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The Missing Person's Guide to Love By Susanna Jones,

  • Title: The Missing Person's Guide to Love
  • Author: Susanna Jones
  • ISBN: 9780330449830
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Isabel, Owen and Julia were childhood friends But when they were fifteen, Julia disappeared without a trace an event that had a devastating impact on the others.Years later, Isabel returns to her home town in the north of England for Owen s funeral She hadn t seen him since they recklessly burned down the local supermarket together he was sent to prison and she, justIsabel, Owen and Julia were childhood friends But when they were fifteen, Julia disappeared without a trace an event that had a devastating impact on the others.Years later, Isabel returns to her home town in the north of England for Owen s funeral She hadn t seen him since they recklessly burned down the local supermarket together he was sent to prison and she, just shy of her 18th birthday, to a young offenders centre Isabel suspects that Owen was responsible for Julia s murder, and she s hoping finally to find some kind of resolution.Feeling cut off from her husband and child in Turkey, and awash with unexpected memories, Isabel ventures further into the murky depths of her past But nothing is as it seems either past or present and as Isabel s world unravels we finally realise the stunning, shattering truth .Praise for Susanna Jones first novel It is hard to believe that this skilfully constructed and beautifully written work is a first novel Sunday Telegraph
    The Missing Person s Guide to Love Isabel Owen and Julia were childhood friends But when they were fifteen Julia disappeared without a trace an event that had a devastating impact on the others Years later Isabel returns to her home

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    1. After enjoying two other books by Susanna Jones her debut The Earthquake Bird, and her most recent When Nights Were Cold, the latter being one of my favourites of 2012 I was keen to read by the author and bought a cheap copy of this, her third novel, on eBay The Missing Person s Guide To Love an unnecessarily twee title in my opinion is about Isabel, a woman who returns to her home town for the funeral of her former friend Owen Both Isabel and Owen left the town in dubious circumstances followi [...]

    2. Summary Isabel returns to the moors of England for a schoolfriend s funeral The disappearance of her best friend aged 15 has never been resolved, but she has always suspected the dead man Isabel now lives in Turkey with a husband and a toddler Can she solve the decade old mystery on a quick trip home This was a perfectly pleasant read until the ending at which the mystery was revealed in a pretty pedestrian manner It seems as though the author got to the end with all sorts of issues unresolved a [...]

    3. With a plot that started out so promising and had me hanging on every word, the one word that comes to mind upon completing this book is CONFUSED Honestly, I was about to recommend this book to a friend up until ten pages from the end and then it all just fell horribly flatke a cake in an oven that was opened too soon Still Breathtaking writing and a wonderful knack suspense Just a pity about that unsatisfying ending.

    4. This is a confusing book, and personally I found it irritating I admit that I like my fiction to be relatively straight forward, I don t like having to work for my reading pleasure, and this book left so many problems, confusing questions and unresolved inaccuracies that it left me rather disappointed and frustrated.Along with some rather large problems with the basis of the story view spoiler such as people greeting and interacting with Isabel when she s actually dead, the question of who the a [...]

    5. What an absolute quirky little book I wish I could recall where or where I picked this paperback up I discovered it on my bookshelves when looking for a book to jam in my pocket for a recent vaation The cover though not striking in itself, somehow drew me in I loved the title and liked that it was about a missing girl, 15 year old Julia, who vanishes without a trace Her childhood friend Isabel has never given up hope of finding out just what happened to Julia Many years go by and Isabel returns [...]

    6. Read the last chapters twice and still did not get it Now, I am quite prepared to accept that the fault could be mine I found it pretty convoluted and perhaps I ve just missed it The point is, however, that much of the story lacks substance and a lot of narrative is meaningless There is just no call for describing the whole business of putting a kettle on to boil Team that with a lass dressed rather nicely for a funeral, in her high heels and all, spending a whole day and taking up three quarter [...]

    7. What I liked about this book was that it was British and it was a homecoming story There s nothing like a funeral to pull people together In this case, the funeral brings back memories of the mysterious disappearance of Julia Smith, the best friend of Owen who s funeral is happening and Isabel Isabel has come back in from her new life in Turkey to dig around and try to find out what really happened to Julia Intertwined with her Aunt Maggie s thoughts, the book moves along at a reasonable pace Wh [...]

    8. Left me with lots of unanswered questions view spoiler 1 who was the leila who was staying with isabel s husband in turkey 2 if everyone is hugging isabel, she can t be a ghost, can she 3 if isabel is really julia, why doesn t anyone recognize her 4 if maggie has multiple personality disorder, why do people recognize her as the other characters 5 if maggie is all the lead characters, how do all the characters interact with each other hide spoiler

    9. What a confusing structure The story keeps jumping in time, recent past, past and present with out any clear order, making the reading not so enjoyable The story in itself was alright, but minus a few details, I could guess what it was coming and it didn t make much sense out of the book Overall it was an alright book, the best being the well developped characters, but unless you decide to read it by yourself, I wouldn t recommend it

    10. Once I finished the book it left me wondering what had just happened Who was dead and who was alive and who was the narrator.I found that the beginning was very promising and I am not so sure about the ending But I think I may have to re read this one, to a form any real opinion about this book.

    11. It s a very unusual novel, and it is quite spooky to read, which I enjoyed I think the ending was meant to be interpreted deeply, but I thought it was odd a bit of an anti climax I d recommend it just for the strange reading experience.

    12. I read The Earthquake Bird by Susanna Jones and absolutely loved it But The Missing Person s Guide to Love is different It has fabulous characterisation and atmosphere but is ultimately unsatisfying as you are never sure who is who or what really happened or to whom.

    13. I have to admit that on the initial reading I felt somewhat perplexed by the book but found that once I had given it a couple of days and then returned to reread a few key chapters that it fell into place.A remarkable almost dream like narrative.

    14. This fell a bit flat for me Perhaps I ve read too many child disappearance stories that I m getting picky It felt muddled As if it didn t quite know what it wanted to be And the twist was a bit of a whimper rather than a whoop when it came.

    15. I m rather torn I loved it at first when I thought it was a mystery, then as it went on I didn t like the twist Overall, it was a let down for me, but I m glad I finally read it as it has been around my apartment for ages

    16. A really lovely tale, interesting characters and storyline The people seemed real and the situations were familiar However, it was let down by the end which seemed flimsy and left me feeling perplexed.

    17. The start was great There was a real moment of mystery in between and the end just seems missing Couldn t put the book away and ended with the urge to throw it in the trash.

    18. The suspense was building up nicely and I was really enjoying the book until it came to a confusing and disappointing end.

    19. I remember being very moved by this book even though it is a few weeks ago that I read it.It was a little unusual not what I expected towards the end but very well written and emotional.

    20. There is a sinister undertone to this book a feeling that nothing is quite as it seems Although I found the book compelling, I didn t understand the ending, which made it an unsatisfying read.

    21. Weird, well written with an ending I never expected Like Earthquake Bird this book scares a little and thrills a lot.

    22. Completely bizarre I found the prose forced and there were so many holes in the plot it seemed like a cheese grater Am I missing something

    23. I really liked The Earthquake Bird so was looking forward to this book It was not unenjoyable, but I either didn t get the end, or if it was as I thought it was, I couldn t see the point.

    24. I picked this one up off the library shelf without recommendation Not bad but got really confusing at times, especially the end.

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