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No Man's Mistress By Mary Balogh,

  • Title: No Man's Mistress
  • Author: Mary Balogh
  • ISBN: 9780440243236
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The dark, devastating stranger rode into the village fair and wagered twenty pounds at the throwing booth for a chance to win the daisies in Viola Thornhill s hair The Gypsy fortune teller had warned Beware of a tall, dark, handsome stranger He can destroy you if you do not first snare his heart Recklessly Viola flirted, then danced with him around the Maypole AnThe dark, devastating stranger rode into the village fair and wagered twenty pounds at the throwing booth for a chance to win the daisies in Viola Thornhill s hair The Gypsy fortune teller had warned Beware of a tall, dark, handsome stranger He can destroy you if you do not first snare his heart Recklessly Viola flirted, then danced with him around the Maypole And then came his delicate, delicious kiss Viola did not regret that she had let down her guard until the next morning, when he appeared at her door to claim her beloved Pinewood Manor Lord Ferdinand Dudley won her home in a game of cards Viola hated him for trying to take everything, including her soul She was mistress of Pinewood Manor Yet Dudley refused to leave, even as his conscience rebelled at compromising this beautiful innocent whose only proof of ownership was a dead earl s promise Dudley held the deed, but at what cost Each day under the same roof brought its share of temptation, intimacy, and guilt But Viola knew it was a battle she could not afford to lose Marriage was out of the question, and she would be no man s mistress Even as Dudley s unnerving presence, his knowing smile, threatened to melt her resolve.Against his better judgment, Lord Ferdinand Dudley was beguiled This maddening beauty had stirred him as no woman had before And he was bound and determined to make her his own.
    No Man s Mistress The dark devastating stranger rode into the village fair and wagered twenty pounds at the throwing booth for a chance to win the daisies in Viola Thornhill s hair The Gypsy fortune teller had warned

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    1. For the past two years Viola Thornhill life has been peaceful and calm After picking up the pieces of her life and starting anew, Viola s life seems almost perfect Until she meets a handsome stranger at a May Day celebration and is warned by a fortuneteller there, to beware of him as he could destroy her life if she doesn t snare his heart first Not taking the warning to heed, Viola finds herself attracted to this stranger and at the end of the fair, kisses from him Thinking nothing of this str [...]

    2. I can t believe I m giving this 1 star A 1 star for a Balogh I just, I m in a state of shock I bought this because I wanted to read something that would be steady and reliable I wasn t expecting fireworks I just wanted enjoyment Instead, there was this And I paid FIVE ENGLISH POUNDS Which, since Brexit, is about 15786 I jest for effect, but really.Oh boy Nothing about this worked for me Spoilers ahead, I m not warning bracketing them because, frankly, if I can steer you away from reading this I [...]

    3. Too much stupidity I hated it Viola did too many stupid things which ruined the story for me.She was the illegitimate daughter of an Earl who promised her ownership of an estate view spoiler When he died she moved there, but she never went after the paperwork to prove her rights to it When Ferdinand later arrived and claimed it, she refused to leave even though he appeared to have legal rights, which I felt was wrong of her at that time Later she offered him a wager that if she could seduce him [...]

    4. Ummmm love,love,loved it This story just grabbed me and took me along Other reviewers have given story details I think so I m just going to say I really wasn t expecting the two surprises Mary Balogh has given us with this story, and they made it all the special for me A great story and a nice romance.

    5. I v decided, I m In love with Mary Balogh even though Julie Garwood would still remain my first love XDFerdinand was a totally different type of Hero s that usually come my way, I loved him instantly, he was so sweet and adorable especially when I knew that he was one of the few men who are virgins, he was so cute then He s the smiley cheery and cheeky type of guy, he s the type that you just can t help but like, that s why I liked his efforts with the villagers , I sided with him since the begi [...]

    6. Ya s qu le hizo falta a esta novela momentos de felicidad A ver, Jocely y Jane tuvieron esa semana id lica donde eran tremendamente adorables y charlaban un mont n, y se re an tranquilos y las preocupaciones al menos no traspasaban las paredes Ferdinand y Viola no tienen nada de eso Ella en el primer cap tulo se muestra como alguien alegre, despreocupada, sencilla, casi feliz Cuando llega Ferdinand se vuelve amargada, infeliz, rencorosa, en constante sufrimiento No encuentro en esta novela ning [...]

