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Not Dead and Not for Sale By Scott Weiland David Ritz,

  • Title: Not Dead and Not for Sale
  • Author: Scott Weiland David Ritz
  • ISBN: 9781439199978
  • Page: 359
  • Format: ebook
  • As the lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots 1986 2003, 2008 , Scott Weiland won two Grammys and fronted a grunge band that has sold over 18 million records During that tumultuous period, however, his record also included several arrests for drugs and DUI Since breaking his addiction to heroin in 2002, the California born musician has performed with the multiplatinumAs the lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots 1986 2003, 2008 , Scott Weiland won two Grammys and fronted a grunge band that has sold over 18 million records During that tumultuous period, however, his record also included several arrests for drugs and DUI Since breaking his addiction to heroin in 2002, the California born musician has performed with the multiplatinum group Velvet Revolver and reunited with the group he helped make famous Not Dead Not for Sale is Weiland s starkly honest memoir of the highs and lows of his bipolar life This book is timely, arriving on the heels of Stone Temple Pilots tour and the release of their first album since 2001 The memoir was written with the assistance of David Ritz, the only four time winner of the Gleason Music Book Award.
    Not Dead and Not for Sale As the lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots Scott Weiland won two Grammys and fronted a grunge band that has sold over million records During that tumultuous period however hi

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    1. To see the full review including pictures and video please visit readrantrockandrollNot Dead and Not for Sale The Earthling Papers by Scott Weiland and David Ritz is a memoir that covers Scott Weiland s life from the time when he was just a little child up until around the year 2011.For the most part, this book is told in chronological order Scott takes us back to his early childhood, school life, and his athletic abilities.He discusses his relationship with God, his first band Soi Disant, and o [...]

    2. As far as memoirs go, Scott s was shockingly guarded All the things you expect to get are missing I was happy that I also chose to read Mary Weiland s book, Fall to Pieces as it s a far superior autobiography She discusses their time together as well as Scott s battles in greater detail then he ever gives I highly recommend reading hers first and then Scott s as extra filler when you put them both together you get an honest look at Scotts life I did really enjoy the pieces Scott put in about his [...]

    3. I m rather torn over this review.First off, I m a long time STP and Velvet Revolver fan, but this wasn t the book I was hoping to read.Rather than focus on Weiland s life, and what made him who he his this feels like an extremely glossed over biography that highlights and dwells on all the wrong parts Velvet Revolver gets two pages STP as a band gets maybe twenty His addictions, which I really wanted to hear about, feature prominently for most of the book, but there is very little detail given [...]

    4. I m in love with Scott Weiland Always have been Since I heard that first announcement over a bullhorn, I am smelling like a rose that somebody gave my on my birthday deathbed I am smelling like a rose that somebody gave me cause I m dead and bloated And then the breakdown crunch of Stone Temple Pilots It was love at first sound I first heard them at one of the many low points of my life STP were my rescuers And leading the squadron was Scott His lyrics made my ponder His voice makes me want to r [...]

    5. I am very disappointed that a poet singer song writer couldn t write up a good book on himself.The book itself reads a lot like a biography published on the Reader s Digest, and still expect to sell each book for 24.00 Really After reading John Lennon s, Eric Clapton and Keith Richard s biography this book is really just an essay, Scott skips years and changes subject without finishing the story in many instances, too many holes in the story, too much unnecessary artwork on the book, perhaps to [...]

    6. I was interested to read this since Scott was mentioned in Duff McKagan s book, which was really good Scott s book, on the other hand, was a pile of garbage This was a very badly written book It contained the lines Mary was beautiful She was wrapped in wool and I am a serious man who wants to write serious songs Yikes.There s a lot of filler in this and not much content I came away thinking that Weiland is a douche not that I didn t think that before, but my feeling was unchanged Strangely, the [...]

