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  • Title: Crimson
  • Author: Shirley Conran
  • ISBN: 9780671501495
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Elinor, a legendary novelist, is on her deathbed and must decide to whom she will leave her fortune Which, if any, of her three granddaughters will inherit Beautiful Annabel, Miranda, the brilliant businesswoman, or Clare, the film producer s wife with a social conscience
    Crimson Elinor a legendary novelist is on her deathbed and must decide to whom she will leave her fortune Which if any of her three granddaughters will inherit Beautiful Annabel Miranda the brilliant bu

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    1. Wow, loved it Twists and surprises I never saw coming About the O Dare family Elinor O Dare raises her 3 granddaughters after their parents die in an accident Elinor is a romance writer, a profession that was decided for her by her husband Billy He would lock her in a bedroom until she wrote what he approved of After his accidental maybe death she raises the girls by herself Claire is the oldest and she marries a Filmmaker has a son with him, then leaves him when she finds him in their bed with [...]

    2. To me, this book was like an old car, it sputtered from not being able to put down, to totally dragging The middle is where I had the hardest time I am not in the vaguest sense interested in law or business and Conran delves into that a little too much for my liking I enjoyed the intricate relationships of the sisters and their men, and liked reading about Elinor s early life with Billy At times,it was difficult for me to keep up with each couple, though I got some of the men and which sister th [...]

    3. Interesting story but not very well written Full of questionable plot devices as though the author used the first thing that came to mind even though there were many reasons why it didn t really work.

    4. Rounding up from a 2.5 the title is dumb other than random mentions of the color what was the point Book was too heavy on summary the author just kept telling me what happened instead of letting me experience the story Otherwise eh.

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