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Sleeping with the Enemy By Nancy Price,

  • Title: Sleeping with the Enemy
  • Author: Nancy Price
  • ISBN: 9780425127926
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • She is a stranger in a small town She changed her name Her looks Her life All to escape the most dangerous man she ever met her husband.
    Sleeping with the Enemy She is a stranger in a small town She changed her name Her looks Her life All to escape the most dangerous man she ever met her husband

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    1. 4 stars Worthwhile read about a woman escaping a physically abusive husband Fulfilling feeling at the end.I saw the movie years ago The book is better One part of the movie annoyed me stupid frustrating act of the mother In the movie Martin visits the mother in a nursing home pretending to be a cop He tells her that he needs to contact Sara to warn her about something with Martin The mother stupidly tells him where Sara is The book is different and better on this part Sara does smart things But [...]

    2. For the first time in my life I have to say the film is better than the book I was really looking forward to a real psychological thriller like Sliver or Single White Female, but I was very disappointed The characters are all a bit cringe worthy, and I was surprised that a book written by a woman made so many allusions to the heroine s round breasts I think that phrase is used at least once a chapter The bad guy isn t bad enough and the love interest is a sap The writing is good in parts, especi [...]

    3. To everyone else Laura Burney has a perfect life except that her charming husband Martin is a cruel abuser He purposely takes her on boating outings knowing that she is afraid of the water The reader discovers that as a little girl she fails to save her brother from drowning while they are swimming She decides to take swimming lessons in order to fake her death the next time Martin takes her out in the boat in a storm She makes it to a small town where a drama teacher named Ben becomes obsessed [...]

    4. Although initially excited to read this, I started to feel quite let down the I read The writing wasn t especially groundbreaking, and much of the book was filler in my opinion, it could ve been a lot shorter I think the story itself is great, but on this occasion I would have to say that the film is far superior I was simply relieved when I turned the last page.

    5. One of those rare ocassions where the movie was better than the book I m not even sure why I finished it, perhaps to see how the ending differed from the movie.So, I have a few complaints The writing was so choppy and juvenile The paragraphs would have 2 differen topics in them with no relation And what was wrong with Ben, every sentence was about him being angry and mad And what grown man thinks in terms of trying to score and doing it So juvenile and embarassing He also kept thinking how if he [...]

    6. This was one of those sickening but compelling books that I just could not put down I keep very few of the books that I read because while I have a book case in every room of my house, there s only so much room that I have, so I only keep the books that effect me deeply or that I think are very good and they are not always one and the same This book is on my shelf and will stay there.The really creepy thing to me, though, is that the man she ends up with the good guy the guy who is not her husba [...]

    7. The first time I read this book, I was horrified at the story, while being enchanted with the beauty of the storytelling This time a single exchange stood out You want respect, the young man said Your own job, your own house, your own money Yes That s what I want first Larry put one ankle on his knee, lifted his bearded chin, and fixed blue eyes on Ben under heavy black brows Respect Not the kind we give women I want the kind men get.

    8. I have a relative who has been in a very similar relationship with an ex husband, making this book seem so very real It was a bit much the movie is over in an hour and half, but the book continues on for quite a bit longer than that But Nancy Price has a way with words, and as she writes about the emotional turmoil in each of the character s minds, it s as if she s been through it all herself While the story was incredibly stressful to read, it hit the nail on the head with all aspects of an abu [...]

    9. Sleeping With the Enemy is a book Um, I watch this every single time it s on TV Aaahhhhh, the cans are all lined up in the cabinet so I will clearly read this pronto Thank you for recommending this after I told you that I m reading Beaches.

    10. This book is just great It s about a woman s stuggle to get free of her abusive husband It s shows how much strength a person can have This book is amazing

    11. This book has such vivid descriptions of places and people, appeals to all the senses I especially enjoy the author s ability to describe food in such an enticing way Also, she s a genius with character, and all the complex nuances of who we are even the good guys are not 100% good in this book.The author does an interesting thing with point of view by going into the heads of many of the characters, including ones who are very secondary characters so that we may get a thorough view of the story, [...]

    12. Oh goodness I don t even know what I think about this book The people who said the movie is better are correct It wasn t bad, but it was kind of flat I m concerned about the author s experiences with men She seems to hate them, based on how she writes them In the movie, Ben is a kind, sympathetic man who truly cares for Sara Laura and I really like his character But he s sullen, bitter, misogynistic and mean in the book, yet he s supposed to be the romantic lead and I m supposed to be happy Sara [...]

    13. I read this while in high school and was braver lol It s definitely a thriller, so scary in parts, but riveting It s about a woman who is married to a very controlling and dangerous man Over time, she decides she wants to leave him, so she plans out this very crazy plan to fake her death There s a movie out about this as well starring Julia Roberts and it s every bit as scary as the book.

    14. Forget the movie The book is genius I read it every few years For the story, the writing And for the food Really The food is awesome Read about that here suannelaqueurwrites litera

    15. I am very disappointed by this book I have loved the movie for years and had this book on my read list for a long time, but I have to say the movie is much better than the book Sara is married to an alcoholic, physically, mentally, emotionally abusive bottom of the totem pole computer salesman She plans her escape as the book description states and creates a new life far away in a small town in Iowa In the movie she becomes friends with a kind, caring, bright, unimposing man named Ben who lives [...]

