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Traitor: the Case of Benedict Arnold By Jean Fritz,

  • Title: Traitor: the Case of Benedict Arnold
  • Author: Jean Fritz
  • ISBN: 9780698115538
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • Benedict Arnold always carried things too far As a boy he did crazy things like climbing atop a burning roof and picking a fight with the town constable As a soldier, he was even reckless He was obsessed with being the leader and the hero in every battle, and he never wanted to surrender He even killed his own horse once rather than give it to the enemy Where dBenedict Arnold always carried things too far As a boy he did crazy things like climbing atop a burning roof and picking a fight with the town constable As a soldier, he was even reckless He was obsessed with being the leader and the hero in every battle, and he never wanted to surrender He even killed his own horse once rather than give it to the enemy Where did the extremism lead Arnold To treason America s most notorious traitor is brought to life as Jean Fritz relays the engrossing story of Benedict Arnold a man whose pride, ambition, and self righteousness drove him to commit the heinous crime of treason against the United States during the American Revolution A highly entertaining biography illuminating the personality of a complex man Horn Book A gripping story As compelling as a thriller, the book also shines as history Publishers Weekly An ALA Notable Book A New York Times Book Review Notable Book of the Year A School Library Journal Best Book of the Year An ABA Pick of the Lists A Horn Book Fanfare Title
    Traitor the Case of Benedict Arnold Benedict Arnold always carried things too far As a boy he did crazy things like climbing atop a burning roof and picking a fight with the town constable As a soldier he was even reckless He was obses

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    1. Traitor by Jean Fritz is a very interesting book about Benedict Arnold I feel that this book is an excellent read for any history buff or anyone looking to learn about one of the most famous traitors in American history This book isn t meant to be a thriller but an informative book To understand This review you need to understand that this is a story of Benedict Arnold s life and goes through his childhood and life.The reason I gave this 4 stars is that The story had many facts about Benedict A [...]

    2. Is this a book for a 11 13 year old, or adults I couldn t tell At a level X , I was expecting to learn about Benedict Arnold, instead of reading how the author wends together sentences with opinions and statements I only half understood Yes, the end is interesting, and I could follow it However, the first 3 4 of the nearly 200 page book had me tuning in and out, drowsily plodding on to chapter breaks which never seemed to happen This one should not be in a school book room.

    3. I liked this biography, it included interesting details about Arnold s early life, his difficulty getting along with people, his quest to impress and his craving for a thrill.I also appreciated the author s inclusion of the possible motivation for his treasonous behavior being that he was trying to bring an early end to the war and spare America unnecessary hardship and suffering Whatever his thinking it was clear that Arnold s mind didn t work in quite the same way most minds work.Jean Fritz ob [...]

    4. This was an interesting book, though the battles dragged on and on with details I didn t care about The other part I didn t love was the main character obviously being Benedict Arnold I wanted to like him because he was the main character, but I didn t was to like him either because he betrayed our country and was altogether a dislikable person It drives me crazy, though, when I can t decide whether or not I like a character The book did present the information well, and aside from the battle sc [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this detailed account of Benedict Arnold and his life as a hero and a traitor There seemed so many points where if he had been treated differently he could have been one of our greatest heroes I also enjoyed learning about the unfortunate events that led to John Andre being hung as a spy when popular sentiment would have rather traded him for Arnold Where is the line between prisoner of war and spy

    6. Really interesting to see Benedict Arnold fleshed out and become than his treachery The text gets bogged down with excessive characters and battle details in the middle, but the beginning and end were engaging I read this aloud to my 13yo for school, and we kept thinking how much he sounded like someone we know made it all the interesting

    7. A fascinating study of the life and character of the brilliant Revolutionary War general who deserted to the British for money First half moves quickly to set up the detail of the second half, which deals in detail with his traitorous activities and consequences.

    8. It provides A great insight into Benedict s early,middle,and old years also it tells the reader why he betrayed his own country and who helped him do it.

    9. Traitor The Case of Benedict Arnold by Jean Fritz was an over all OK book This was definitely not the best book i ve read, but what can you expect from a biography I really enjoy the books that contain stories and tales, not so much the factual type If there really was a second book in the series I would have turned it down.This biography takes place in the revolutionary war A young boy named Benedict Arnold goes on many wild adventures as a boy, and was only interested in being a hero as a sold [...]

