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Poirot's Early Cases By Agatha Christie,

  • Title: Poirot's Early Cases
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9780007121137
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • Still in the most formative years of his career, Hercule Poirot faces a most taxing case Who killed Lord Cronshaw No sooner has he solved that mystery, than he is presented with 17 other cases.The Affair at the Victory BallThe Adventure of the Clapham CookThe Cornish MysteryThe Adventure of Johnnie WaverlyThe Double ClueThe King of ClubsThe Lemesurier InheritanceThe LostStill in the most formative years of his career, Hercule Poirot faces a most taxing case Who killed Lord Cronshaw No sooner has he solved that mystery, than he is presented with 17 other cases.The Affair at the Victory BallThe Adventure of the Clapham CookThe Cornish MysteryThe Adventure of Johnnie WaverlyThe Double ClueThe King of ClubsThe Lemesurier InheritanceThe Lost MineThe Plymouth ExpressThe Chocolate BoxThe Submarine PlansThe Third Floor FlatDouble SinThe Market Basing MysteryWasps NestThe Veiled LadyProblem at SeaHow Does Your Garden Grow
    Poirot s Early Cases Still in the most formative years of his career Hercule Poirot faces a most taxing case Who killed Lord Cronshaw No sooner has he solved that mystery than he is presented with other cases The Aff

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    1. To have patience with stupidity is difficult for the quick witted Some are great, some less as it almost always happens with short stories, after all Personally, I have a prediliction for Wasps Nest, while The Third Floor Flat was probably the most unsatisfactory of them all how could he think he would never be implied in that homicide TSTL criminals are so not my type.Poirot, on the other hand, is as adorable and brainy as ever It would be only silly of me to deny that he is the love of my life [...]

    2. Dari sejak SD, saya merasa tergelitik dengan pertanyaan, Mana yang lebih hebat, Sherlock Holmes atau Hercule Poirot Doyle atau Christie.Ok, kalo yang dibandingkan adalah segi kepopuleran dan pengaruh, maka Holmes sama sekali tak tertandingi Menurut Guinness Book of Record, karakter Holmes adalah karakter yang paling banyak dimainkan dalam film dibandingkan tokoh apapun Tercatat lebih dari 70 aktor berperan sebagai dia di lebih dari 200 film Siapa pula yang tak mengenal cara mengambil kesimpulan [...]

    3. Kao sto naslov kaze, kolekcija kratkih prica koja se bavi slucajevima dok M Poari nije postao sve poznato ime pa sem zadnje P Iskreno receno dok su slucajevi interesantni kratak format im ne daje da se bas mesta da se razmasu tako da sve bude gotovo pre nego sto se i zgreje stolica dok citas Ali sitni detalji kako M Poaro reaguje na sve je ono sto me uvek razgali i bude simpa da se cita dalje.Sem toga nemam sta puno reci, ko voli Poaroa nema sta da izgubi citajuci ovo.

    4. It was fun to read these short stories Some of them were quite interesting and some were just fine and others were just very predictable I have rated all the stories individually but as a whole this book deserves 3.5 stars in my opinion.

    5. And this ends a long overdue Agatha Christie reading binge Every one of these short stories presented such a delightful puzzle, I will always enjoy re reading and enjoying them Poirot and Hastings, and of course AC, never disappoint

    6. Kalau mau kenalan awal sama Poirot, buku kumcer ini bisa jadi pilihan yang tepat Walau di sini, dengan keberadaan Hasting yang mengingatkan saya pada Watson agak terasa kemiripan dengan Sherlock Holmes Beberapa kasus dalam buku ini juga mengingatkan saya pada beberapa kasus Sherlock, seperti misalnya yang Rancangan Kapal Selam sama Pemerasan dengan Surat Lady siapa itu, tapi tentu saja dengan ending mengejutkan khas Agatha Christie Poirot di sini seperti kata Mbak Ajjah seperti bentuk pemberonta [...]

    7. Agatha renditi conto che nei racconti perlomeno in questi facevi abbastanza pena.Ma questo non cambia nulla fra noi, ok Con affetto,Emanuele

    8. This collection of short stories are all together amusing But they lack the character development and the intricate unfolding of each case that I usually find in Christie s novels But, still, if you re a fan of hers, it s a definite must read.

    9. Mostly hits, a couple of misses, many classic Christie stories with the little grey cells on full display Time spent with Hercule Poirot is always time well spent I have seen many of these done with David Suchet it is interesting to contrast the short story with the way the tv portrays it Hastings is much a comic foil on tv, and some of the stories become farcical in the hands of the television writers It is good to go back to the originals and readjust my reading taste buds Highly recommended [...]

    10. zbirkakratkih pri a s po etka karijere najpoznatijeg Belgijanca Nije vrhunsko djelo, ali otkriva neke zanimljive detalje iz ivota malog detektiva Z aljubitelje AC obavezno tvo.

    11. A really nice collection of short stories Some stories are almost identical to other short stories The submarine Plans The Incredible Theft and The Market Basing Mystery Murder in the Mews and at least one The Plymouth Express is a short version of the Poirot full length novel The Mystery of the Blue Train But every story is enjoyable, with Poirot at his best.

