[EPUB] ✓ A History of Israel: From the Rise of Zionism to Our Time (Second Edition, Revised and Updated) | By ↠ Howard M. Sachar

A History of Israel: From the Rise of Zionism to Our Time (Second Edition, Revised and Updated) By Howard M. Sachar,

  • Title: A History of Israel: From the Rise of Zionism to Our Time (Second Edition, Revised and Updated)
  • Author: Howard M. Sachar
  • ISBN: 9780679765639
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
    A History of Israel From the Rise of Zionism to Our Time Second Edition Revised and Updated Second Edition Revised and Expanded

    One thought on “A History of Israel: From the Rise of Zionism to Our Time (Second Edition, Revised and Updated)”

    1. It is very difficult to accurately and comprehensively analyse this work.The fact is that Sachar go s out of his way to be even handed, which leads to a dilemma in itself.The truth is that one cannot be objective in a conflict where it is clear to any fair minded and honest observer who the agressors are and always have been The Jews peacefully returned to their ancient land, and for nearly a century the Arabs have been trying to drive them into the sea.There are times when I am uncomfortable wi [...]

    2. At one point in this sprawling history, Sachar suggests one root of the Arab Israeli conflict is that early Zionist settlers in Palestine simply forgot to take serious notice of the Arabs already living on the land, and never reckoned with them until it was too late This is an error Sachar is eager to repeat in his narrative history of the birth and troubled life of Israel That flaw aside, A History of Israel is an indispensable primer on the history of the country from Herzl to the Second Leban [...]

    3. Reading this book is like asking someone for some water, and then having your house flooded I tried to stick with this book, but it s so verbose and minutely detailed, that in the end one is unable to pull out, or care about, the important details While I am confident that this is the definitive source on the subject, the text is barely readable It s worthwhile as a reference book, little .

    4. Essential for anyone trying to form intelligent opinions about the Middle East, Israel, and our world today.

    5. I am giving this book four stars because I do not know the subject well enough to be sure that the author s judgements are sound in all areas I would not be surprised if in fact this book merited an additional star because it is indeed very impressive The strength of this book is its one weakness, it is extremely detailed and thus very long For many readers who are only marginally interested in the topic, Sachar s work may in fact be too long However, it is very rewarding for perseverant reader [...]

    6. Though it had earlier antecedents, modern Zionism arose from the antisemitic reaction following Russian Czar Alexander II s assassination, which frustrated the aspirations of assimilationist Jewish liberals Living in a dense and traditional Jewish milieu, Eastern Jews sought a Jewish cultural transformation that was absent from the Zionism of Western Jewries, who remained liberal and assimilationist This came to a head in the dispute between Chaim Weizmann and Louis Brandeis in some ways, the di [...]

    7. Left me with a much better idea of how the area ended up in its current state A little too much detail within Israel and could have used a little on international relationships hard to understand why various countries were or were not selling Israel weapons at various times, for example Chronology also a bit confusing, and really needs a language update in a few places.

    8. The second edition of the book A History of Israel ends at Rabin s assassination 1995 , but is otherwise one of the most comprehensive history books I have come across I m very pleased that I managed to finish it before going to visit Israel For those who want a shorter read, I would suggest Daniel Gordis s Israel A Concise History of a Nation Reborn.

    9. I refuse to take the bits and pieces of information the news has to offer as my source of knowledge What is the position of the Zionist people What adversities have they suffered through and no matter what, does a religious group have the right to occupy land to establish their own country This book won t answer all my questions but it will give me some of the foundation I need to help me find my own answers.

    10. A very comprehensive history of the Zionist movement Hard to read because of the extensive detail and because it doesn t always follow events chronologically Helped me validate my views about the Israeli Palestinian situation.

    11. You really need to be concentrated to read this 1K pages book Get your papers and pencils ready for notes You also will need to know a bit of the Zionism history before starting this book.

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