    10. I remember when I first learned that Benedict Arnold had actually been a hero of the Revolutionary War and how surprised I was While normally I have little to criticize in a book by Jean Fritz Just a Few Words, Mr Lincoln the story of the Gettysburg Address is one of my all time favorites , I did not expect the author to basically characterize Arnold as a jerk from the get go There seemed to be very little balance in how he was presented The most valuable part of the book, for me, would be its p [...]

    11. The book tells an interesting story of Benedict Arnold from his youth all the way to the moment of betrayal Benedict Arnold was an astounding leader as he proved by several successful attacks on British Forts for the Americans, but other people took his credit and Benedict Arnold was never repaid the money he had used on war efforts Due to this, Benedict Arnold defected to the British Army, but before doing so he planned to surrender a fort to the British This plot was revealed, however, and Ben [...]

    12. A review from my old blogI had to double check on this book when I started reading because I assumed, rightly as it turned out, that this book is a children s book This book does not read like any children s history book that I have ever read.I enjoyed the book, do not get me wrong I actually learned a lot about the man known as probably the greatest traitor in American history, though technically I do not think he actually was such.The book is well written and most probably aimed at an upper mi [...]

    13. history read aloud with Caleb The first half of the book was like 3 stars for me, as Jean established the character of Benedict Arnold and set up the story I really enjoyed the last 3rd the best, so I gave it 4 stars I found it interesting that the US still has some monuments and inscriptions that honor things Benedict did in his early years in the service, but they only show dates and not his name, as he was so disliked he was erased from American history I felt Jean did a great job in her res [...]

    14. Traitor is a juvenile biography of Benedict Arnold, the general who ironically made American history by switching over to the British side of the war in 1779 The book was an enjoyable read, giving enough detail to not only tell Arnold s life story but also to make me want to read about the politics and society during the Revolutionary War Benedict Arnold himself was quite a character Ms Fritz portrays him with some sympathy but never really holds him up as anything like a hero.

    15. I found this book to be quite informative I didn t know specifics about the man, Benedict Arnold This book brought him to life He was most definitely a misunderstood person This book would be great for anyone who wants to learn all about Benedict Arnold, or who likes to read about the Revolutionary War.

    16. Although Ms Fritz is a youth author, the making of Benedict Arnold is a fascinating, powerful study of how a young man, who considers himself a patriot, becomes, through his narcisissm, a traitor to the country he claims to love It will fascinate any reader, no matter how young or old you are.

    17. This book has a lot of detail in it about the Revolutionary war battles and skirmishes If you are not a fan of this topic, it might be a bit of work to get through this book For my youth reading this book for their homeschool curriculum, he enjoyed it Well written as Jean Fritz s books typically are.

    18. Wow I would say this is one of the best biographies I ve read of great historical moments Arnold s character was brought to life and I have a clearer understanding of the American Revolution than I ve ever had before.

    19. I think that the first chapters like 1 4 are ok but after that it just gets extremely boring and leaves you wondering why did I choose this book Overall if you really wanted to read this book, it has some good information but you just have to dig around.

    20. It s definitely geared towards late elementary or early middle school kids The author delves into the reasons behind Arnold s treason It explains his actions without judging them Not bad for a quick read.

    21. Ever heard the story of Benedict Arnold Ever know the real meaning behind his reasons to become a traitor This book will open it all up to become easy to understand and comprehend while still learning the story about the twisted mind of Benedict Arnold.

    22. I loved this book because when I was younger I was taught Benedict Arnold was a horrible traitor and so forth but when I read this it showed me things from his perspective, it was a very good book that all children should read to understand that history is always two sided.

    23. I liked this book Not having read any other books about Benedict Arnold, I don t know whether or not this is a best book about him, but I really enjoyed it.

    24. I m halfway finished with this one It is about war than I care to read, but it is informative about the war period.

    25. Just finished previewing this one for my kids What an amazing story Fritz does a great job of making history accessible for younger readers.

    26. A little dry, but interesting in parts Learned about a person in history that I certainly had heard of but didn t know much about.

    27. A solidly researched kid s biography of Benedict Arnold, which intrigued me enough that I may do a little reading about some of the others I encountered in the book.

    28. I liked it except for when it follows other characters around instead of following around Benedict Arnold.

    29. I grew up in the Hudson Valley and have always known about Arnold, Clinton, Andre, Peggy Shippen and the great chain but this book by Jean Fritz brought all the pieces together.

    30. Every child deserves to read Jean Fritz books Well researched, a touch of humor and fascinating small facts I continue to love history because of Fritz s writing.

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