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Mit venskab med Jesus Kristus By Lars Husum,

  • Title: Mit venskab med Jesus Kristus
  • Author: Lars Husum
  • ISBN: 9788702072006
  • Page: 467
  • Format: None
  • When Nick is 13, he loses his parents in a car crash His sister, seven years his elder, is left to look after him As he grows up, she longs to lose this brotherly millstone around her neck, but he cannot bear the thought of losing her protection So Nick goes to extremes to retain her care and attention.
    Mit venskab med Jesus Kristus When Nick is he loses his parents in a car crash His sister seven years his elder is left to look after him As he grows up she longs to lose this brotherly millstone around her neck but he can

    One thought on “Mit venskab med Jesus Kristus”

    1. Prvnich sto stran jsem myslela, ze se za tu knizku budu smazit v pekle.Cerny humor blasfemie Pak se dej obratil a z knihy se stal takovy vyvojovy roman na dansky zpusob Sex, nasili a Svedci Jehovovi included.Pred nedavnem vysla v cestine pod nazvem Muj kamos Jezis, myslim, ze by stala za omrknuti

    2. Po prvotn m oku se te mus m sm t Tento p b h je m sp zn n du e, mus m se v ce zam it na D nsko Budu v m tvrdit, e to je vtipn , i kdy hned zkraje p ijde hlavn postava o panictv tak, e zn siln opilou holku a kope do hlavy mal kluky Je v bec v po dku takov p b hy st Je to dost patn p b h a taky p b h bo , v dy jej nav t v i s m Je Vyvol ve v s v t inu existuj c ch emoc , a je z vas emocion ln smoothie a nev te, co vlastn ct Tohle bych cht la probrat s Nietzschem nad sklenic vody P u si to na bucke [...]

    3. Seeking redemption, let alone finding it, can be a long and tortuous path But what happens if Jesus Christ or at least a man claiming to be Jesus Christ is making suggestions here and there That s the road on which Nikolaj Jensen is set in Danish writer Lars Husum s first novel, My Friend Jesus Christ.When we meet Niko, as he s known to friends and family, he is struggling with a never ending and always growing pit and ache in his stomach Although Niko s mother became a Danish national treasure [...]

    4. the book is kinda weird for me of course there were moments of inspiration and wisdom i didn t like the last pages they left me confused and shocked but seemed bizzare at the same time.

    5. The good thing about trying to bash in Jesus Christ s head is that he s immortal Plus, he forgives you afterwards Though there might be strings attached.But let s start from the beginning Nikolaj is a Bad Person The son of a widely loved pop star and an orphan from a very young age, he s been raised by his teenage sister with far too much money to spend and turns into a Freudian nightmare He gets in bad company, and looking for some sort of place in life he turns to violence, destruction, manipu [...]

    6. Tro ku rozpa it , no talo sa to ve mi dobre a ahko Pribeh je a pomaly tragicky, kde chlapec pr de o v etko Rodi ov, sestru, s m seba, jedin o ma, je spustnuty ivot pln zl ch rozhodnut i je Jezis v pr behu skuto n , alebo nie, je nepodstatn aj pre neveriacich, ke e nenabada k viere, len k n prave ivota Napriek tomu, e dej je st le v Eur pskom t te, je cititelne, e tie seversk krajiny maj plne in zm anie ako my v strede Europy akala som od toho viac, a z ver m dos sklamal a bola som neho a znechut [...]

    7. Danske forfattere er generelt ikke min kop the, men Husum skriver s underholdende, og historien er s enest ende og sjov, at jeg n d hver side En lidt for dramatisk amerikanifiseret slutning p en ellers dejlig historie.

    8. I knew nothing about this book before reading it apart from what was on the cover I was expecting something humourous, akin to Bruce Almighty, but this read like Chuck Palahniuk gritty and full of unpleasantness with all the humour that was present being rather dark in nature Ultimately rather optimistic than Palahniuk though still somewhat ambiguous I found this book interesting, different and easily readable.

    9. I actually read this book in an evening as I had to read it for book club This was my book choice and I expected so much better I was disappointed as it was not the comedy I expected, nor was it interesting or captivating I had a dislike for the protagonist and really could not have cared less about his journey Jesus was not nearly enough of a central character and was only a passing character The author could have done so much with what I thought was a very good premise for a novel.

    10. Dit is het boek met het hoogste what the gehalte dat er bestaat Als in, je zegt bij elk hoofdstuk wel minstens een keer what the Alsof de auteur elk hoofdstuk 50 plottwisten op een bord schreef en dan de meest vreemde koos Maar toch valt het allemaal wel op zijn plaats eigenlijk Echt geweldig boek eigenlijk Maar heel erg weird.

    11. Hated the first 50 pages, hated the main character, liked the middle and hated the end It was entartaining, but I had some troubles with feeling for the main character, who was mean, violent, depressed, irritating and just the sex, drugs and RocknRoll part was way important to the storyline than the actual characters.Overal not too bad, just not my kind of book

    12. LA BATOSTA FINALELa trama mi ha coinvolta moltissimo, nonostante mi aspettassi Ges fosse un personaggio chiave, mentre invece passa quasi inosservato e nemmeno viene chiarito l incontro col protagonista sia stato reale o frutto dell immaginazione di quest ultimo La batosta arrivata col finale, che mi ha fatto venir voglia di strappare le pagine una ad una.

    13. Please avoid Polish translation of this book As the book is average Polish translation makes it horrible Polish edition is translated by a lady from a good house that does not use bad words The dialogues in the book looks like being told by an 6 years old girl Not worth spending a penny.

    14. I was sad, I was angry, I was disappointed and I was happy This book evokes a whole range of emotions Lots of black humour, lots of brutality but also love It is a tale of retribition but a very unconventional one The ending, however, disappoints in a literary manner.

    15. God bog Var sp ndende og historien var god Den var let at forst Noglegange virkede den dog lidt for ligetil, men vil stadig anbefale at l se den.

    16. Oh dear, a good streak on books, when will it go wrong This book is funny, harsh, weird, touching and just different I kinda like Jesus after this.

    17. Amazing book from a first time writer really loved this, was right up my street Will be looking into Danish writers.

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