    12. Un volum ce cuprinde povestiri scurte care l au ca personaj principal pe atat de cunoscutul detectiv Hercule Poirot Un Hercule Poirot t n r, energic, n plin glorie care se str duie s demosntreze cu fiecare caz mai complicat c t de bine i func ioneaz micu ele celule cenu ii Volumul Agathei Cristhie cu titlul Primele cazuri ale lui Poirot a ap rut la editura Litera n seria Hercule Poirot n anul 2015 c nd s au mplinit 125 de ani de la na terea autoarei.

    13. Me ha gustado mucho este compendio de relatos sobre los primeros casos del detective m s famoso de la historia de la literatura despu s de Sherlock Holmes Todos en general son buenos, aunque algunos destacan por el final inesperado y los giros argumentales que tanto le gustaban a su autora.Sobra decir que yo, con Agatha Christie, soy incapaz de ser imparcial.

    14. I normally don t enjoy short stories, however, this book felt somehow different to all the others I read and I enjoyed most of the stories.I think some of them would be even better if they were a bit longer, like The Adventure of Jonnhie Waverly and The Veiled Lady Others were perfect the way they were and managed to keep me holding on and surprise me with the ending even with just a few pages, such as Problem at Sea.Most of them I already knew from the David Suchet s movies, which are so good t [...]

    15. I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie Each story is unique yet familiar, the main characters are developed, idiosyncratic, flawed but appealing I particularly like these short stories as all my mundane chores can be broken up with a cuppa and a tale I really enjoy the escapism but feel that I am also being educated as the vocabulary is sublime Looking forward to my next dose of Poirot already.

    16. Poirot short stories The ones used for the early ITV David Suchet series.Very, very reminiscent of Conan Doyle For Holmes and Watson, read Poirot and Capt.Hastings.Good, solid plotting and manipulation of rather stock characters, but enjoyable fun and puzzles.

    17. Surprising as Agatha Christie can be in her books It s worth reading This book is a collection of short stories Hope to read of Monsieur Hercule Poirot

    18. A nice collection of 18 short stories featuring Hercule Poirot Some of the stories also are shared with other book collections by the author This collection contains the following stories The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly, The Adventure of the Clapham Cook, The Affair of the Victory Ball, The Chocolate Box, The Cornish Mystery, The Double Clue, Double Sin, How Does Your Garden Grow , The King of Clubs, The Lemesurier Inheritance, Lost Mine, Market Basing Mystery, The Plymouth Express, Problem at [...]

    19. Daca fiecare roman al Agathei ar fi rezumat si ar ramane doar la cateva elemente esentiale, atunci am avea volumul asta de povestiri De placut, mi a placut Si cred ca mi au placut povestirile pentru ca sunt concise, nu mai sunt tehnicile alea plictisitoare Am remarcat si ca unele povestiri au fost transformate in romane Expresul de Plymouth este 100% Misterul trenului albastru , de la indicii pana la personaje, desi numele sunt putin schimbate.

    20. This is an entertaining collection of eighteen well written short stories featuring Hercule Poirot If you haven t read any of Agatha Christie s Poirot stories, then this collection would be a good place to start I felt that Poirot came over as less arrogant and sure of himself than he is in some of the books and he even tells Hastings about one case where he felt he failed.The stories are narrated by Poirot s friend, Hastings and cover a variety of crimes including murder, kidnapping and theft I [...]

    21. Poirot had a good opinion of Japp s abilities, though deploring his lamentable lack of method, but I, for my part, considered that the detective s highest talent lay in the gentle art of seeking favours under the guise of conferring them musings of Captain Hastings in the affair at the victory ball Well that sums it up nicely, doesn t it With the neat little revelation that it is Captain Hastings actually who detests Japp than Poirot, apparently.And by the way, Poirot s early cases was a reason [...]

    22. A book to keep at the cabin or to read on vacation You wont mind if your flight is delayed for twenty minutes because it will give you time enough to read another story I was struck at how closely modeled these mysteries were on the Sherlock Holmes stories that appeared in the Strand a fact Christie herself winks at throughout Good fun with only a few politically incorrect statements to make the 21st century reader squirm a bit, and these are invariably spoken by the unlikable characters anyway. [...]

    23. 4.5 estrellasMe encantaron estas historias cortas de Poirot Hay de muchos estilos, algunas m s sorprendentes que otras, pero todas cuentan con la magistral habilidad del detective para ver en peque os detalles las pistas para resolver los casos.Destaco El caso del baile de la Victoria, Doble pista, La caja de bombones, Nido de avispas donde Poirot evita un asesinato y Problema en el mar.

    24. Agatha Christie s short stories are usually very easy to digest and the eighteen of them in this book is no exception As hinted by in the review, this is early stories, and combined with being short stories mean that they lack in depth On the other hand they are each interesting small and amusing puzzles so I don t miss the depth at all.A nice book to have by the bed, for consumption one short story at a time.

    25. Amazing book It was my first Agatha Christie so my cousin recommended a Poirot one I fell in love with his way of solving mysteries in the first sorry and now I can t wait to get another of Poirot s books

    26. A totally enjoyable collection of short stories all staring Hercule Poirot I limited myself to one story a day to prolong my reading pleasure.

    27. I did not read the whole book, as I have read some of the stories in this book in other Agatha Christie books I focused on reading those short stories I had not read before, marked with a The Affair at the Victory BallAfter a Victory Ball, Lord Cronshaw and his girlfriend were found dead he stabbed in the super room she, the next day of a cocaine overdose.Poirot is asked to look over the case and works with Inspector Japp to figure out who murdered them There were costumes and mistaken identity [...]

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