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Among Thieves By Douglas Hulick,

  • Title: Among Thieves
  • Author: Douglas Hulick
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There is no honour among thieves.Ildrecca is a dangerous city, if you don t know what you re doing It takes a canny hand and a wary eye to run these streets and survive Fortunately, Drothe has both He has been a member of the Kin for years, rubbing elbows with thieves and murderers from the dirtiest of alleys to the finest of neighbourhoods Working for a crime lord, heThere is no honour among thieves.Ildrecca is a dangerous city, if you don t know what you re doing It takes a canny hand and a wary eye to run these streets and survive Fortunately, Drothe has both He has been a member of the Kin for years, rubbing elbows with thieves and murderers from the dirtiest of alleys to the finest of neighbourhoods Working for a crime lord, he finds and takes care of trouble inside his boss s organization whilse smuggling relics on the side.But when his boss orders Drothe to track down whoever is leaning on his organization s people, he stumbles upon a much bigger mystery There s a book, a relic any number of deadly people seem to be looking for a book that just might bring down emperors and shatter the criminal underworld.A book now conveniently in Drothe s hands .
    Among Thieves There is no honour among thieves Ildrecca is a dangerous city if you don t know what you re doing It takes a canny hand and a wary eye to run these streets and survive Fortunately Drothe has both He

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    1. Book with bromance between two criminals where one is skilled thief and other one great fighter We seen that already done well in famous Gentlemen bastards and Ryria revelations so Among thieves has already good competition to measure against but luckily first book of Tales of kin lives up and even surpasses in some segments cousins that preceded it Setting and characters are somewhat similar to Gentleman bastards but balance, plausible and ridden of some of melodrama present Lynch s books And [...]

    2. Me opening the book So this was on lists with the Queen s Thief series, which I really liked Let s see if this is any good.Main Character So I m torturing this guy.Me What Main Character Because I need to get some information from him.Me What Main Character But it s okay, I m still the hero because I have pity and compassion in my eyes for this poor guy I m willingly and consciously torturing.Me What Main Character But now I think I ll just let this other dude torture him some while I go take d [...]

    3. I read this back when Prince of Thorns was first published as it came out just before my debut.I didn t review it at the time so this is from hazy ish memory.As I recall, the book opens with a torture scene That fact stuck with me as Prince of Thorns which has no torture scenes was getting stick at the time for having torture scenes Anyway, this is basically a buddy movie that takes place in a city dominated by organised crime Our two heroes are Drothe who is himself a criminal a member of the K [...]

    4. When it comes to fantasy novels I ve picked up my share of dragons flying through the sky, magic users, but never a crime center fantasy Nothing in this book was cut or dry with like the lead, the reader is stumbling around picking up clues that end up very clever, deadly and always ending with some very surprising results.Drothe is a Nose or an informant, whom takes care of trouble before it gets well out of hand for his criminal organization, but when he stumbles onto something bigger that all [...]

    5. Well I couldn t stop reading this book I mean, up front, I love thieves, I always play one in my RPG games, so this book had me hooked from the first on that basis alone The world building was quite interesting, with the Kin and a complex thief society, and I really enjoyed the anti hero Drothe very confusing from Patrick Rothfuss hero Kvothe, butwell, not that confusing The characters were interesting, and the plot was complex enough to keep me page turning This is one of those great dirty fant [...]

    6. Disclaimer I received a copy of this book through Good Reads First Reads I was torn between four and five stars, but opted for five I m not usually much for these sorts of gritty, who double crossed who type books, but this one was fantastic The pace is quick enough to keep it exciting, but not so fast that you can t keep a handle on what s going on I really loved the pseudo Byzantine atmosphere and the relics The author gives a great feel for a late medieval early modern city.Also, the author s [...]

    7. Fantasy in 2010 is different than it was 20 30 years ago Gone are the days when the genre is filled with whiter than white characters that take on quests for the greater good We have had far, far too many of those over the yearsIn the last few years novels such as Brandon Sanderson s Mistborn, Scott Lynch s Lies of Locke Lamora, Brent Weeks Night Angel Trilogy and Joe Abercrombie s First Law Trilogy have taken fantasy to new places In these novels we meet dark characters, who murder, steal and g [...]