    7. Ferdinand Dudley is pleased to win a small estate while playing at cards But when he visits his new mansion, he finds the supposedly deserted property already has a resident a young, beautiful, and demure woman named Viola Thornhill Viola is as sure that the property is hers as he is that it s his, and she sets out to prove to him that he wouldn t be comfortable in the country To her consternation, the interloper laughs off the badly cooked food, roosters at dawn, and smoky rooms, and even wins [...]

    8. This was a enemies to lovers historical with an unexpected twist and fair to moderate drama I do not enjoy the enemies first trope bc it makes me uncomfortable I m a fan of the chase not the bickering The twist and the drama were a bit convoluted A relatively simple storyline suddenly became bumpy It wasn t poorly done but again this isn t my favorite kind of story As always the characters were on point MB makes them lovable warts and all And huge props to her for a story where the heroine saves [...]

    9. The Duke s brother, Lord Ferdinand Dudley wins a house in a card game, and hies off to have a look aroundopping only briefly the day before to have a fit of sport at the village fair and a stolen kiss with a country miss.Unfortunately, when he arrives at his newly acquired property he finds he has a sitting tenant, Viola Thornhill who maintains that the deceased Earl of Bamber had left her the property in his will she refuses to leave and so does Ferdinand who s in the right Some nice little fun [...]

    10. Ferdinand won a manor house in a card game The person he won it from failed to mention that someone is living in it When he shows up to claim the house, he is surprised to find Viola Thornhill and even surprised when she refuses to leave The beginnings of this book had me thinking it was going to be a standard meet cute with love following Instead there was a great twist that sent the plot off in an interesting direction Those parts were great The ending got a bit long winded, and like the othe [...]

    11. Lord Ferdinand has won a small country property, Pinewood, in a game of cards The day he goes to check it out he finds the town is very quaint and enjoys himself at a carnival It is there he meets a very beautiful and mysterious woman The next morning he arrives at Pinewood expecting a run down property and instead finds it thriving and occupied by the very same mystery woman, Viola Thornhill Ms Thornhill is a woman of many secrets and refuses to leave her home, but Ferdinand believes he has won [...]

    12. After being disappointed by my first MB novel, which was a re release, I decided to give her another try and chose this book from the library at random There is a world of difference in the quality of writing and I thoroughly enjoyed this book.It starts off in a light hearted vein and progressively gets angsty and heartfelt I liked the way you don t find out until later what Viola s dark past is and how puzzle peices into her motives keep falling into place There were a couple times I got frust [...]

    13. Contains SPOILERS I m new to the historical genre, but I have to say that this has been the MOST FRUSTRATING read I have ever had so far view spoiler I wasn t happy when I found out Viola was a courtesan, but I was willing to overlook it Shortly after, she began using her courtesan character against Ferdinand I began to dislike her until she mentioned that the courtesan came out of her and she didn t realize it It was just an uncomfortable story from that point I didn t dislike her any, I actual [...]

    14. I Wanted to Like It More Than I DidNO MAN S MISTRESS is the second book in the Mistress Trilogy It is the story of Lord Ferdinand Dudley who wins an estate in a card game only to find out that it is already inhabited by Viola Thornhill, who insists that the estate is hers The two match series over the estate Viola, however, harbors dark secrets and a painful past that leaves her alone.I really wanted to like this book, but I never really liked Viola She was too much of an enigma throughout the b [...]

    15. Review I loved Viola and her principles she refuses to marry Ferdinand because it would pull him down, but at the same time, I loved Ferdinand for not caring what the ton thought It was two halves that blended really well together I found it a little slow in the middle, but the beginning and the end were truly gripping to find out in what way Kirby would get his comeuppance, and how the relationship would progress.Genre Historical Fiction RomanceCharacters Viola Thornhill Ferdinand Dudley Jocely [...]

    16. Such a sweet story She has a past with a Dark Secret which she won t share with him He s afraid of relationships after seeing how awful his parents marriage was.Balogh is such a talented writer that she can make this somewhat tired story line look very polished Viola and Lord Ferdinand Dudley are well drawn characters Viola s split personality makes her relationship with Dudley operate on two levels It is fun to watch as Dudley falls for both of them.It was interesting that Dudley was a virgin y [...]

    17. This was a solid 3 star book, except when we got to the end and all the tired prostitution tropes got trotted out once with feeling.And then, there was my least favorite romance device I know you re SAYING, my sweet daffodil, but I know that you MEAN something else I can SEE it with my SPECIAL EYES Blech.

    18. I expected lightness with Ferdinand Dudley s story than his brother s the Duke of Tresham and I was both right and wrong Ferdie s and Viola s story has pathos and light An elegant tale Rich and satisfying.