    16. I re read this, since the author is a local celebrity and I m helping with the current Cedar Falls Authors Festival I lived in the Seerley Park neighborhood for 23 years, which is the setting for most of the book One of the things I loved about living there, was knowing the history it had from this book and the movie by the same name All of us knew which house was Ben s house, which one was Sara s house and which one was the author s house I think when I first read it in the early 90 s , I would [...]

    17. This book was kind of a mess, and, although I normally never say this, I think the movie was done skillfully The author offers glimpses into the mind of both the good and bad male characters to be honest, they didn t seem all that different to me Both Martin and Ben harbor disturbingly juvenile, chauvinistic, demeaning thoughts towards women neither made for very likable protagonistsrhaps that was the author s point There were several underlying themes regarding gender roles and the choices tha [...]

    18. I have wanted to read this book ever since I saw the film with Julia Roberts, which I thought was excellent There are a few minor differences between book and film but the story is basically the same a woman s struggle to escape from an abusive relationship.The writing is good, almost poetic at times and the story moves along smoothly However, I felt there was a touch of remoteness about it, almost as though the author was not quite engaged with the characters I think the film actually gives a b [...]

    19. I actually read this book when I was a freshman in high school I had seen the movie on tv and LOVED it, so I decided to pick up the book I loved the book as well, although the ending is different I preferred the movie ending if you can believe it, even though the rest of the book was pretty amazing Just about what you d expectense, emotional, suspenseful, and it kept me on the edge of my seat.

    20. This book was pretty good I did like the way the movie ended better as it was much resolved Here I finished and looked for a possible missing page But the characters were colorful and the suspense intense The Martin character reminded me of the Norman character from one of my favorite Stephen King books Rose Red Both are violent, vicious woman haters and we see them spiraling into madness, a scary journey we experience firsthand.

    21. I m definitely a fan of the movie and the first half of the book is very similar the main difference is her job as Laura and also the ending It was interesting to get background on the characters, but the writing style of the book was confusing and head hopped from one character to another in scenes.Wouldn t recommend the book watch the movie instead.

    22. the world is full of crazy people ,, that is true escaping ,, running away and starting a new life might be not enough to get rid of the past the only solution is cutting it from the root I watched the movie only and I dun know why , I guess that reading the book wont be very interesting

    23. Sara Burney does everything she can to keep her husband happy stacking tins in the cupboard just one tin high, all with labels facing forward edges of towels in the bathroom all neatly lined up on the rod dinner on time home on time everything immaculate just perfect as he wants it, her, to be but everyone makes mistakes However, when Sara Burney makes mistakes, her husband Martin makes sure she remembers it He punches, kicks, knocks her down steps He s broken her toe, her wrist, damaged her spl [...]

    24. Is the book better than the movie This popular movie about domestic violence with Julia Roberts definitely brings the essence of this book to the big screen and adds an additional layer of sit on the edge of jump out of your cinema seat suspense I m a huge fan of everything Julia so I am being a bit bias here I ve watched the movie a half dozen times over the years So why should you read the book The screenplay just skims the plot off the top There is so much goodness to be had The author, Nanc [...]

    25. A few weeks ago I visited relatives in Cedar Falls, Iowa We went for a walk one day to a block wide city park, where I noticed a plaque dedicated to Nancy Price, a writer who lived on the west side of the park, and who set her only famous novel Sleeping with the Enemy in a house on the east side I was dimly aware of the Julia Roberts movie, but I had never heard of the author, so I was curious The book is far better than I expected I would rank it at least as high as the best of Mary Higgins Cla [...]

    26. He hit me and it felt like a kiss , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .He hurt me but it felt like true loveJim taught me thatLoving him was never enough

    27. Spoilers alert The book is about Laura Burney, young woman living in a small town with her charming husband Martin, except that the so called husband is not so charming, but rather an abusive man Despite the fact that she married him while being deeply in love with him, she somehow ended up in a violent abusive relationshipWhen she decided she couldn t take it any , she made up a plan to escape her worst enemy, her husband She planned everything, from the accident, to the spare clothing, the wig [...]

    28. I ve loved the movie for so long, watched it every time it was on TV, had no idea it was a book I found it one day at a thrift shop after work, and now I ve finally read it, years later.It was good suspenseful, intense, dark I read through it relatively fast, it never got boring, that s for sure But I do have to say, I did not like it as much as the movie I didn t love the characters of Sara Laura the fact that in the movie she s Laura turned Sara, while in the book she s Sara turned Laura confu [...]

    29. This book was disappointing.Not to say it isn t well written it is The author has a clear gift for choppy writing, lines that make you think, and feminist undertones Nancy Price creates a protagonist that you can t help but root for The bravery and cleverness that Sara Burney shows is incomparable If you re expecting a thriller, however, I wouldn t recommend it A lot of the narrative is drawn out There are a lot of unneeded references to the curve of Sara s breast And there is a lot of nauseatin [...]

    30. I don t know why it took me so long to read this book The movie is one of my all time favorites and after reading the book, I enjoyed it just as well The book and the movie are very different but both still work Enjoyed that it is all set in my home town and it is fun to try to recognize places in Cedar Falls and on the UNI campus Well worth the read Now I will go look up the houses on Tremont Street

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