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  1. For a short story, this one packed such an emotional punch The relationship and romance between Cam and Jamie was so sweet and heartwarming I loved the two of them so much that I was starting to get really worried about how it would all end, and the ending did actually make me cry.t sad tears, and then happy ones.This is the first story I ve read by this author and it was absolutely wonderful I m definitely going to check out of her work.

  2. This was a cute and kind of sad little story I am not usually a fan of ghost stories, but this one had the right mix of melancholy and sweet that it kept me interested Pretty good for a freebie.Could have hiked it up two 3.5 stars, if the editing would have been better I got distracted a lot because of that.Nice ending.

  3. Thisdid not feel like an O Shea book.Or maybe it was just extremely early into her publications and had araw feeling.I ve read and adored ghost stories before I did not adore this one.I ve read and adored many O Shea books before I did not adore this one.It had an extremely superficial feel to it The characters felt thin The plot felt flimsy It might have been too short to achieve the attempted goal I m thankful it was a freebie but hope it s not a first time book for others I just don t think t [...]

  4. 3.5Cam has problems, not only is he in the closet and living in a fraternity he doesn t want to be at, but his dad wants him to be at, he now also has a ghost in his room.Mail is moved, he hears a voice calling his name at midnightt a good thing.But, as Cam discovers, ghosts can be cute, and Jamie is definitely a cute ghost and he s a gay ghost what are the odds Anyway there is the mystery to solve as to how and why Jamie died some 50 years before and of course falling for a ghost sort of sucks [...]

  5. MMRG Team Bingo Round 15 Week 11 Category Best Gay Romance Featuring Teen age CharactersIn this very short ghost story you ll find view spoiler a teen age secretly gay and reluctant fraternity member who gets involved with a mystery, loses his virginity, and comes out of the closet hide spoiler

  6. This is so that is influencing my review I was really enjoying the start of the story MC was endearing and i liked the little ghost mystery view spoiler then came the ghost sex and just pulled me out of the story It was creepy IMO and did NOTHING to add to the story just distracted from it Never really got into the story again after that then there was a bunch sex towards the end which would have been than enough for a short story IMO the end just left so many unanswered questions hide spoiler [...]

  7. Well written and lovely characters like in her other stories I have to admit tho, I was a bit thrown off by that falling in love with a ghost thing, even by that intimate first scene With a friggin ghost O_O haha But it s all good now, I enjoyed the sweetness between them and especially the ending It rocked Thanks for bringing Jamie back to live

  8. I loved this book though it s sad in general, it ended on a positive note and I m glad Apparently, this is my second time reading it I only forgot to rate and marked it as read the first time.

  9. This was a freebie and short but amazingly good I thought there was great characterization given the length I love sweet stories

  10. Sweet, nice, short ghost story Cam wakes up to hearing a voice call his name After a few days of this happening, he finally gets to see the voice that s been calling him a ghost named Jamie Although initially scared, seeing and talking with Jamie became a comfort for Cam Cam spends time trying to find Jamie his closure, but in the meantime, he finds himself falling for Jamie I was a little worried about how this could turn out to be an HEA for these two especially since one is dead , but it was [...]

  11. 3.5 star review by The Blogger Girls.This was really cute I m not a huge fan of ghostly romances, but I quite enjoyed this one.It starts out really strong with Cameron meeting Jamie, the ghost who died in Cameron s frathouse bedroom some 50 years prior Jamie appears at midnight seeking Cam s help in finding out what happened to him all those years ago Cam agrees to help and his search for clues begins.Up to this point, Cam has remained deeply in the closet so as to live up to his father s expect [...]

  12. This was a very cute and sweet, ghostly story I really enjoyed it.Jamie died in Cameron s bedroom almost fifty years ago and now he s asking for Cam s help Cam tries to find out what happened to him all those years ago and in the process falls in love with him Then when Cam finally figures out what happens and brings in Jamie s old boyfriend, he assumes that s it and they won t see each other again but then Jamie comes back and the next morning on the fifth anniversary of Jamie s death, Jamie is [...]

  13. Cameron lives in a dorm room haunted by a ghost named Jamie, who needs help Cameron and Jamie wind up falling in love It was a pretty interesting little romance with a side of mystery The ending wasn t really what I was expecting or actually what I would have preferred, but the overall story was a good one.

  14. This was the first story that I read by M.J O Shea and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised I wasn t sure how a ghost romance would end up playing out but it was surprisingly sweet and honest I was a little disappointed by the ending, but not enough to dislike the story Definitely worth the read

  15. This was short and sweet The writing felt a bit simplistic for the story the author was trying to tell Almost like everything was felt and accepted too easily Very little angst for such a story, but I felt it was a nice way to kill a half hour.

  16. This one broke my heart I had no idea how the author was gonna pull an HEA out of this one, and though there was some sorrow for an anonymous young man at the end, I was thrilled for our two heroes reunion.

  17. Very short sweet story as a young college freshman works to solve a 50 year old mystery that happened in his fraternity Cameron has been the only person in 50 years to be able to hear and see Jamie the ghost The story unfolds as they begin to solve Jamie s unfinished business.

  18. I loved that there was closure for Jamie and Grayson And that sweet little ending squealllll Lovely short story Thank you M.J.

  19. Such a sweet little short Very romantic and mysterious Loved Jamie and Cam They were really good together despite all things Nice HEA.

  20. Pretty morbid, but still sweet Somethings could have been fleshed out see what I did there D but I thought it was an enjoyable freebie.

  21. Wow this is so totally different than any mm i ve read befored i loved it I was curious how it could possibly end on a good note but i was pleasantly surprised.

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