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Hello Kitty Must Die By Angela S. Choi,

  • Title: Hello Kitty Must Die
  • Author: Angela S. Choi
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On the outside, 28 year old Fiona Yu appears to be just another Hello Kitty an educated, well mannered Asian American woman Secretly, she feels torn between the traditional Chinese values of her family and the social s of being an American girl.To escape the burden of carrying her family s honor, Fiona decides to take her own virginity In the process, she makes a sOn the outside, 28 year old Fiona Yu appears to be just another Hello Kitty an educated, well mannered Asian American woman Secretly, she feels torn between the traditional Chinese values of her family and the social s of being an American girl.To escape the burden of carrying her family s honor, Fiona decides to take her own virginity In the process, she makes a surprising discovery that reunites her with a long lost friend, Sean Killroy Sean introduces her to a dark world of excitement, danger, cunning and cruelty, pushing her to the limits of her own morality But Fiona s father throws her new life into disarray when he dupes her into an overnight trip which results in a hasty engagement to Don Koo, the spoiled son of a wealthy chef.Determined to thwart her parents plans to marry her off into Asian suburbia, Fiona seeks her freedom at any price How far will she go to bury the Hello Kitty stereotype forever Follow Fiona s journey of self discovery as she embraces her true nature and creates her own version of the American Dream, eliminating anyone who stands in her way without fear or remorse.
    Hello Kitty Must Die On the outside year old Fiona Yu appears to be just another Hello Kitty an educated well mannered Asian American woman Secretly she feels torn between the traditional Chinese values of her famil

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    1. When will I ever learn Once again, I was sucked in by a great title, then kicked in the butt by mediocrity.When an egomaniacal lawyer with a deep admiration for serial killers meets up with her old school chum, a guy who was once sent to juvie for setting a fellow student on fire, sparks fly, and it seems like a match made in Heaven Hell But unfortunately, not in a cute, funny, what if Wednesday Addams found her true love way It s like Sex and the City had a one nighter with American Psycho and [...]

    2. First line It all started with a missing hymen Thus starts a fictional memoir whose first chapter features rants about body parts I don t have and sex aids I ve never used It is dark and hilarious, the way I like my comedies, yet I wondered if the author has the ability to continue in such a strong manner.The premise is strong Fiona is a Hello Kitty Chinese American stuck between modern America and Chinese cultural norms She is a 28 year old lawyer who is also a virgin and lives at home Now that [...]

    3. Wait, what happened I had added a longer, detailed review for this one Did one of the small GR server outages updates kill it a few nights ago I could not resist the book, the title was too irresistible Fiona Yu is a Chinese American lawyer who is 28 and lives with her parents, who want to marry her to a nice enough Chinese American man Fiona isn t keen on the idea of getting married, and enjoys her life as a single who also has a nice male parakeet in her life So she takes the action in her ow [...]

    4. What a different, crazy, cool story to read The protagonist Fiona is an asexual young Asian woman sociopath giving her cold views on the world Her best friend Sean is a serial killer white man whom she s known since grade school and their dialogue world views are immensely interesting to read The sweet smell of death Thick, toxic, intoxicating It made me giddy It gave me weak orgasms He was the product of an abusive home with an overly sexual mother and she has overbearing parents who want to ma [...]

    5. Be careful of this one if you don t like dark humor Would be good for fans of Dexter Part social commentary on cultural expectations for asian american women, part moral commentary on what would you do if someone you knew was doing illegal things but you benefited like hell from it, part feminist anthem in taking control of your own destiny I liked this author s voice very much and thought her fearlessness on her chosen story for a first time novelist is to be admired I will look forward to boo [...]

    6. This was a free Nook book I found one day and decided to read only because of the cute cover hahOnce I started reading, however, I realized that this story was anything but cute It sucked me in from the first page, and I devoured this book in a few hours I ve since read another book of Choi s and I love her writing style She combines humor with darkness beautifully She always has a character that is doing something horribly wrong, and right until the very end you think they are going to get away [...]

    7. A big thanks to my friend Nicole, for buying and passing this book along to me Based on the title and cover, I would have definitely bought it and I am so glad that I didn t pay money for this book It was awful.There were so many things wrong with this novel, that I almost don t know where to begin The main character, Fiona, is completely flat and void of any personality other than bitch She is cold, spoiled, entitled, self serving there is zero to like about Fiona She also thinks that she is sm [...]

