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Disenchanted By Kelley Armstrong,

  • Title: Disenchanted
  • Author: Kelley Armstrong
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 355
  • Format: ebook
  • This novella is no longer published online but can be found in Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 1This is the story of Tory Simon after Chloe Derek got off the bus.
    Disenchanted This novella is no longer published online but can be found in Darkest Powers Bonus Pack This is the story of Tory Simon after Chloe Derek got off the bus

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    1. KELLEY PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, id be on my knees right now if i hadn t broken my legs in a car accident two years agotually you know what ill get on them anyway PLEEEEEASE WRITE ANOTHER All i want for Christmas is another Darkest Powers Book i ve read each and every one of your books even the graphic novels at least twice or aside from Elena and Clay, just so were clear im naming my next son Clay if only id found your books when the first one was born Chloe and Derek are my faves and it makes m [...]

    2. But now I think of those months in Lyle House with my mother pushing me to overcome my problem, only to doc over she d known all along that j couldn t overcome them That she was responsible for those problems Then I d think about what she said in the warehouse, all the things she said I wish I wasn t her daughter I hope she s happy with Lara Silly, vapid Lara I hope she realizes, someday, that I was the child she could have been proud of, if only she d bothered getting to know me I liked how in [...]

    3. The is a third installment of Kelley Armstrong s free online fiction for The Darkest Powers Series This story is located on Armstrong s blog here.This story covers the time while Tori and Simon were separated from Derek and Chloe This story was quite entertaining The beginning two chapters were clever and humorous with the change I don t want to spoil it for anyone It was nice to see this story from a third perspective I think Armstrong is a fantastic author, and it is amazing to see such a grea [...]

    4. Really good story about Tori and Simon on their way to Andrew s while worrying about Chloe and Derek Reading from Simon s PoV was alright, but I really liked reading from Tori s it gave a better perspective on her, and she s funny.

    5. Oh, Tori I appreciate how I went from hating you, to being annoyed by you, to feeling sorry for you, to being happy for your character growth I hope something good happens to you.

    6. This was another good novella I really appreciated reading this from Tori s POV Makes me like or at least understand her a bit .I can see why Tori doesn t get along with any of the others She has a fundamental different personality trait that isn t compatible with them Derek has a bit of it too which is probably why they don t get along either.Again not much plot wise happened that didn t happen in book 2 so there were any great insights I find it funny though that both groups got carded for bei [...]

    7. No estan mal como historias cortas aunque tampoco aportan nada nuevo Pese a esto me ha gustado ver el punto de vista de Derek y Tori Me he quedado un poco mosca por la propension que tienen a encontrar cadaveres por todos lados.

    8. So we get a book about Simon and Tori s journey when Derek and Chloe misses the bus Well it is definitely different and nice to know what is going through their brains too, but I don t think I would miss anything by skipping this book It was interesting, and I guess that should do

    9. In the second book, Awakened, they mentioned what lead some change in feelings, but I was still left wondering what really happened This was a great way to better fill in the blanks of what happened while they were separated It was great that the author showed two perspectives on this book It gave detail and a better understanding of what happened I thought it was intriguing how Simon showed his side of the story It showed how he cared for certain people, but didn t really care for a certain pe [...]

    10. When Victoria and Simon wake up on the bus without Chloe and Derek they must decide what to do now Do they have a chance of finding their missing companions before Edison groups finds them This first person narrative begins in Simon s point of view before switching to Tori s for the majority of the story To be honest other than maybe offering a little insight into that characters of Tori and Simon this story adds nothing to the series It doesn t even quite fit with the books First both Chloe an [...]

    11. READ ONLINE WHILE IT WAS STILL FREE.Review Rating 4 out of 5When Chloe and Derek get off the bus and separate from Tori and Simon, what exactly happens with them Read this short story and find out.The plot of this short story is between Chapter 28 and Chapter 37 around page 309 of The Awakening However, I suggest reading the book first and then read this short story.Unlike the other short stories, this one is good to have out of the books Why Because it doesn t have the same depth or feeling as [...]

