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The Berlin Boxing Club By Robert Sharenow,

  • Title: The Berlin Boxing Club
  • Author: Robert Sharenow
  • ISBN: 9780062076922
  • Page: 464
  • Format: ebook
  • Sydney Taylor Award winning novel Berlin Boxing Club is loosely inspired by the true story of boxer Max Schmeling s experiences following Kristallnacht Publishers Weekly called it a masterful historical novel in a starred review.Karl Stern has never thought of himself as a Jew after all, he s never even been in a synagogue But the bullies at his school in Nazi era BerSydney Taylor Award winning novel Berlin Boxing Club is loosely inspired by the true story of boxer Max Schmeling s experiences following Kristallnacht Publishers Weekly called it a masterful historical novel in a starred review.Karl Stern has never thought of himself as a Jew after all, he s never even been in a synagogue But the bullies at his school in Nazi era Berlin don t care that Karl s family doesn t practice religion Demoralized by their attacks against a heritage he doesn t accept as his own, Karl longs to prove his worth.Then Max Schmeling, champion boxer and German hero, makes a deal with Karl s father to give Karl boxing lessons A skilled cartoonist, Karl has never had an interest in boxing, but now it seems like the perfect chance to reinvent himself.But when Nazi violence against Jews escalates, Karl must take on a new role family protector And as Max s fame forces him to associate with Nazi elites, Karl begins to wonder where his hero s sympathies truly lie Can Karl balance his boxing dreams with his obligation to keep his family out of harm s way Includes an author s note and sources page detailing the factual inspirations behind the novel.
    The Berlin Boxing Club Sydney Taylor Award winning novel Berlin Boxing Club is loosely inspired by the true story of boxer Max Schmeling s experiences following Kristallnacht Publishers Weekly called it a masterful historic

    One thought on “The Berlin Boxing Club”

    1. 5 StarsI really love this book than what I thought I would I have learned many things from just reading this book This book has been on my want to read list for awhile now and I am glad that I finally had a chance to able to read this book I loved everything about this book I loved that how it was so informational but it was base on how the old days was I would recommend this book to anyone I would for sure read this book again.

    2. Have you ever read a book that you knew had to be shared, not just with a friend or family member, but with the multitudes The Berlin Boxing Club by Robert Sharenow should be read by all teenage boys Fourteen year old Karl Stern has never thought of himself as a Jew But to the bullies at his school in Nazi era Berlin, it doesn t matter that Karl has never set foot in a synagogue or that his family doesn t practice religion Demoralized by relentless attacks on a heritage he doesn t accept as his [...]

    3. Read this review and on my blogIn a nutshell A great historical novel based on the true and new to me story of Max Schmeling, a famous German boxer who helped two Jewish children flee in 1938 I had been meaning to read The Berlin Boxing Club for so long What finally inspired me was seeing it in a recommendations post on Tumblr and it being the only book I hadn t yet read, along with a heap of my favourites It s not necessarily as wow for me personally as some of those books, but I appreciated i [...]

    4. I liked the book s insight but, I couldn t feel the characters emotions It was like reading an autobiography but mostly like reading a textbook of a story.The author has real potential but, rather than showing us, the readers, he continues to tell us what happens, where the MC is, and I did like the story altogether but, I could ve liked it .I found one or two grammar mistakes Our selves should ve been ourselves in one sentence and there was another that needed a capitalized letter I don t reall [...]

    5. This book broke my heart into little pieces Would not you be interested in carrying an apple or, perhaps, some eggs They are fresh from my cousin s farm.I noticed how his coat was frayed His eyes were damp and yellow, betraying his despair as he waited for my answer Sure, I ll bring an apple How about one for your sister Just a few cents.I hesitated In fact, I did not have the extra cents to spend, but Herr Greenberg seemed to need them even than we did All right, I agreed, picking another app [...]

    6. There are layers to the pure and utter crap that this book contains.Seriously, I was left in utter shock of the sheer crappery that is this book.But hey, I m fair Let s start with the positives Boxing The book respectfully portrays the art of boxing People die Actually I m wrong No one dies in this book Death is only in mention and not actually shown in detail Another reason why this book is crap The main character is a fedora wearing brony that probably has a neckbeard In another words, he s an [...]

    7. While I usually really enjoy historical fiction, especially World War II era, this book was a huge letdown Poor writing, 2 dimensional charactersI rolled my eyes any number of times There are many books about this era that would be better worth your time I do, however, find myself interested in the boxing world, Max Schmeling, and Joe Louis A non fiction book, or even a concise fictional book, would interest me But I don t see myself reaching for any other books by this author anytime in the f [...]

