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A Confederate Girl's Diary By Sarah Morgan Dawson,

  • Title: A Confederate Girl's Diary
  • Author: Sarah Morgan Dawson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • Baton Rouge Native Sarah Faithfully Recorded Her Impressions Of Wartime Louisiana From 10 January 1862 To 15 June 1865.
    A Confederate Girl s Diary Baton Rouge Native Sarah Faithfully Recorded Her Impressions Of Wartime Louisiana From January To June

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    1. A Confederate Girl s Diary published in 1913, by her daughter by Sarah Morgan Dawson 1842 1919 is a remarkable work It paints the civilian life during the Civil War in Louisiana If one considers that Sarah had but a scant 10 months of formal education, it says much for home and self education that many southern girls of the time were forced to follow Her diary wasn t just informative but she succeeds in making mundane daily life on the home front interesting Her personal views of the war and the [...]

    2. A fascinating diary account of the civil war, seen through the eyes of a 20 year old woman, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Her diary really instills the sense of despair as the Confederacy s opposition becomes increasingly futile The entries which dont relate to the war are also very interesting, depicting everyday life in the 1860 s Deep South.The diary is incredibly colorful and heartfelt She was extremely intelligent and I believe she later carved out a very successful career as an author and jour [...]

    3. It would have been such a shame had this journal diary been burnt as Sarah had intended upon her death Thankfully her daughter persuaded her to share her life during this period of history with others The fact that she wrote this so well with only 10 months of formal education was almost unbelievable it was one of the better penned journals from this period I have read to date It was a little difficult to follow in the beginning not knowing who all those she wrote of were just by names because s [...]

    4. This diary was not at all what I expected The title conjured up images of a naive child s impressions of the Civil War Instead I was privileged to read about the experiences of Sarah Morgan s family, friends and herself as they bravely and patriotically endure war This young woman had a remarkably mature command of the English language as well as many additional anecdotes in French Of course the Civil War had to be fought, and of course the Union was destined to win for Providence had determined [...]

    5. Sarah Morgan s diary gives us a unique look at the Civil War, and an opportunity to understand the social values of the day and how it affected women The first book I ve read from the Confederate point of view, it helps me understand the resentment that still lingers in parts of the South today Sarah considered it shameful for a woman to state strong opinions in public, so she filled the pages of her diary with her thoughts and emotions, venting them so that she could maintain a proper demeanor [...]

    6. This book is reportedly a diary that was kept by Sarah Morgan Dawson, a young lady in Louisiana at the time of the Civil War, which was published by her son in the early 20th century Dawson became a published author in her own right long before this diary came to light, and she did have a flair for dramatic storytelling There has been speculation that this diary was written as events unfolded, or if it was written after the fact Regardless of the time of writing and the exact veracity of the his [...]

    7. When you think of the Civil War you automatically think of the soldiers, battles and death Have you ever wondered how the women and families of these brave men handled the situation This is the Diary of a teen aged young woman who lived in Louisiana during the conflict It is her view of the struggle, her feelings bout the men on both sides and her activities along with friends and family as they struggle to keep life as normal as possible.They find it exciting to walk or ride horses to the area [...]

    8. Before reading I had hoped to get an understanding of a typical civilian experience in the South I learned a few new things I had not thought much about how much these civilians would be uprooted and how often they had to move News about the war was not frequent and many times incorrect.I would have liked detail on the mundane tasks of everyday life I would have liked opinions of the politics of the time A historian would have put their experiences in better context with the overall military o [...]

    9. Interesting book Although it may have been editied before being published it is still an informative document It relates the attitudes of people during the Civil War It is also a good description of what life was like in the South at that time.Sarah was a young girl living in Baton Rouge LA at the beginning of the Civil War Sarah relates all the hardships and frustrations of living in a war zone in the late 1800 s Reliable news was almost nonexistant Rumors ran rampant and were almost never accu [...]

    10. Most agreeableBecause it is a personal diary it is confusing at first trying to figure out who is who I found it didn t take long to get into though Sarah was a wonderful writer Puts any diary I ve kept to shame, embarrassing amounts of shame I found her extremely brave, with a feisty spirit You can see within her a feminist spirit, she must live like a lady but her strong patriotic spirit has her secretly expressing her desire to fight along side the men The hardships of the south come alive in [...]

    11. This is a dairy that was saved from the Civil War It contains the daily life of a family whose one son is loyal to the north and the others are fighting for the south In the dairy Sarah describes their running, hearing the cannons and guns near by, taking with them in their running bags their papers and few needs The diary is very educational as to the life of the everyday person in the south It tells how they intermingled with the soldiers and obtained passes to travel about, what they ate and [...]

    12. This first hand account of the life of a Confederate girl is both interesting and a very informative source of historical facts As a Yankee myself, I have tended to hear mostly Northern accounts of the way certain battles were fought and either won or lost This book actually gave me a chance to see things from the other side of the conflict Miss Sarah is a most eloquently spoken Southern Belle, and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to read her diaries, thank Heavens they were never [...]

    13. I found this diary to be a very enjoyable read Sarah Morgan is an engaging writer and a spirited girl, and her personality shines through in her diary 150 years later Because of her proximity to Civil War events beginning with her home in Baton Rouge , this diary contains action than a reader usually expects from a diary Sarah s entries sometimes highlight the terrible situations she and her family were placed in, and sometimes allow her youthful optimism and playfulness and appreciation of a f [...]

    14. I m surprised at Sarah s ability to write so much, and remember so many facts, conversations and details Her journal is quite illustrative of a troublesome time for the USA, from the perspective of a young well to do girl from the South We learnt about all heroic deeds of the War, about Lincoln, about Gettysburgh, but not from the people behind the scene and their opinions Quite informative.

    15. This book was OK I read it because two other ladies in my UDC group had read it and I need to read Southern books for our reports due in July While I think it s admirable that the author was able to write so much during the war time, and under such extenuating circumstances, I felt that she did a lot of whining and there was definitely an air about her of being better than others.

    16. Interesting story of wartime civiliansSarah Morgan was an upper class 20 year old caught in a war zone of the Civil War Her diary expresses her feelings as extraordinary events shaped her existence.One problem with the book is the reader s lack of familiarity with the people and places encountered.

    17. Not really readable as literature but an interesting look into life then Impressive because the author had only 10 months of formal education.

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