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Angelic By Kelley Armstrong Maurizio Manzieri,

  • Title: Angelic
  • Author: Kelley Armstrong Maurizio Manzieri
  • ISBN: 9781596063808
  • Page: 256
  • Format: ebook
  • As a half demon master of the dark arts, Eve Levine isn t what anyone would call angelic That s exactly why the Fates chose her for the job She s their secret weapon against the forces of evil However after five years, Eve is tired of being the designated rebel of the angel corps, expected to break the rules, then penalized for it When the leaderless djinn stage an uprAs a half demon master of the dark arts, Eve Levine isn t what anyone would call angelic That s exactly why the Fates chose her for the job She s their secret weapon against the forces of evil However after five years, Eve is tired of being the designated rebel of the angel corps, expected to break the rules, then penalized for it When the leaderless djinn stage an uprising, Eve sees the perfect chance to get herself fired As she plunges deeper into the demon world, though, she realizes she s in danger of losing a lot than her job.
    Angelic As a half demon master of the dark arts Eve Levine isn t what anyone would call angelic That s exactly why the Fates chose her for the job She s their secret weapon against the forces of evil However

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    1. Angelic is like the Holy Grail for fans of Kelley Armstrong s Otherworld series It was released in January of 2010 as a limited release novella If you didn t order one of these in advance, you were out of luck They were sold out before the release day But now, it s available on ebook, so most of us are getting our first look at the story It focuses on Eve, the ghost angel who narrated Haunted She is just coming off of a six month stint on angel duty, and expected to spend the next 6 months on th [...]

    2. I m going to start by saying that I love Kelley Armstrong s Women of the Otherworld series Love it I have ridiculous amounts of love for it I would shower it with rose petals if I could And if it didn t make me sound like a creepy stalker Having said that, I m going to go out on a limb here and say that if you haven t read the WotO series and you decide to dive into this book anyway you re going to be wondering who all these wonderful characters are.The book itself is a fun little ride with Eve [...]

    3. I love Kelley Armstrong s Women of the Otherworld novels, but I m not a huge fan of special limited edition novels or books They are usually books that you pay a good deal of money for and can t really carry around with you for fear of damaging the book.Thankfully, I didn t have that problem with Angelic by Kelley Armstrong It s short, just under one hundred pages, so it was an hours worth of glorious reading I enjoyed it so much that I read it two times in a row.In Angelic, Armstrong returns to [...]

    4. This is a novella set in the Women of the Otherworld universe, starring Eve Although my favorites are the wolves especially Jeremy , I do like Eve, so I was glad to see she was the focus of this story I think this is a great little stand alone story, and though it s hard to tell exactly when it was intended to come, I d guess sometime after Living with the Dead This was a nice little look at Eve and her life after the events of Haunted with several other character cameos thrown in although not g [...]

    5. First Read 4 2010 Audiobook Angelic is set five years after Haunted Eve Levine is tired of her job and is thinking about getting herself fired while handling the newest job the fates have set forth for her A quick read, but I ve always thought Eve was an interesting character and it was nice to read a little about her There was a little interaction with Christophe, Jeremy Jaime as well.I look forward to checking out Counterfeit Magic, Paige s Novella coming out later this year.Re Read 6 2017 Ki [...]

    6. This is an Eve Levine short story in Armstrong s Otherworld series As with all of Ms Armstrong s work, it is well written, has great character development, excellent dialogue, is fast paced, action packed, and an all around good read Eve is about to take off for a well deserved vacation with her afterlife significant other She works as an angel for 6 months out of the year doing jobs for the Fates The Fates call her back to work for one little job Eve agrees, but secretly plots for a way to bre [...]

    7. I listened to the audio of this novella today It wasn t bad but it isn t something you have to read as part of the series It s an Eve book set 5 years after Haunted I would have rather had the book so I could look at the illustrations but I wasn t savvy enough to figure out this was a limited edition I learned my lesson, I ve pre ordered the next one, Counterfeit Magic a Paige book featuring Savannah which Kelley has promised will be even better and longer.