    8. After reading only 20 pages of this book, I knew that I would be giving it a high ranking I almost thought I could write the review before finishing the book Not quite.This book is dark, very dark If you like biting sarcasm, mischievous some would use evil thinking, and quick plot lines, this book will appeal to you And while the opening chapters were rife with all of the above, they led into a middle and finish that added depth and darkness.Ms Choi adds a significant helping of family dynamics [...]

    9. I think that when you pick up this book, it goes without saying that you are going to take it with a grain of salt It s about an Asian American woman whose family follows traditional Chinese culture living in a world where the old traditions no longer make the same kind of sense to her To contrast the seemingly subservient culture presented by the protagonist, there is the very American, Caucasian, violent foil of the piece, her best friend, Sean He turns out to be than what she bargains for as [...]

    10. Die einzige Frage bei dieser Geschichte war Kann, und darf mir nach Dumb Houseein leichter Roman mit schwarzem Humor ber ein witziges Psychopathenp rchen, das mordend durch die Gegend l uft berhaupt gefallen Ob es das darf kann ich nicht beurteilen, aber es hat mir gefallen D Die Unterhaltung ist zwar leicht, aber genau das bezweckt ja dieses Werk Die kuriosen Figuren strotzen nur so von guten Einf llen der Autorin Sean hat sich als Psychopath von Kindheitstagen an eine u erst erfolgreiche Exist [...]

    11. Disappointed and annoyed after reading this book.I ll give Ms Choi credit for being able to put the monster at the end of the book But really, this was a disturbingly sad novel I m tired of Asian American writers constantly making fun of our own culture or trying to prove how American we are.Fiona, the protagonist, was probably fashioned after Ms Choi herself I found Fiona annoying with her persistent resistance of her parents marriage setups Got old really fast.And although her boy friend Sean [...]

    12. FINALLY i put this at the beginning because it s great i don t know what the fuck the character was thinking, hello kitty being passive HELLO KITTY RIPS TREE TRUNKS OUT OF THE FUCKING GROUND.okay, I LOATHED AND ENJOYED THIS BOOK AT THE SAME TIME, for many reasons, most of the loving reasons being OMG CANTONESE PROTAGONIST, and most of the hating reasons being INTERNALIZED RACIST AND MISOGYNISTIC PROTAGONIST and a complete buy in to VICTIM BLAMING and SHALLOW SLUTS and NONSEXUAL CHINESE BOYS and [...]

    13. The shocking pink colour book jacket caught my attention Based on it s title, I would never have picked it But after it s numerous Silent Invitation on the library shelf, I thought I could at least flip through a few pages and give it a chance At least, someone else from HongKong has taken her first step to write and published her debut novel.Giving it a chance i did I read the first 5 chapters straight, giggling out loud a number of times and breaking the silence in the library before flashing [...]

    14. I had to let this one marinate a little bit before I wrote out something If Christopher Moore was an American Chinese woman then he could have very well penned this novel I mean that in the best way possible I could relate to being a grown woman under traditional Asian regime I don t know if everyone would understand how much easier it is in her type of family to be blindly obedient and then just sneak around to do the other stuff For that alone, I appreciate the symbolism in the title Dark, qui [...]

    15. Like many I was drawn by the title and rather expected it to be chicklit about the struggles of a young Asian American woman to break away from the expectations of her culture Hence Hello Kitty must die In one way it was though Fiona s journey turned out to be much darker and the novel bbiting in its humour than I could have imagined at the start.I loved its strangeness.

    16. I would start by saying that this book is not in any way shape or form about the cartoon character Hello Kitty This book is of a dark comedic nature This book is actually about the distinguished ability to serve in two world s, per se You will have to really read the book to find out the lessons and the actual reason for the term Hello Kitty This is a book that is rare for the time frame it was written in I found this book absolutely wonderful I am patiently awaiting the arrival of Angela S Choi [...]

    17. Hello Kitty Must Die is about Fiona Yu, a modern Chinese American woman living in San Francisco At the age of twenty eight, her parents pressure her to get married, settle down an be a good traditional Chinese housewife Her father sets her up with different Chinese men and none of them work out Mostly because Fiona has no desire to get married, have children and live in a suburban home, partly because all those men are complete losers She struggles against her parents intentions, protesting that [...]

    18. I had no idea what this book was about when I set out to read it Chinese American attorney Fiona Yu, loses her virginity to a silicone dildo coated in two percent Lidocaine gel and decides she must get her hymen restored The plastic surgeon, specializing in hymen restoration, who greets her in the office, turns out to be a childhood friend, Sean And Sean did some pretty crazy stuff back in school.Fiona, half in love with Sean, is trying to get the message to her father that she has no interest i [...]

