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Tiare in Bloom: A Novel By Célestine Hitiura Vaite,

  • Title: Tiare in Bloom: A Novel
  • Author: Célestine Hitiura Vaite
  • ISBN: 9780316114677
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
  • Now that Materena is a big star with her radio talk show, Pito can t help noticing some changes in his wife She s spending and time at work and with her girlfriends instead of coming home to cook for him And why does a Tahitian woman need to know how to drive, anyway He tries to shrug it off, but when Materena gives him the silent treatment and doesn t come hoNow that Materena is a big star with her radio talk show, Pito can t help noticing some changes in his wife She s spending and time at work and with her girlfriends instead of coming home to cook for him And why does a Tahitian woman need to know how to drive, anyway He tries to shrug it off, but when Materena gives him the silent treatment and doesn t come home after a night of dancing, Pito has had enough How is he supposed to fix things with Materena when she doesn t even give him a chance Luckily for Pito, his opportunity comes when a threemonth old girl named Tiare rud to be their son Tomatoa s daughter is left on the Mahis doorstep Anxious to pull his weight and set things right, Pito embarks on a hilarious and noble mission to prove himself to his granddaughter, his wife, and most importantly himself TIARE IN BLOOM is the heartwarming story of a couple facing big changes on a small island and a love that outlasts it all.
    Tiare in Bloom A Novel Now that Materena is a big star with her radio talk show Pito can t help noticing some changes in his wife She s spending and time at work and with her girlfriends instead of coming home to cook for

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    1. I think Tiare in Bloom is the best of the three books What a great message in this story It s about love, caring, being responsible and how important it is to listen to those you love.I love the character of Matarena She is lucky to have such wonderful women in her life I think with out them, she d of killed Pito long ago It can t be easy to love a guy like Pito He is such an insensitive macho jerk, but finally he comes around to being the father and husband he was meant to be, with a little hel [...]

    2. This is even better than the last one You see Vaite become really polished as a comedic author Pito and Matarena are now GRANDPARENTS and Pito is overwhelmingly in love with his new granddaughter Vaite hits her full stride here in another charmer Her writing style is one of those complex looks simple but isn t and she has a wonderful sense of voice It s stuck with me in a good way for the last few days, and I think I may need to buy the trilogy to have on my shelf for when I need a feel good rea [...]

    3. Light and fluffy It was by no means an original story woman does all the work, man realizes he s lazy, yada yada I wouldn t recommend it, but I got through it without much effort.

    4. Celestine Vaite is so gifted Her style of writing is easy to follow, especially as she had to do a lot of translating to accurately portray the way in which things would be discussed in the islands This is the third and final part to her three part series, and it is a must read for pacific islanders especially You ll laugh your way through the pages as comment after comment remind you of your own upbringing.

    5. How much did I enjoy this book THIS MUCH Set in Tahiti, it is full of lovable characters, practical wisdom and infused with the atmosphere of the island I ve never read anything set there before, and will be seeking out other books from this author I understand this is her 3rd.

    6. Another great book I loved it I love the escape back to island life and Materena Mahi will go down as one of my very favorite characters.

    7. I found the story of Materna and Pito to be very charming It was a easy, light read and quick to finish When I pick up this book, I was unaware that it was apart of a series but that was not a problem.

    8. J aime ce livre grand comme a Tiare est le troisi me tome de la s rie Materena, de l auteure australo tahitienne C lestine Hitiura Vaite Si, dans les premiers tomes, l auteure avait principalement voqu des figures f minines, travers l volution du personnage de Materena, femme de m nage professionnelle, et des femmes de son entourage, dans l Arbre pain , puis en explorant les relations m re fille avec le personnage de la fille de Materena, Leilani, c est pr sent l homme de la maison qui tient le [...]

    9. This was a nice fun chick lit type of book Thaitian style Often chick lit can get a bit too serious, but this covered drama in a way that was enjoyable to read.The story is the 2 or 3rd in a series but I read it in isolation library didn t have the others and I found it fine but maybe I ve spoiled the first books It was also from a male perspective as well as the female which always seems to be a bit of a novelty in these types of books.My mother in law is Cook Islander and I am thinking of buyi [...]

    10. Pito s redemption in this book actually brought tears to my eyes, and I am glad Viate showed he had a good after all When I was 13 and many people I knew were fascinated with MTV, I was obsessed with the South Pacific Seriously, one day I have to travel to Tahiti because I am enad with the descriptions of what I have read and seen on video, and Viate writes of the people with such warmth I love the Polynesian philosophy of life in general, and the Tahitian one in particular, so this book was def [...]

    11. 2009 bookcrossing commentsThis is the next few years ongoing after the book Frangipani It s just like a family saga really the usual fights and make up, family problems, etc etc So it s nothing new in that respect But the characters are what make this book and keep you hooked It s an easy, relaxed kind of writing that makes you feel like you re visiting your best friend Kind of the same effect as you get with the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency You just want to escape to Taihiti.

    12. This is what I expect from a novel, to open up new horizens, new doors I have been exposed to a new environment, new people, new realities I can say with assurance that I have feeled the complexities of the inner self of two middle age parents and have lived their day to day life The story is engaging but the writting is not elaborated enough and deep Overal, easy and fun to read.

    13. i like it was light n sweet with humour thrown in between talked a great deal about tahitian way of lifeench tahitian offspringsifting gender resposibilities all done beautifully with a delicate touch of a woman but even the men are a wee bit feminine in this novelough really likeable and that adds to its charmry readable

    14. this story will make you feel good i read way too much serious stuff i wish this author wrote one novel for every year that way i could constantly read about her tahitian sagas that feel wonderful to experience so much heart in her writing, i think she is currently my favorite author start with breadfruit before this book there is a lot of joy and humor survival in all her novels.

    15. Simply love this hilarious, passionate, hot series flavoured with humour in the middle of the tropical island of Tahiti Celestine Vaite has become one of my favourite authors with her heart warming story telling Her series will bring me joy through winter I ve got nothing negative to say, simply BUENO.

    16. I loved this book and the others in the series They remind me that the human experience is similar no matter what the setting I really enjoy the writing, kind of quirky and blunt but warm and funny This isn t extremely deep literature but really enjoyable reading I m anxiously awaiting another book from Celestine Hitiura Vaite

    17. Definitely in the vein of No 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Tiare is an amusing and delightful tale about a Tahitian family and is an easy, enjoyable read It is the second book in the Materena Mahi series by Celestine Hitiura Vaite, but not having read the first one did not detract at all from this story You ll read this with a smile on your face.

    18. this trilogy is published all topsy turvey and out of sequence in the u.s but this book the third in u.s sequence, the second in over seas publications was very good it was a quick read and told largely from a male perspective which was interesting given the female voice in the first two.

    19. just started reading Light weight diversion, social drama dy based in Tahiti French influence in language is interesting, can relate to culture from my upbringing, and very similar to Hawaiian experience Good beach book.

    20. This book really had me I get so attached to these characters I also love all of the language stuff, so it sucks me right in.

    21. A really nice book like the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series Didn t realize that it is the third in a series, but it was a good stand alone book as well.

    22. Slimink rentalMade no journal entries for this book, but enjoyed it Similar to No 1 Ladies Detective Agency in style Engaging, quirky, slightly repetitious.

    23. Vaite said herself that this was the most enjoyable of her series to write, and it read that way The characters seemed alive and vibrant I loved watching Pito s transformation.

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