    8. Eve isn t one of my favorites in this series, but after this little story she does come off better In the past she has seemed very selfish and not really cared for anyone other than herself and her daughter With her new job as an Angel for half of the year Eve pushes the boundaries to get her job done Her bosses, the fates, seem to know this and seem to pander to that with the jobs they give her Of course they don t want to acknowledge it so all things must be done while all involved ignore it, [...]

    9. I love the Otherworld books so am always happy to ready anything about the various characters from Kelley Armstrong Eve Levine is a great character to get a story from.The reading was ok but the voice was really not right for this book It sounded like a nice polite old lady rather than a kickass former dark witch turned angel It just wasn t strong and confident enough for Eve.

    10. Quick story about an angel who is part demon and assigned to work for the three fates as a kind of private eye trouble fixing This girl has one big attitude which makes for an interesting read Not much depth to the story but a fun read.

    11. Fast paced, lighter farePart of the Otherworld series, this is of a light hearted romp for Kelley Armstrong Her various stories series each have a different level of light and dark Eve Levine, while capable of being pitchy black, is shown as someone who is loyal, smart, and tricksy Here we have just another investigation in the nether realms Eve is dead and working for The Fates, while planning a piratical play date with Kris I do wish there was bite to this character, but I went with 4 stars [...]

    12. A novelette about Eve and Kristof A week after she s supposed to have been on vacation the fates send her on another mission dealing with the Jinn But Eve protests and tired of being an angel determines to get herself fired.Loved it It was exciting, complicated and funny.Fave scene the Great Library of Alexandria and the final negotiations with the fates.

    13. Eve has had it with the Fates after being coerced into a mission during her vacation Eve faces off with a Djinn.

    14. ANGELIC Otherworld Series Novella by Kelley ArmstrongANGELIC by Kelley Armstrong is a novella focusing on Eve Levine, the demon witch daughter of Lord Demon Baal, mother of Savannah and lover to Cabal heir Kristof Nash only she is a part time ghost and part time Angel Working for the Fates 6 months of the year, Eve s latest assignment will have her discover that the latest djinn uprising is well organized and powered by an angelic force once thought to be a friend The djinn Dantalian wants early [...]

    15. Eve is a part time angel She s just finished her six month stint as a celestial being, and is looking forward to spending the rest of the year with her boyfriend, Kris Unfortunately, the fates have other plans for her, and are sending her on one last job Eve is furious, ready to quit her position, or get herself fired But when her last minute job turns out to be complicated than expected, Eve has much bigger things to worry about than her employment.Angelic is a short novella that takes place i [...]

    16. Angelic is a novella set in the Women of the Otherworld universe and occurs somewhere between Living with the Dead and Frostbitten Whilst you can read the main novels without the shorter works, I don t think these novellas work by themselves and will contain spoilers for the series Originally, it was only available as a limited edition hardback through Subterranean, but has recently been released as an ebook for those that missed out I m still a little sad that this is the only book missing fro [...]

    17. My ThoughtsI bought this months ago and sadly it s been sat on my shelf neglected until last night where I sucked it up in less than a hour before before bed Now, I love Kelley Armstrong I ve said it so much that I probably border on the line of obsessed But Kelley has a such a way of crafting absorbing characters and fantastic urban settings that it s enough to leave you hanging for once you finish reading your first book.Eve is one of my favourite of Armstrong s characters She and I didn t st [...]

    18. Eve is my favorite Otherworld narrator and any story with her is guaranteed to be fun This story was no exception Eve is fed up with her position as part time angel Sure, the job has its perks she s got unlimited access to almost all realms, she can speak any language fluently and then there is that cool sword too But Eve has her own way of doing a job and that usually entails breaking or at least bending the rules Which leads to the Fates being perpetually pissed off with her Which makes asking [...]