    8. Great Book It should be read by all teenage guys Not exacty a girl book, but that doesnt mean girls cant read it That being said there were a few issues with the bookOLENT CONTENT This book is set at the beginning of World War II and it is about boxing so you can expect some violence Karl is beat up a few times Bowing matches are held, sometimes on the radio, blow by blow Kristallnact happens at the end, during which screams are heard and some boys break into Karls house, break things and seriou [...]

    9. I bought this book at a middle school book fair It is young adult, historical fiction based loosely on the true story of Max Schmeling, a boxing star in Nazi Germany After a defeat to Joe Louis and after harboring two Jewish children in his apartment, Hitler was not happy with him any longer, and Max was forcibly drafted into the German paratroopers where he was wounded in combat.But this story is not about him It is about Karl Stern, a young boy bullied at his school in Nazi Berlin, even though [...]

    10. This book was highly enjoyable because it was unique and inspirational There are so many books out there that are the typical all the same Holocaust stories not that I don t love them , but this went a step forward It was unique that there was something else going on in the characters life, which brought an exciting and unique aspect to the book The story brought a lot of inspiration and hope because when times seemed to be so rough for Karl, he persevered and kept his dream alive that Max would [...]

    11. At one point during the reading of this story, my son and I agreed it would be better in cinematic forma nice way to say the story is good the writing not so much The narrator s internal monologue did not seem to fit that of a Jewish teenager in Berlin during Hitler s regime The external dialogue among the characters was very basic, making a mismatch between the mature themes and the weak prose.Three stars for the actual storyline it did generate an interest in Max Schmeling and his boxing caree [...]

    12. My previous foray into historical fiction was pretty blah, so I didn t have high hopes for YA historical fiction about a Jewish boy in Nazi Germany I was pleasantly surprised by the original perspective of the protagonist who is not a practicing Jew and who comes of age at a boxing club amidst some very real, very complex historical figures I only wish the author would have explored the comic book aspect a little I loved the parallels he drew with the new Superman and would have loved to see .

    13. This is one of the better books I ve read in my years It was very action packed and there was never a dull moment I like how it made you feel like you were Jewish in nazi Germany The story was also very realistic in my mind There are no complaints to be had about this book I would highly recommend this book to anybody.

    14. MY OPINION THIS IS AN ESSAY THAT I WROTE ON THIS BOOK FOR SCHOOL THAT COUNTS AS A REVIEWKarl Stern, our protagonist, is born into a Jewish family He does not possess the Jewish qualities that the Nazi Germans make fun of, but his family does Karl doesn t really consider himself as Jewish Page 6 and even states in the beginning of the book that Jews sounded different They acted different They were different I believed they were ruining everything Page 9 He doesn t believe in either the Nazis nor [...]

    15. The Berlin Boxing Club was a book that combined two genres i am passionate about Boxing and World War II Although the book is slightly juvenile and truly meant for a younger audience, i still enjoyed it It was easy to read, flowed well, and held my interest throughout the entire story I enjoyed all of the characters each of them being very unique, and some unexpected The mix between boxing and survival in Berlin in 1935 1940 was a very intriguing idea I enjoyed the balance of both topics and fel [...]

    16. I picked these many stars because i really enjoyed the book, i enjoyed how it involved a real heavy weight boxer Max Schmeling I enjoy reading books that were stationed with WW1 and WW The book was a just right book for me, it wasent too hard or too easy for me Someone else should read this book because they could learn something new, on the back of the book it shows different dates and a description of what happen on that date The book would be better if had a table of contents, theirs some rea [...]

    17. The Berlin Boxing Club is an historical fiction novel about a young secular Jewish teen coming of age in Nazi Germany between 1934 and 1939 Karl Stern has never considered himself a Jew and his Aryan looks have always helped him get away with that But not any After receiving a vicious beating by some former friends turned Hitler Youth bullies, Karl has the good fortune to meet boxing champion Max Schmeling, who knows immediately that he had been beaten up He offers to give Karl boxing lessons at [...]

    18. During this quarter I read the book The Berlin Boxing Club by Robert Sharenow Karl Stern lives in Berlin, Germany with his sister Hildegard and his parents His father is owns an art store but makes very little income Karl is sent on under the table jobs by his dad just so they can try and get by Karl has never thought of himself as Jewish When the war starts, that changes His friends turn against him, his teachers turn against him, even his girlfriend eventually turns against him When famous box [...]

    19. La stella nel pugno un romanzo di formazione ambientato nella Germania degli anni 30, in cui ci vengono narrate le vicissitudini di un giovane ragazzino ebreo la cui vita viene stravolta dal regime.Inizialmente la vita di Karl identica a quella di tutti i bambini tedeschi, e prosegue tranquilla anche durante la diffusione dei primi moti d odio nei confronti degli ebrei grazie al suo aspetto ordinario e al fatto che la sua famiglia non praticante Ma quando alcuni ragazzi della sua scuola vengono [...]