    12. This short story takes place during The Awakening While Chloe and Derek are separated from the others, Simon and Tori must try to get along long enough to get to Andrew s house without killing each other.This is the third story that Kelley Armstrong wrote to coincide with her Darkest Powers trilogy Unlike the previous two, this one is narrated by Tori Enright, rather than Derek Souza Well and a little bit of it is told from Simon Bae s perspective too Just the first chapter though I really enjoy [...]

    13. Tori, my dear Tori.I ll admit I m guilty of shipping Simon Tori through the last book This one made me change perspectives, kind of In a good way I guess I understood what complexities lie behind their relationship I can t help thinking what a good team they d be together if they had spent time together They will, right Considering the ending of the third book Also, Derek I ll admit I missed Derek and Chloe a little, but Tori s voice is fantastic I wish we d gotten of her voice.Anyway, great o [...]

    14. It was interesting to see things from Tori s POV But honestly, it didn t make me understand her any better Perhaps that s wrong it didn t make me feel sympathy for her I cannot connect with Tori She s self centered and cruel Sure, her mother didn t love her and her family didn t appreciate her But that gives no one license to start bashing people in the head Even than that it still doesn t seem that she really felt bad for what she did to Chloe I guess I just really don t like her.

    15. Of the Darkest Powers Bonus Pack this one is by far the most interesting It starts with Simon Baes POV In other words it s based around his crush, Chloe Saunders If it would have stuck with that train of thought it may not have garnered a 5 star from me.It quickly phased into Tori Enrights version of events Her reasons behind her actions, the family issues her fight or flight tendencies.Yup, Victoria definitely holds my vote for a potential stand alone book.

    16. Fun novella that takes place after Chloe and Derek got off the bus This follows Simon and Tori as they make their way to Andrew s place This book alternates between Simon and Tori s perspectives It was an enjoyable read and I liked too see things from Tori s perspective for a chance to try and understand her a bit , this novella was not as enjoyable for me as the previous one Mainly because there was no Derek in this one.

    17. I really liked this short story It was nice to hear Simon s voice even for a little bit I really liked hearing Tori s POV She is a complicated character with all she s done and the situation that they re in It was nice to see where she s coming from I m going to be starting book 3, I m hoping Tori s character development continues She s really growing on me.

    18. This novella is from Tori s POV, I was hoping it would be from Simon s but honestly I enjoyed getting to know Tori a little better She is a spoiled brat for the most part but I do think she s leaning a lot by,being around Derek, Chloe and Simon about true team work and friendship I will seriously be sad when this series is over, and will truly miss the characters

    19. so,i was right i just said in my last review in the awakening, i feel for Tori i thought she s going to be a great main character i never knew that in this bonus part, Tori is being inside her head is fun to get to know her, her wittiness, her insecurity and all i wished there s another series with Tori as main character i sincerely loved her.

    20. This is a short little story about what was going on with Simon and Tori after Derek and Chloe got off the bus in The Awakening.I always love glimpses in this wonderful world that Kelley Armstrong has created.

    21. Aventura de Sim n y Tori mientras estuvieron separados de Derek y Chloe.Primero la parte de Sim n me confirma lo que sospeche siempre, le gusta y mucho DSegundo, el relato de Tori nos hace comprenderla de mejor manera sobre todo sus actitudes

    22. I liked this one a lot It was interesting to get to see things from Tori s perspective she s so funny and sarcastic I love how it started out being from Simon s POV and then she just took over That s totally Tori It makes me wish that we d gotten from her in the series

    23. Oh, great short story of when Simon and Tory were separated from Chloe and Derek, and how Simon narrated at first, but then Tory took over Really enjoyed this look of Tory First read January 1st 2011 Liked Divided, loved this book I think I mixed this 2 up, but I know I liked them

    24. Tori s POV for the most part We get a little peek in her head and see why she does some of the things she does Kelly Reading the Paranormal

    25. I laughed so much reading this one I looooove Tori Annoying, fussy, self centered, chatty, critical, beloved Tori It s just wrong how much I love her cause she can be a royal b tch But she s also hilarious and refreshing I d love a whole book from her point of view

    26. I love this series, but I didn t particularly like this story It wasn t bad, but not interesting enough to really hold my attention And it s not a novella It s a scene that wouldn t fit in the novel, because the novel was written in 1st person POV Kind of interesting, but mostly pointless.

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