    8. Disclaimer I swore when I signed up to this site I would be very tight with my 5 star ratings Surely to get a perfect score the book has to be perfect, and seeing as that is impossible a 5 star rating should never be given That said I just couldn t bring myself to give this a 4.Among Thieves follows Drothe, a sardonic and intelligent nose, on what starts out as a simple job that goes rather wrong rather fast Among Thieves is written in the first person, this can be a risky move When done well se [...]

    9. Among Thieves is Douglas Hulick s debut novel and the first of a new series This makes it very hard for me to review because debut novels and new series make me dance with glee and become completely illogical But I m going to try For you.Among Thieves, is, predictably, a Thief novel, but it doesn t do this in predictable ways The city of Ildrecca is a dangerous, beautiful and organic place Many books about thieves seem to make the entire city the play place of criminals, with dirty alleys in eve [...]

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    11. A fantasy set in the city of Ildrecca, where the law abiding citizens and the criminal Kin exist under the control of the latest reincarnation of the immortal emperor He s crazy, but so long as the Kin don t step too far out of bounds, they are able to go about business as usual Drothe is a Nose, it s his job to ferret out information, get a handle on rumors, and make sure his boss doesn t have any unpleasant surprises Lots of action, intrigue, oaths, betrayals, good humor, fun characters Love, [...]

    12. I think I came across this when someone linked something somewhere about under appreciated fantasy books series and I read one review of a different book someplace hey, managed to avoid actual repetition despite extreme repetitiveness which maybe mentioned this Kind of thing Anyway, I went in warned about the book s opening with a pretty grim bit of torture, and the warning was a valuable one Our hero , Drothe, is an informant or Nose among the Kin or criminal world, I guess Which seems to be a [...]

    13. rantingdragon among thAmong Thieves is Douglas Hulick s debut novel and part of his new Tales of the Kin series It is the story of a dangerous city, Ildrecca, and an ancient, constantly reincarnating emperor who rules not just the city but the world Among Thieves is a story of mystery approaching the feel of a detective novel and of gritty epic fantasy filled with thieves, assassins, and other figures from the underworld.A refreshing perspectiveA first person narrative in fantasy usually has a p [...]

    14. Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick is a fun and fast adventure with a scoundrel named Drothe who is a bit too honorable for his profession, set in a rich fantasy world, and filled with delightful plot twists As a fan of Lies of Locke Lamora, I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for all anti heroes who spend their days thieving and scheming and Drothe is now my second favorite thief no one can replace Locke, let s be real here, hehe If you also swoon at main characters who steal from the rich a [...]

    15. Fantasy Review BarnA reader will know within a few pages of picking up Among Thieves whether or not the book is for them Torture scenes are not all that subtle if that is the starting point an assumption that darkness will follow is not a stretch When it quickly becomes apparent that Drothe, the man inflicting the pain is the book s protagonist the tone is further set.This is not the most original setting Drothe is a bad man with a hunt of honor in a typical fantasy city that has an economy tha [...]

    16. At first this book sat in my to read pile for awhile I always intended on getting to it, but some other book always popped up Eventually I got around to picking it up, and boy am I annoyed that I didn t sooner Among Thieves tells the tale of Drothe, an informant and heavy for a local gang leader in the city of Ildrecca When there is a problem or suspected problem within the organisation, Drothe is brought in to investigate and clean it up When Drothe stumbles upon a much bigger mystery involving [...]

    17. LookI know some people will hate that I consider this urban fantasy Yes it s in a fantasy world of swords, daggers, wizards and so onbut it s firmly urban These are city people who live on dirty gritty streets There are burglars, second story people and so on.So, if it bugs you and you don t think of it as UF, finebut I do.Now, why 2 stars Well when I first started it I was sure it was going to be at least a 4 star read I want to say why it dropped so far.I was almost half way through the book w [...]