    19. This book was fun, but not as good as the first in the series Of course, the author s work is better than most others even on a bad day.

    20. Slightly slow beginning but than makes up for it sfter a few chapters Thank you as usual Ms Balough for a great read.

    21. ok, me acabo de terminar este y creo que es espectacular, primero quiero decir que lo le la semana evaluaciones de mi escuela, yo estaba en un estado de depresi n o mas bien sigo en un estado de depresi n y No Man s Mistress era como una luz al final de la obscuridad osea logro distraerme completamente de mi realidad, en si le doy un 4.80 y si no le di las 5 estrellas es por que Viola se me hizo demasiado necia, yo estaba como Por Dios Anda De una vez cu ntale todo jaja.De acuerdo empezare, esta [...]

    22. I like Mary Balogh s world it feels a little rounded than that of many other Regency writers, as it acknowledges non standard heroines they aren t always virgins, and some of them have experimented quite a bit , and some non standard heroes who are not necessarily born with a sense of honour, but may achieve it But, on the whole, it s a world that operates loosely according to historical probability This book is, however, a rare flop The first part of plot is well rehearsed in other reviews and [...]

    23. Pas facile de donner un avis sur un roman quand on risque d en spoiler la majeure partie, et je ne voudrais pas vous g cher le plaisir de la d couverte, surtout que la pr sentation de la 4 me de couverture est plus qu all g e, et n en dit que tr s peu.Sans entrer dans les d tails, donc, je dirais que ce roman plaira, certainement On y retrouve toute la palette talentueuse de Mary Balogh, bien quilibr e, entre son criture fouill e, son sc nario riche, ses personnages d velopp s et attachants.Elle [...]

    24. 4.5 stars I one hundred percent believe this unbelievable story The turn around in the social view of Viola is extremely unlikely in reality, but the story is written in such an emotionally connected, believably developed human way, I am utterly convinced And it isn t saccharine, thank god, at the end And the sex scenes, which come after supreme build up, are intriguing instead of cliche, how refreshing What wins my heart The hero and heroine Ferdinand is a delight a rare hero in historical roma [...]

    25. Ferdinand MADE this book for me His brother may be the epitome of the alpha, brooding male and Ferdinand may be completely opposite of him, but he is just as manly and sexy Jocelyn is the perfect type of man to read in a story, that makes Ferdinand the perfect type of man for me in real life If there was a man like him around me I d probably swoon He s charming, silly funny, intelligent, caring, giving, sexy, NOT a man whore which is AWESOME still has that raw masculinity beating the man who hur [...]

    26. Llevaba tiempo sin leer nada de Mary Balogh Me hab a desencantado de la autora sin saber muy bien las razones, as que despu s de tanto tiempo me anim a probar algo suyo de nuevo, y el resultado final ha sido m s que satisfactorio Comenc la novela sin expectativas, las primeras parec an indicar que se iba a tratar de una novela sencilla y agradable, pero seg n fui avanzando en la trama y descubr el secreto de Viola, la protagonista, mi opini n cambi bastante.Lord Ferdinand ha ganado en una partid [...]

    27. da sognipensieriparoleIl secondo volume della trilogia dedicata ai fratelli Dudley Lord Tresham, Ferdinand e Angeline vede come protagonista Ferdinand, il figlio cadetto, il quale, pur amabile, risulta una figura inevitabilmente messa in ombra dal mitico fratellone non a caso, ogni volta che Tresham riappare in scena in un inaspettata e deliziosa veste casalinga , alle prese con neonati, coliche e ruttini tutta la trama sembra riprendere vita.Alla fine ne risulta una storia d a tiepida e davvero [...]

    28. This book has a big plot twist and I did not see it coming The premise seemed straight forward and I was very aggravated at how things were playing out I hated the hero and I found myself wound up like a top with frustration Then As the story unfolds, I became frustrated with the heroine s decisions SIDE NOTE It drives me nuts when authors implore secrets and misunderstandings to add momentum for the climax of the story I much prefer a direct shot to the conclusion maybe add a secondary plot cli [...]

    29. Another reread of an older HR paperback from my bookshelf It s book 2, and I read it straight after rereading book 1 It works well that way for these two books, although it could be read as a standalone Ferdinand is Tresh s from the first book younger brother Tall, dark and hot He wins a country estate in a card game, although he s not usually a gambler When he arrives to take possession, he finds Viola already living there And she thinks it s her property There are a few twists and turns in the [...]

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