    7. I had carefully avoided reading this for some time, not wanting anything to mar the fantasy relationship I have carried on with a fantasy version of Mr Weiland for many, many years.Three cold hard facts I was specifically hoping to avoid 1 cruel or whiny junkie antics generously romanticized in sonic form e.g Interstate Love Song , I Got You that make you realize he is kind of a jerk when spelled out in book format.2 the inescapable conclusion that Weiland thinks STP lyrics are super deep irreve [...]

    8. This book did gloss over much, but I m not one of those that needs to hear the nitty gritty I perceived the pain and authenticity through the voice of the narrator and that was enough for me Let someone s most private pieces stay private.I felt as though Scott actually narrated this and I enjoyed the sense of hearing his voice through the words.

    9. Well this is a bit of an awkward title for his memoir as Scott Weiland is now in fact dead I was never a big Stone Temple Pilots fan but I love a good memoir to live vicariously through other peoples lives This was just an accounting of who Scott slept with and what drugs he took The first 100 pages were okay and then I got fed up with him He got to front two successful rock bands, had a couple of nice wives who loved him, and by all accounts had two lovely children Everything was just handed to [...]

    10. For a guy who was in rehab a shit ton, did copious amounts of drugs, started STP, got back together with STP, did Velvet Revolver, 2 solo albums you would think he would have to say on both I found this book boring, a lot of the pages simply just fillers to make it 238 pages I mean, it is a memoire no If he said I ve basically done so many drugs that I can t remember 7 years when I was a junky, then fine But he didn t I feel he should ve wrote than 3 pages about his brother, and include about [...]

    11. Scott Weiland s newly released memoir, Not Dead Not for Sale, is an interesting, engaging read for fans of Scott and STP it took me just over two hours to finish it When news of a possible memoir came out ten years ago, I was excited for the opportunity to learn about Scott s personal history While the book does cover many areas of Scott s life, it does so at a distance I know that many reviewers are bothered by this, but I don t mind Scott has been exposing his heart and soul in his music for [...]

    12. Blergh Don t bother reading, just listen to the albums Amazing how a guy as famous for his drug use as he is for his music can just gloss over all of the horrible shit and just focus on the wow my love was so unique and incredible I truly AM an artist Which is a shame because considering he is still struggling, he could have shared some of that with his fans All I can say is, I m glad I didn t buy this book, because I would have been pissed about spending the dough.

    13. I was torn between whether to give this three or four stars It wasn t as awesome as I had hoped it would be, but I ultimately went with 4 stars because I love Scotty, and I think that s what really made me enjoy this book so much It was a bit schizophrenic, but so is he It left A LOT of gaps, but that s his prerogative, plus, I m honestly not sure that it s not just that he doesn t remember too much from certain periods of his life Wow, that was a messed up sentence, huh Anyway as I ve seen a fe [...]

    14. Does anybody know how the story really goes, or do we all just hum along Scott Weiland, Big Bang BabyI read this almost in one sitting Not difficult to do, since it s words among pictures, but also because I was engrossed I have been a fan of STP since their beginning and I know I will be a lifelong fan I m glad that Scott is still around to tell his story and make music after all he s been through His life has not been easy by any means, even since childhood He makes no apologies and places no [...]

    15. As a huge fan of both STP and Scott Weiland himself, I loved this book and couldn t put it down The open, honest, no excuses way he leads his life was enlightening, and told much about his struggles with sobriety and relationships He writes with a beautiful poetic prose and includes photographs and lyrics with each chapter.

    16. I love STP and Weiland s solo albums, but this book was too hit and miss for me incredibly HUGE disappointment.

    17. Scott Weiland s memoir is sparely written, but you can feel his pain over his long term struggles with substance abuse He writes of his divided childhood after his parents divorce and how he started drinking and using drugs at a young age He also describes his compulsion to write music and how he knew that if he really put the work into it he would be a musical success and we know he still is, despite all his issues He also describes his intense love for Mary Forsberg, his now ex wife, and her o [...]

