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Consumed By Love By Pavarti K. Tyler,

  • Title: Consumed By Love
  • Author: Pavarti K. Tyler
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Consumed by Love is the story of a couple who must face one partner s supernatural transformation This short piece is written in the style of a classic horror story with a dark take on the addictive nature of love.
    Consumed By Love Consumed by Love is the story of a couple who must face one partner s supernatural transformation This short piece is written in the style of a classic horror story with a dark take on the addictive n

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    1. To consume, such a glutinous statement We hear it all the time, Oh I am so full, I think I consumed enough for two people or that ever oh so dramatic thing that many of us are guilty of letting out, I am consumed with rage or hate, with remorse or with love We consume and are consumed every day with emotions, struggling each day and choosing to react or respond to these desires For most of us, we keep a tap on the hedonistic pleasure of our consumption, whether it be bacon, chocolate or a second [...]

    2. Consumed by Love by Pavarti Devi is a wickedly twisted short story filled with perverse love and sadistic carnal desires What s happening to Hugo isn t natural, yet his lust for flesh, for blood, seeps from his very core He has always known this change would take place and with the passing of his father, an Abenaki chief, he expected it Though he wasn t quite prepared for what was stirring inside of him and the hunger it brought forth.As the days passed after Hugo s father s death, Bree watched [...]

    3. I m kind of liking this short story ebook trend that is going around these days I think it s a good way to show off writing styles and I must to admit that I pick up the skinnier books first these days purely because of time limits and because if the book is long you can be pretty sure that I will ignore everything else and read the book until it is finished which is never a good plan Anyway, Consumed by Love is a love story that I do not remotely relate to because let s face it I don t believe [...]

    4. One of the great things about being a book blogger is finding books you d not have read were it not for other book bloggers Pav has written a book that is unique in so many ways I love outside the box everything books too of course and boy does this book deliver Erotic horror Lust, passion, hunger ah to be desired so But is it wise to give oneself so completely Pav has such a unique spin on love, on too much love I should say How blinding it can be and how destructive for all As always with a sh [...]

    5. When you give yourself to me, completely, I will bite you Until then, my love, I will only nibble on you Tina Carreiro, Power of the Moon N gadopi Nizwia Abenaki for I am hungry, my spouse Hugo s health deteriorates at an alarming rate and his wife Bree is forced to quit work to take care of him full time despite her attentive ministrations, Bree sees no improvement in her husband s condition so she finally decides to call his sister Rita for advice Rita pleads with her to bring Hugo back to the [...]

    6. Addiction and compulsion, add a bit of aboriginal mysticism and transformation with a slightly co dependent love and you can arrive in an interesting place Nothing quite as interesting as the scenario that Pavarti K Tyler sets with this short story, but the elements that we are told signify true love self sacrifice and thinking of the other first are all evident I could have obsessed over Hugo and Bree Abenaki legend was common where I used to live, and many of the old stories and tales from leg [...]

    7. This is a very short story of only about 5000 words I read it in about half an hour I will say that it is not for the faint of heart I can honestly say that I do not know what the main character in this short story is Some kind of transformation is taking place changing him from Human to something resembling a demon You learn through the story that Hugo comes from an Indian heritage and the family has an issue with something taking over their body When Hugo s father dies in the beginning, he goe [...]

    8. First I would like to Thank FMB Tours for allowing me to be a part of this tour I have to say this Novella is not for the faint at heart What would you do for love Would you kill for love Would you walk away from Love What would you do if you do if you knew that love would cause you to change and become someone your not would you still do it These are some of the questions Hugo is faced with He knows he is becoming something else but he always knew that because his father told him The only thing [...]

    9. Consumed by Love has officially stopped me from ever picking up another book by this author unless I get convinced to give her another shot I usually am not disgusted with gore or violence, but this book crossed a line for me It made me feel sick to my stomach I honestly don t know what to say about this book The author s writing wasn t bad, but I couldn t get past what the story was I liked the alternating ways she wrote the short story I didn t like Hugo for obvious reasons if you read the sto [...]

    10. However, evil is like water it seeps into all the cracks until it s overflowing from within.Hugo and Bree lead a simple yet happy life, until Hugo s father died Since then, Hugo can t stay focused and began wasting away, not hungry for anything his wife cooked any Bree is desperate to save her love, willing to do whatever it takes to restore him to himself But love isn t enough to satisfy what he s become.This story is mixed with Indian lore, citing the old ways as how his father and family live [...]

    11. PictureIf you are considering Consumed by Love, ask yourself these questions Do you like horror Do you like the paranormal Do you like graphic scenes Do you like novellas You ll have to answer at least yes to the first three for this book It is not for the faint of heart This is a story of a man who goes through a supernatural change at the detriment of his wife who is willing to give up her life out of love.Pavarti K Tyler is a very talented author who gives you just enough information while le [...]

    12. One man, one woman they fall in love, they marry and they live happily ever after, or do they What would you do for the price of love What would you give to make the love of your life happy, healthy, and here with you forever That is the question Tyler asks in this jam packed story of all consuming love The characters, Hugo and Bree are so well written that within a few sentences you are transported into their home, watching the story play out in front of you You will literally eat this tale up [...]

    13. Full review here zodiacbookreviewsConsumed by Love is a short story about the lengths one will go for love Bree watches as her husband slowly changes into Something Else What that is, I can t really tell you, but it drives Hugo to cannibalism which is gross, ew Hugo s sister warns Bree not to let it go too far and to bring him home to the reservation where they can help him, but the warnings are not heeded.I could tell you what happens after that, but then there would be no surprises I m not sur [...]

    14. Fantastic journey into the darknessPavarti uses 3rd omniscient very well to give both lovers perspective as the world they know crumbles to bits, dissolving in a flurry of blood and passion.My favorite quote, possibly from anything I ve read was Evil is like water it seeps through the cracks and overflows from within Pavarti s depictions of the love making scenes are titillating, and I m difficult to impress Neil Gaiman s American God s sex scene gave me the best cliterection so far, but contend [...]

    15. The words flow beautifully past the carnage of their desire I felt a pang of sorrow for not only Bree and even Hugo, as I realized the damning affect of their love Is it possible to be truly consumed by love, not in the sense of losing one s outer body, but one s inner self I think it is quite possible to be blinded by the need to please someone and sustain them to a point where the giver is lost in that simple act of salvation.This is a graphic tale by its nature, but the underlying message is [...]

    16. A dark read of the power of one over another How far would you go for love This tale had so much mystery surrounding it with a touch of horror I was intrigued but definitely would have enjoyed as a novel or longer novella So many questions left unanswered and I am still thinking about it I want to know where does his family come from Who are they What is this language they speak Why would he return home to be saved and lead them Why did he start to transform after his father died So many questi [...]

    17. A true horror story Pavarti takes you on a voyage over monstrous seas, and crashes you into an isle of monstrous love Reminds me, for the creep factor and shocking scenes, of Stephen King s Dreamcatcher.

    18. I will replay this story in my head over and over again for a long time This was a dark and well written story and now I m looking forward to reading from this author.

    19. Pav shows a nature skill in her writing that carries you page to page, her natural passion for life shows in her story line and how she makes you feel the characters

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