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Water Lily By Susanna Jones,

  • Title: Water Lily
  • Author: Susanna Jones
  • ISBN: 9780330485838
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • Runa is a young Japanese high school teacher leaving the country to avoid the scandal she has created by sleeping with one of her students She steals her sister s passport and boards the ferry to Shanghai Then, careful to impersonate her sister, she is quiet, docile and discreet.
    Water Lily Runa is a young Japanese high school teacher leaving the country to avoid the scandal she has created by sleeping with one of her students She steals her sister s passport and boards the ferry to Shan

    One thought on “Water Lily”

    1. I have now read all of Susanna Jones s novels, and this her second was typically compelling, readable and haunting Water Lily is subtitled a novel of mystery , which I don t think is quite accurate A novel of obsession, maybe a novel of delusion, certainly There are two main characters Runa, a young teacher who has to leave the small Japanese town where she lives and works after an affair with a teenage pupil, and Ralph, an unpleasant, lonely British man who has come to Japan to find ie buy the [...]

    2. I think that fear, doubt, obsession, jealousy ccould be presented and dealt with in a much better way This is NOT a mystery novel as it was wrongly described Shallow characters, purposeless story and kind of disturbing to read

    3. This novel completes my reading of Susanna Jones previous novels I didn t find this as strong as The Earthquake Bird yet still beautifully written and quite haunting Again set in Japan it is as much about the perceptions of the Orient by outsiders as it is about the central mystery.The ending was described on the cover as surreal though I did not perceive it as such More lyrical and a touch dream like but consistent with what had gone before Reading these two early novels allowed me to appreciat [...]

    4. Jones first novel, The Earthquake Bird, is one of my favorite books This is her second novel and while it shares some of the qualities of the first the spare, haunting writing, the spot on evocation of Japan and Japanese characters, the subtle sense of mystery it was clunkier overall Ralph s character was over the top unlikeable and ridiculous and Runa s decision making didn t feel rooted in who she was, but rather Jones need for her to do something rash and move the plot along.

    5. Having read The Earthquake Bird earlier this year, I was really looking forward to reading Water Lily and I was not disappointed This is a great thriller set on board a claustrofobic ferry journey from Japan to Shanghai where an Englishman and a Japanese girl meet and they both have something to hide I won t give too much away, but it s a real page turner from beginning to end Great book

    6. I just expected , the characters are sad and which makes me wonder how many Western Ralph characters are out there going to Asia to find a much younger wife and a Runa character that is looking for than what is given to her.

    7. Susanna Jones Water Lily My first serious English book, it is interesting the description of the Japanese culture, but I bet I ll get to read better books, it has a little disappointing ending spoiler, but it s a hard to get hands on one

    8. A great story, with an ending i definitely did not expect A real page turner, emotional, a good plot and believable characters and events.

    9. Started really promisingly, created a really tense atmosphere with intriguing characters who were hiding truths from their past but unfortunately, the ending tailed out.

    10. Sparse yet powerful Jones manages to create and maintain a sense of foreboding throughout this book Truly creepy.

    11. Haunting and thought provoking I think novel says a great deal while showing considered restraint Very skilful writing, this one is really resonating with me.

    12. Short and intriguing suspense novel with interesting characters, clashing cultures and an unexpected ending.

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