    19. ahhhh a short story, with Eve getting ready to start her 6 months ghost time with Kristoff but the Fates want her to do one job to stop the Djinn who are breaking protocol and torturing the humans who call for themEve decides she s going to get herself fired as an angel, she s tired of their shenanigans but first she gets the job done, but not by following the angel instruction book she has her own style, and has cultivated contacts with everyone demon, etc she goes to the Djinn head demon, an [...]

    20. Book Review 1 Treasure BoxEve Levine is an angel, who needs a vacation, but the Fates are determined to keep her at work After Eve died several years ago, she became a celestial bounty hunter She is effective at her job because she is part demon and with her partner is a ghost.Kelley Armstrong has written numerous contemporary novels, 11 books in the Women of the Underworld series, plus several other books, series, anthologies and novellas, including Darkest Powers Darkness Rising and Nadia Staf [...]

    21. I am a huge Kelley Armstrong fan And a huge fan of the Women of the Otherworld series it is probably my favorite adult series.I was never able to get a copy of Angelic it is a limited edition novella So after getting a kindle last week this was one of my first purchases.I enjoy Eve, so I was definitely looking forward to another of her adventures.I enjoyed getting to see some of the other Otherworld characters Although I wish we could have gotten to see of them in the story I do understand thou [...]

    22. Eve Levine, den Women of the Otherworld Lesern aus Haunted Nacht der Geister bekannt, hat eigentlich schon seit einer Woche Urlaub Bevor sie sich jedoch auf den Weg in die Karibik machen kann, bekommt sie einen neuen Job zugeteilt Djinne halten sich nicht mehr an ihre Vertr ge und foltern die Personen, die sie heraufbeschworen haben Eve soll den D mon aufsp ren, der dies veranlasst hat und trifft dabei auf einen alten Bekannten.Viel mehr mag ich zur Story auch nicht sagen, da es sich nur um eine [...]

    23. While Armstrong is an excellent writer, I just have to wonder what kind of situation she experienced during this short story It felt very melancholic Though there were the parts with the Fates that were, oh I don t know, intriguing, funny, and disturbing All at the same time Eve s stories, and appearances in other books have never really been my favorites Though she seems like a very fleshed out character there seems to be that one little spark missing, and I can t exactly figure out what it is [...]

    24. I got the chance to read this book when it was sent on a UK tour by Kelley Armstrong as I was one of many, many fans who didn t pre order the story when it was originally released Since I signed up to for the tour last year the story has now been released as an audio book which I purchased several months ago and is now available as an ebook.I have to confess that I m not at all up to date with the Women of the Otherworld series, in fact I ve still only read the first 2 books which is something I [...]

    25. It was one of those days when you have to leave for your commute in 10 minutes and you are completely out of audiobooks I searched my library s site for an available ipod compatible audiobook to download and it was between this and Amerigo The Man Who Gave His Name to America or some book on reading financial spreadsheets I m sure the spreadsheets book would have been educational, but it sounded like an odd use of audio book commute time Needless to say, my expectations were low This is obvious [...]

    26. Angelic is a companion novella in the Otherworld series, so it s really short and quite a fast read I read it, and I ve never read any of the other books in the series so I don t think you have to, to fully understand what was going on in the book.I enjoyed it, I thought it was something different and it had really interesting characters So, if you love fantasy with angel demon type characters then you might enjoy Angelic.I think that Angelic is a good book to read if you re looking at starting [...]

    27. God do I love Eve Levine She is my Favorite character of ALL time I could read stories about her over and over again Kelley Armstrong weaves an almost intoxocating world of hidden magic Once you start reading the otherworld seris, you are stuck in for the long haul But that s ok because each book is so very good in and of itself Case in point, Angelic This is just a small novel basicly a short story , but is great It is fun and funny with a great plot drive and the awesome Eve and Kristoff inter [...]

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