    18. Like anything STP related, I devoured this Unfortunately, it was not so nearly well wrought as a Scott Weiland song, and his story would have benefitted from better editing Most notably, there are huge gaps in the story, which I understand is a function of the memoir genre, but filling in those spaces would serve the narrative by allowing the reader to trust and understand Weiland better Additionally, there were a few glaring typographical errors It would also behoove Weiland to quote his own so [...]

    19. I read this memoir in less than a day because it was just that good There is no doubt that Scott Weiland, lead singer for STP and Velvet Revolver two awesome bands , has been through the wringer and most likely always will revisit his demons til the day he dies, but his acceptance of responsibility and his simplistic, yet poignant, way of discussing his life really sat well with me There was no whining and believe me this guy has every right to whine and there is no blame I was highly impressed [...]

    20. It s no secret to rock and alternative fans of the 90s that Scott Weiland is a very talented artist Unfortunately for him, he also struggled through much of his career with addiction and became well known for not only his music but also for and perhaps for ending up in the news for getting busted for drugs I ve always been a fan of STP but it s been frustrating watching Weiland constantly get busted Last year, I read his former wife s Mary Forsberg memoir, which talked about her and Scott s rel [...]

    21. I ll never learn my lesson with two types of books the self destructive memoirs of young women and the self obsessed memoirs of drug addled rock stars Because as it turns out, drug addled rock stars don t know anything other than how it felt to do drugs, how it felt to get clean, how it felt to fall off the wagon, et cetera This frustration was never greater than with Eric Clapton s unbearably irritating autobiography He helped write one of the greatest songs in the history of the world Layla ye [...]

    22. Worth a read for STP fans I enjoyed it despite it s flaws This is a weird feeling book I feel like I skimmed it when I actually read every word I think the reason it feels vague is that Scott s memories are so hazed over by drug and drink, that as you read the tidbits he feeds you, you sort of feel that haze drop over you as well s like you are getting only tiny snapshots of a story I found myself going back a few paragraphs and re reading, trying to figure out if I missed something somewhere Th [...]

    23. After reading this I m fairly certain he is not clean He says he s just an alcoholic and doesn t do the hard stuff, but I question that Not that it matters, but still It really was just a short book of his ramblingse time lines go all over the place and the over all flow of the book is a bit chaotic It s hard to believe he wrote this with the assistance of an author that has such a long list of biographies under his belt I m disappointed in a lot of ways, yet I couldn t stop reading So, I guess [...]

    24. It s strange to call a book about rock and roll and drug addictions fluffy, but that s exactly what this book was to me I was expecting some deep secrets, or even deep revelations like Weiland s ex wife s book, Fall to Pieces Instead it just seemed like fast forwarding through an episode of Behind the Music It was well written, the photographs were interesting, and it was enlightening to learn the stories behind the songs Besides that, I wouldn t recommend this book except to hardcore fans.

    25. I ve been a huge fan of STP, and especially Scott Weiland since the mid 90 s.The book is okay, and gives you some insight to the lyrics of certain songs, but really seems to gloss over most of his life.Interestingly, I read the entire book in one day Most of the pages are half pages, and there are lots of pictures and black pages sprinkled throughout the book.I would probably recommend his ex wife s book than his.

    26. I am a big fan of STP and think Weiland is extremely talented That being said the book kind of seemed to jump around and the chapters were very short which is not a bad thing but it seemed like the book did not flow at all.The material itself was interesting though.

    27. I remember when Scott Weiland died I was checking Twitter before work I saw his name trending, and I thought, Well, if his name is trending that only means one thing He s dead I was right His death was one of those non surprises we all knew it was going to happen That made it worse I ve been wanting to read this book for a long time, because I m a fan of Scott Weiland and STP and Velvet Revolver , and I ve been rooting for him for years As a teen, the 12 Bar Blues album was so important to me It [...]

    28. Sadly, Scott is dead I m a huge STP fan The insight about his addictions was scary and interesting but I wanted details stories about his life I would have liked on the road stories and details about the songs, what they are about, and how they were written etc I have Mary s book which I hope is interesting but is not next up I cannot recommend reading much less buying this book.

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