    18. I suggest youFuck Even if it was an invitation, I doubt I would have been able to take her up on it just then Inspiring as she could be in bed, I just didn t have it in me at the moment Douglas Hulick, Among ThievesI m glad that the sight of this book being nominated in some genre Awards has convinced me to read it, because it was well worth my time I m not usually impressed by them been listed, but this time I ve made a fortunate exception.This fantasy novel it s situated in a world of thievery [...]

    19. Gah I hate being lied to by reviews This isn t remotely a 4 star book Not even close to the quality of Abercrombie or Lynch, to which other reviews compared it Very sophomoric plotting and writing If anything, it reminded me of Brust s Taltos series if written by a high schooler Made it two thirds of the way through and not bothering to finish.

    20. LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT In a literary sense, if Scott Lynch and Joe Abercrombie had a baby, it would write like Douglas Hulick.This was just great fun for those of you who love heist adventure, sword fights and general smart assery.Taking place in the city of Ildrecca, our anti hero, Drothe I know it s close to Kvothe, but this book started 10 years ago, so I think Hulick had it first is an information administrator a Nose for organized crime He is part of the Kin, which is the network of und [...]

    21. I loved this book The world was amazingly well thought out and seemed very real to me Some fantasy worlds can be very two dimensional, but Among Thieves was very fleshy The description of the crime ring itself was interesting and I loved the different job titles like Long Nose, Wide Nose, Oak, Arm, Ear, etc.I love any story where the main character fights against overwhelming odds and bends his own morals to succeed Drothe is exactly the kind of character I love to read about and I can t wait to [...]

    22. Not bad for a debut fantasy novel All in all, I was glad I picked this up at a time I was looking for a new author to read and was particularly interested in delving into the thieves fantasy sub category However, I choose to give this book 3.5 stars, namely because of several factors 1 Narration in the first person perspective Sometimes this works great sometimes it doesn t In the case of Among Thieves, I think the decision to use it was perhaps a tad ambitious We as the readers only see what D [...]

    23. I was told to write a review for this book that we read in our book group Instead, I ll let this picture sum up my thoughts

    24. It is better than average, and could have been better still.The problem that brings the book down is the hero and the author Naturally the author, he wrote it, and in the notes we find out what brings the book down He is a fencer Probably an SCA Fencer and while that should not generally be a problem, there are sword fights A lot of sword fights, and they do go on Right, I get that.But our hero is a thief One of the Kin And these Kin have territories and our hero seems to be the intelligent lieu [...]

    25. Among Thieves very well could rank as by far the highest on the book that caught me most off guard list I went in with lukewarm expectations the ratings on were good, but not consistently exceptional Reviews tended to be positive, but they certainly weren t universal, and I hadn t heard much scuttlebutt or discussion about this book in any of my usual venues r fantasy, book blogs, Part of that could be due to the book being released a couple years ago, but I did not have any data either way.This [...]

    26. I have to admit, I almost didn t make it past the torture scene on the first few pages I was afraid that this book would be like those torture porn novels that drove me away from the fantasy genre for a little over a decade Fortunately, while there are plenty of street fight scenes and occasional other violence, the sadism is pretty much limited to the first chapter.Drothe, as is established when he participates in the above mentioned torture scene, is not a hero full of sweetness and light He s [...]

    27. Drothe, a Nose for the Kin, works and rubs elbows with crime lords, thieves, and murders on a daily basis while smuggling relics on the side Things are going along well enough until he comes across a dangerous relic, a book, that could potentially bring down emperors This is a relic that just about any member of Ildrecca s underworld would kill to get their hands on I ve kept the above summary short and sweet, but Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick, a great series opener, is densely and tightly plo [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this book, my only problem with it is that it s a little on the short side, especially when I couldn t stop reading it The main character is very unique, he s an intelligent thief and spy with only average or slightly above average fencing skills He s also the shortest main character in a book I ve ever read, other than Hobbits From his description early in the book, he describes a very tall person as half again as tall as him, so if you assume the guy was around 6 9 than Drothe [...]

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