. Open up, flip the pages, and let Art introduce you to his art.Energy, inspiration, imagination, and huge happy heaps of color leap off each page Art colors, draws, swirls, twirls, scribbles, and squiggles his creations all with a huge smile splattered across his face DThis book s infectious and a bit mischievous fun and energy make me want to grab a crayon and fill my world with color Pure joy 2 9 12

    3. This is a delightful story about Art, who loves to make art The interplay between words and illustrations is such a treat, This is Art an illustration of the boy And this is art illustration of a work of art Art s art and so on A joyous celebration of art, childhood, imagination and feeling completely and utterly free to create without judgment And the ending is so sweet Love this book.

    4. This book is reminiscent of so many art children books, including Ish and The Dot by Peter H Reynolds, and even The Dot and the Line A Romance in Lower Mathematics by Norton Juster which really is different, I suppose and the very famous classic Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson And, I know I m forgetting at least two, and probably many that I ve read within the last couple of years that are unfortunately not coming to mind at the moment They re all wonderful books and this is an [...]

    5. The story of a young boy, his squiggles and lines and dots that make his art and how to be proud of it all Lovely and sweet

    6. The story of a little boy nameArt and his art.No one can separate them apart _ He draws, he paints, he scribbles, he also doodles Y All these can be taken as quick ideas to start easy art activities for beginners youtube watch v xScqo

    7. BRILLIANT McDonnell is quite the artist to create a story about Art s art with visual and verse art Art, the boy, reminds of a comic character, perhaps because of his shape or maybe from his energy and movement but he is a great character that readers innately like My favorite scenes would be the wordless spread and the end, which shows a supportive mom because every young artist needs a supporter to help them keep their confidence and creativity.

    8. This is a fun and whimsical book about art a boy named art who likes to create art The narrative is very simple and the illustrations are very artistic I loved that our girls were able to identify different techniques from their art classes and they were excited to tell me how they created similar pieces of art Our girls told me that this book reminded them of Harold and the Purple Crayon, especially with his drawings of the moon and simple silhouettes.Overall, it s a short, entertaining book an [...]

    9. Yes, there are lots of books with children and their magic crayons bringing their drawings to life Harold and the Purple Crayon, Jeremy Draws a Monster, Journey Quest Return, just off the top of my head What I like about this one is that it s about creating art itself, rather than using his imagination to create a friend or go on an adventure or whatever Yes, his imagination comes into it, but really, he s just creating and enjoying it It s so much fun how Art and his drawings interact, how ent [...]

    10. This was an ok book The book tells of different art forms that a kid named Art makes I think this would be a very good book for encouraging kids to draw and believe in their art It helps to encourage a child s imagination While the storyline of this book is very simple it does teach a good lesson The Storyline of the book is very simple and just follow a child through making different pictures that his mom, in turn, hangs on the fridge.I would use this book in a kindergarten or art class to teac [...]

    11. I think this book has a very distinct audience in mind of which I am not a part parents with artistic or artistic kids I think those parents and their kids would really find this book touching and sweet and funny It fell a little flat for me personally, but I did really like the use of color throughout the pages and the cover.

    12. This book was adorable, about a young boy named Art and the beautiful art that he makes My niece enjoyed it very much, as did I.

    13. Love the creativity and fun this book brings to life Perfect companion to Harold and the Purple Crayon and Sam and Eva By Debbie Ridpath Ohi Love Patrick MC Donnell books

    14. A beautifully illustrated book about a boy named Art who loves art It s so incredibly simple, but wonderful And relaxing.

    15. A cute story about Art and his art I love how it shows you can do art in many ways and capitalizes on using your imagination.

    16. Excellent Cleverly written with play on words I also love the simplicity and power of the illustrations My four year old also enjoyed it.

    17. I picked up this book fairly cheaply because the cover caught my eye There is no title or author on the front cover, only on the spine The text plays on the word ART it is the name of the character as well as what he is doing it would be a good book to use as inspiration for art lessons, as it shows what you can do with the three primary colours.

    18. Kindergarten beginning of the year, introduction to art, main idea is about practice to become a better artist

    19. This story is about a little boy named Art who loves to draw and paint pictures The book goes through the different types of art that Art likes to create, and uses Dr Seuss like rhymes in order to make them flow in a fun way for the reader Throughout the story Art draws circles and spirals, shapes, trees, cars, and houses He also paints splotches, zigs, zags, and other arbitrary pictures The book states that once he is inspired to draw or paint, there is absolutely no stopping him because he get [...]

    20. Art, a little boy, creates his art freely and with creative flare in Art Art draws lines in the form of zigs and zags, scribbles that squiggle and dots in many colors and sizes He plops splotches and blotches on the page, then with a flourish creates the curliest cue His inspiration is the paper and his mind and from there he doodles and creates his masterpieces Exhausted he falls fast asleep and when he awakens, all those masterpieces have been carefully hung on the refrigerator by his mother A [...]

    21. This book asks at one point Art and his art Can you tell them apart And when you re looking at the small boy, splattered in paint with his Pollock esque work around him, you ll be than amused at the comparison.Art is about Art, a young boy with a passion for art You ll find many comparisons to Harold and the Purple Crayon, but I think Art is wonderful all on its own The concept of an imaginative child who loves to draw and whose mother happily displays his work on the fridge is common, but Patr [...]

    22. It s always fun to read books like this that spin ideas around They are fun to interpret, and Art and his art really made me smile I loved the splotchwork art that Art was creating It was fun and kid like, yet balanced and pleasing to the eye at the same time Sentences like, there s no stopping Art when Art is inspired and, cause Mother loves Art are what really makes this book It s so fun to think that yes, there s no stopping the boy Art when he s inspired, and there s no stopping actual artwo [...]

    23. My dad is the executive director at an art museum and my mother is a photographer and retired art teacher, so as you can imagine I grew up surrounded by art and always being told that the art I made was beautiful I was lucky to have that and Art the boy has that in this book I must be getting mushy in my old er age because this book made me cry It made me miss the times when I laid around on the floor coloring with my dad or taking photography classes with my mom This is a special book that show [...]

    24. An adorable book about Art and art and the art of childhood Short and sweet with lovely watercolor and drawn illustrations from the Mutts comic strip artist I loved the nice message for the artists out there it contained as well as an entertaining one for kids The little boy was adorable and his antics and artwork amusing I would have preferred a slightly different color palette than the almost pastel primary color palette, but it doesn t detract from the book and kids love them This book would [...]

    25. I picked this book up because one of the boys I babysit aged 5 LOVES to draw and color, and I try very hard to encourage the boys in what they like to do It gives a good range of examples on what line and shape mean in an art context, and then going into color matches and so on The best part is that it never gets stuffy or pedantic It remembers that it s a book for kids and presents the information in a fun, whimsical manner.

    26. Completely fell head over heels for this book Totally adorable and well done book about art I am very interested in art have been since I was a little girl I paint and basically will try anything in the creative category So, this was a book made for me as a little girl and now I can read it to my new baby cousin I hope art flows to his body like it does through mine Btw the ending is fantastic.

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