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Arcosanti: An Urban Laboratory? By Paolo Soleri,

  • Title: Arcosanti: An Urban Laboratory?
  • Author: Paolo Soleri
  • ISBN: 9780932238276
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
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    Arcosanti An Urban Laboratory None

    One thought on “Arcosanti: An Urban Laboratory?”

    1. Arcosanti An Urban Laboratory is a series of 63 single page topics to thought about, meditated over, it is almost a religious text and the preface is by a professor of theology For extensive quotes from the book and a reflection on a visit to Arcosanti itself with pictures, see Architecture in the Desert 2 Arcosanti

    2. An interesting outline for a new style of urban planning, focusing on architecture combined with ecology or arcology , Soleri expresses his ideas clearly and concisely, with a brief explanation on how that specific idea would be implemented in Arcosanti More suited towards someone looking for a primer in Soleri s unique architectural vision rather than the lay reader.

    3. Soleri s prose is often dense and almost impenetrable This book is the exception If you are curious about his ideas about urban planning, this a good place to start.

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