    19. This book was Interesting I didn t say fantastic, I said interesting Interesting enough to make me keep reading it.I guess the Author s voice is one thing that sucks you in I cannot help but think the author has plugged herself into her own novel but even though the character is smart, ruthless and overall a bitch I liked her and I don t like a lot of female leads.Then there s her friend Sean When I first started reading this book I thought it would be a Asian girl gets pressured to fall for Asi [...]

    20. Fiona Yu detests Hello Kitty, who s bland, pale, and expressionless She believes too many Asian women are pushed into Hello Kitty s cookie cutter format of passive conformity Living with her parents as a twenty something attorney, she wants her freedom yet traditional customs are forced down her throat Her parents are arranging a marriage between her and Don Koo, someone she finds unappealing.In the quest to restore her hymen, Fiona meets up with Dr Sean Killroy, a childhood friend As a child he [...]

    21. This is my third book for the boutofbooks book a thon.I have no idea what to say about this book I don t even know how to classify it It s not a mystery novel, but it s about a serial killer or killers, I m not sure.When I first read the summary for this book I thought that it would be a great companion for books like Joy Luck Club It s about a 29 year old Chinese American woman who is tired of being what she calls a Hello Kitty a quiet and subservient Asian woman She s a lawyer who want to brea [...]

    22. This book has been on my to read list for a very long time Like, added the day I joined this site type of long time I m not going to lie to you and act like my desire to read it didn t have anything to do with Hello Kitty being in the title, because let s face it, that is exactly why I wanted to read it I am also going to honestly say that I hated the beginning of this book I hated it so much that I nearly abandoned it Luckily my commitment to finishing what I start gave me the will to continue [...]

    23. I subscribe to a blog on my Kindle called Free Kindle Books Everyday, the blogger updates with lists of books and their descriptions that are available for free on and other sites I have downloaded several that seem appealling to me, but this is the first I read all the way through At first glance, this book is about an American Chinese woman in her twenties whose parents want to marry her off At second glance, this book is a tale of serial killers It describes what they think, and why they do [...]

    24. fierce, hilarious, perhaps gleefully vicious, totally amped up none of the characters though are quite human so that the human elements of like sympathy and stuff are what seemed weird and forced also contained my utter pet peeve in writing of rattling off brand names in outfits anyyyhooo, this sure was interesting and fun to read than the run of the mill, east meets west meets a generic asian american story crap floating around out there would love to see what she comes up with next.

    25. Disappointing despite the fabulously irresistible title.It started out very witty but devolved into a bad imitation of Showtime s Dexter television series Yes, everyone must die, but did that mantra need to be repeated quite so frequently The only redeeming feature is that it s a quick read And I suppose it should get some credit since it wasn t horribly written enough for me to quit midway through but to be honest, I m not at all sure why I didn t quit by the time I hit the middle I really want [...]

    26. I won t lie I wanted to LOVE this one in some ways I did I mean c mon, the title alone renders it worthy of best of the year status Uniquely irreverent delightfully vulgar, right down the author s blurb The particular brand of humor, however, a little too Heathers old school Wynona Rider flick, remember for my taste Note If repeated readings of the word hymen offends your lady like sensibilities, you best steer clear.

    27. This book was definitely not what I expected when I read the first page My boyfriend picked it out for me, which I thought was pretty cool then realized that they talked about nether regions on the first page Even cooler It grabbed my attention from page one and it held it all the way through I thought it was a really good book Kudos Jake great choice.

    28. Started with a great beginning She de virginizes herself My virginity is mine and only mine The use of Hello Kitty was very witty The shock factor grew old quick, really quick I would recommend this book with high reservations.

    29. Ik had hoge verwachtingen voor dit boek, dankzij de korte inhoud ervan een jonge schrijfster die de huidige maatschappij op een sarcastische manier wilde bekritiseren ok , het gaat hier om haar debuutroman, maar iedereen verdient het voordeel van de twijfel , maar mijn verwachtingen werden absoluut niet ingelast Kort samengevat wanneer je in het boek begint, krijg je al snel het gevoel dat je in een iets grover geschreven versie van Sex And The City terechtgekomen bent echt, ik had geen boodscha [...]

    30. Fi, a successful young lawyer, and her psychopathic best friend Sean systematically kill off the hello kitties , the Asian men on the hunt for submissive wives, and the American sex bombs of San Francisco view spoiler and then eventually the stereotypical serial killer himself Caucasian male, aged twenty five to forty hide spoiler Sean is a bit like the romantic interest of a fan fiction, complete with smirk and no real personality I guess he is a psychopath afterall Witty Fi refuses to bend to [...]

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