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The Great Deception: Can the European Union Survive? By Christopher Booker Richard North,

  • Title: The Great Deception: Can the European Union Survive?
  • Author: Christopher Booker Richard North
  • ISBN: 9780826480149
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • With the publication of the new European Constitution, authors have condensed some of the early history in order to make space for an examination of the new European Constitution and to argue that in it are all the tricks and traps at the heart of this European Idea and the disastrous consequences.
    The Great Deception Can the European Union Survive With the publication of the new European Constitution authors have condensed some of the early history in order to make space for an examination of the new European Constitution and to argue that in

    One thought on “The Great Deception: Can the European Union Survive?”

    1. First off, I know that most people see the title and think, another EU Conspiracy Theory But like most books, they contain conclusion opinions based off of facts Not to say that I agree with the conclusions or theories pieced together based on those facts, but the facts in this book themselves are fascinating I really enjoyed this book because it sheds light on something European Union we all know of, have heard about and for those of us born after the fact it is something that has always just b [...]

    2. I read the 2005 edition of this scholarly book that revealed the long term deceptions by many national leaders and behind the scenes operators intent on trapping the nations of Europe into a political unification by convincing the people of the nations chosen to be included that what was being done all along was just the building of a common market or free trade between nations to bring them prosperity All the while the true intent was to build economic union as a precursor to political union Na [...]

    3. This is simply not the same book post Brexit I began reading this in 2014 honestly never thought it just around the corner I was simply interested in a critical look at the wonderful, ambitious project, hyped up by commentators to be creating an unprecedented quality of life fueled by benevolent, peaceful, supranational cooperation The fact that the UK chose to leave a future utopia, hints that it is nothing of the sort, but that skeptical British attitude to the project as highlighted in this b [...]

    4. This detailed account is probably the best accurate history of the European Union out there It is heavily critical of the project, of course, but that is essential to bypass the mythology and get to what really has occurred in Europe since the 1920s The downside is that the careful, documented detail means the book is not as pleasant a read as the author s fine prose could have made itI would also say that the author might have allowed for conflicting agendas in the overall story than he presen [...]

    5. The authors offer an insight on the European union I voted to stay as I m attracted to the idea that trading prevents wars What supports that notion Just a gut feeling unsupported by any real evidence whatsoever As I write this review the May government is being treated by Junkers, Michel Barnier and the other combatants, as both the enemy and a cash cow Nowhere is there a sense of a future relationship, a positive contribution to a progressive Europe.This book helps the reader to understand the [...]

    6. Loved this book A chunky history of dysfunctional nature of EU integration It s such a shame the Brexit referendum was hijacked by the immigration debate The failings of its political structures and bureaucracy, and the relentless march towards hegemony as exposed in this study are the best reasons to want out.

    7. A must read history book with 1749 footnotes, a book that beautifully and full of details, describes the workings of politics and diplomacy that has transcribed in the story of the EU.A book that dispels a lot of myths I belived and have been told about the Eu I am an euro sceptic but now I know what I oppose and why, I know my enemy.Among the myths it dispels is the so called free market goal of the Eu and her founders, the EU being designed as a custom cartel.The myth that the EU concept arose [...]

    8. What a compelling book It is incredibly well researched and provides a damning account of the degree to which our politicians have deceived us throughout our membership of the EU The authors show how the original architects of the Common Market always intended to build a super state which sat over the nation states that make up the EU and how this was hidden from the populus They describe in great detail with many examples how the unelected policy and lawmakers in Brussels hide behind national g [...]

    9. The main problem with the European Union is that it places too much power in the hands of unelected bureaucrats The citizens of the various member countries have only a weak and very indirect control over those who rule them, even less than we Americans have over our federal government The European Union was sold as a way to prevent the member nations from going to war against one another, but there is a simpler solution If all the countries are democracies, then they will not go to war against [...]

    10. In order to understand what it is we are trying to get out of, it is important to know what it is that we got into in the first place and how that was done Anyone thinking that the behaviour of MPs and Experts during the referendum was deplorable really ought to read about the deceit and machinations that went on in order to bring us inside the EU Fascinating historical chronology of events and clear descriptions make this a must read for any fan of modern history.

    11. An astounding book about the history, personalities, workings and deceptions of the EU How I would love to see a new book by these authors examining the means of getting out of this organization,i.e Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

    12. A very long read, so a bit late for the Referendum if you ve not started yet, but I found it very interesting and informative Obviously everyone rights from a stance and this one is very anti EU, but you do come away thinking they may have a point.

    13. The only way forwardGood insight on the European union glad I voted to leave I have learnt a lot in this book thanks

    14. Extremely well researched and written A relentless read of political twists, turns, deceit, lies, egos For anyone new to the history of what I call the European Project and really dislikes the idea of a European anything you will probably feel like punching a hole in the wall What s clear is that the majority of British leaders and British civil servants, were out played and caught up in a mire of political confusion Others such as Edward Heath, clearly saw Europe as the way forward, accepting f [...]

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