DOWNLOAD PDF ✓ The Great Encyclopedia Of Faeries - by Pierre Dubois Roland Sabatier Claudine Sabatier

The Great Encyclopedia Of Faeries By Pierre Dubois Roland Sabatier Claudine Sabatier,

  • Title: The Great Encyclopedia Of Faeries
  • Author: Pierre Dubois Roland Sabatier Claudine Sabatier
  • ISBN: 9780684869575
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A folio size encyclopedia of fairy lore and legend Illustrated in color throughout.
    The Great Encyclopedia Of Faeries A folio size encyclopedia of fairy lore and legend Illustrated in color throughout

    One thought on “The Great Encyclopedia Of Faeries”

    1. Freddy Krueger getting a paragraph was the last straw for me page 45 This is a lousy book It is one of those pathological fantasy authorities which redefines its subject to include many, many things which don t belong e.g deities and Asian monsters.The cover art is beautiful, but don t expect the drawings within the book to measure up Some do most don t It s fair but falls short of enchanting Lots of exposed breasts How did the publishers think they could get away with putting racy content in a [...]

    2. Une mine d or d merveillement, de po sie et d humour Si vous voulez tout savoir sur les dryades, les sidhe, les f es Morgane, les dames rouges, les dames blanches, les fuath, les babouchka, les tempestaires, les Tante Arie autres Wilda Berchta, etc etc pr cipitez vous Notre elficologue national nous rappelle quel point notre folklore est riche Je ne m en lasse jamais P riodiquement, j y retourne, me perd dans ses pages, feuillette, r vasse, aid par les merveilleuses illustrations Un enchantement [...]

    3. Sadly disappointed Not great and really not an encyclopedia More like an author retelling a mis mash of stories At least half of the tales you cannot even tell what area of the world the legends are supposed to be from Mostly, it is a collection of tales with whichever type of fey as one of the characters But there are really bad errors How do you screw up Morgan le Fey Cecily Mary Barker created the Flower Fairies and, no, she did not create them based on fairy lore She created them based on fl [...]

    4. I thought the art in this book could have been better It had a nice weight to it and the text was very good, but I felt the artwork was too drivitive of earlier, Victorian style paintings of fairies There is a fine line between being inspired by the work of earlier artists and copying and I feel that Dubois really walks it and sometimes falls over and into the side of the copiest.On the otherhand, the art historian in me may perhaps be being a bit too picky So I would have to say that perhaps my [...]

    5. While initially disappointed in the art style, i quickly became engrossed in Dubois flowery yet quintessentially fey descriptions I bought it, reread it when the mood takes me, and gleefully look forward to leaving it in our son s or daughter s bedroom for them to explore Would make great material for bedtime stories elaborations

    6. For a book calling itself an encyclopedia, this seemed to be short an index or two And since the table of contents prides itself on flowery descriptions, like Old Shut Eye or The Gianes, instead of plainly stated categories, like The Sandman and Other Sleep Bringers or Benevolent Fairies, I found it impossible to find the types of faeries I was interested in reading about.

    7. I have checked this out from my library a million times, but I don t think I have ever finished it.It s not one of the best, but its still ok.

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