    20. Have you ever had the thirst for a book that was moving, yet at the same time an easy read Well, The Berlin Boxing Club by Robert Sharenow is a magnificent multicultural book that fits this criteria Multicultural books is a genre of literature This genre is specific to each and every reader Multicultural books is when the book s setting is foreign, or unknown, to the reader An example of this is if an African reader was reading about a Native American tribe The Berlin Boxing Club is a historical [...]

    21. I liked this book because it has a lot of humor and it was just very enjoyable I had a really good plot and it was suspenseful every now and then and really interesting I am really into war books, movies, and shows and I just find it cool what things were at the time The characters were interesting and funny I really enjoyed the humor in this book because it s not like humor in other books The characters back stories were interesting as well For example, Karl s father was from WWI and could have [...]

    22. The Berlin boxing club was a very good book It has interesting twist and turns It was cool to see Karl overcome all the rough things thrown at him It was sad to know that this was happening and who knows maybe this did happen to a kid to a tee and everything was the exact thing as in the book.

    23. Imagine you live in a place where you re told you re scum Everyone you ve ever met starts to turn against you because you are what s wrong with the country Why You re Jewish That s what happens to Karl Stern, a boy living in Nazi Germany just before World War II Karl loves art and often helps his father with his art gallery When a friend of his father s, a skilled boxer named Max Schmeling, offers boxing lessons as payment for a painting, Karl jumps at the opportunity As he becomes invested in [...]

    24. Over the past couple weeks I read The Berlin Boxing Club by Robert Sharenow I thought it was a great book throughout It is in the point of view of Karl Stern who happens to have Jewish heritage in the makings of Nazi Germany He never thinks of himself as Jewish and keeps his heritage a secret, but somehow bullies at his school find out and harass him In the beginning, his parents disillusion him to the situation his father s art gallery has been put in by the Nazis He starts out the book as a lo [...]

    25. I just finished the Berlin Boxing Club by Robert Sharenow, a Realistic Historical fiction piece set in Nazi Germany and based on the true story of legendary boxer Max Schmeling The book follows a boy named Karl Stern who takes a great interest in cartooning from an early age and cherishes it throughout his life as a way to get away from tensions he faces Karl is a frail boy and is beaten on a daily basis by a gang of bullies This combined with the fact that he has a Jewish ancestry make him the [...]

    26. The book The Berlin Boxing Club by Robert Sharenow follows the life of one young Karl Stern during the rise of the Nazi party in Berlin, Germany Other important characters include his younger sister, his mother, his father, and Max Schleming The plot of this historical fiction novel is based around the real life boxing champion Max Schleming, who did actually help save two young Jewish children Karl Stern is a Jewish teenager who looks nothing like the Nazi propaganda posters say he should As su [...]

    27. This was an unbelievable book It was a truly touching, inspirational story, and a great eyeopener to the horrors that were performed during the great depression.Alongside that fact, a couple specific sentences really hit home for me The first one appeared after his parents had a major fight around page 180 Race and religion didn t seem to matter in the ring, or if they mattered, they were points of pride or distinction This one has a really strong meaning, even if it were unintended It goes with [...]

    28. This powerful and thought provoking novel set in Berlin from 1934 to 1938 dramatically chronicles the impact of Hitler s rise to power through the eyes of Karl Stern After suffering a humiliating beating by some pro Nazi bullies, the 13 year old happily accepts the chance to be coached by Max Schmeling, the champion boxer he meets at a reception in his father s art gallery Boxing has never been one of Karl s interests, but it becomes his main focus Prior to his humiliation at school, drawing car [...]

    29. The Berlin Boxing Club was a very well written book by Robert Sharenow This was the first book I have read by this author and since first impressions are key it s important to note that I would read another book by him The book starts out with a boy named Karl who goes to school in Germany He is a Jewish boy and boys pick on him constantly One day a gang of boys beats him up Franz threw several punches at my face, landing on my eye and the side of my mouth p.12 This is a quote from one of the fi [...]

    30. Aimed at young adults, this provides a very different view of the oppression of the Jews under Nazi Germany Karl doesn t think of himself as Jewish, even though his grandparents were He s never been to synagogue, and his parents are non observant His father s only passion is for modern art, and he has taught Karl that the beliefs of Judaism are too old fashioned.That doesn t matter to the Nazis, as they slowly change the laws and the rules of society Karl s only escape is into the world of boxin [...]

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