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Marilyn's Last Sessions: A Novel By Michel Schneider Will Hobson,

  • Title: Marilyn's Last Sessions: A Novel
  • Author: Michel Schneider Will Hobson
  • ISBN: 9781847670366
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Blending psychoanalysis and film noir in a riveting tragedy, this prize winning novel takes an intimate look at Marilyn Monroe s last days In the years before her death, Marilyn Monroe came to rely on Dr Ralph Greenson and , meeting with him almost every day He was her analyst, her friend, and her confessor He was the last person to see her alive and the firstBlending psychoanalysis and film noir in a riveting tragedy, this prize winning novel takes an intimate look at Marilyn Monroe s last days In the years before her death, Marilyn Monroe came to rely on Dr Ralph Greenson and , meeting with him almost every day He was her analyst, her friend, and her confessor He was the last person to see her alive and the first to find her dead In this highly acclaimed novel, Marilyn s last years and her last sessions on Dr Greenson s couch, are brilliantly recreated This is the story of the world s most famous and elusive actress and the world she inhabited, surrounded by such figures as Arthur Miller, Truman Capote, and John Huston It is a remarkable piece of storytelling that illuminates one of the greatest icons of the 20th century and the Hollywood world in which she lived and died.
    Marilyn s Last Sessions A Novel Blending psychoanalysis and film noir in a riveting tragedy this prize winning novel takes an intimate look at Marilyn Monroe s last days In the years before her death Marilyn Monroe came to rely on

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    1. Ce livre a suscit en moi des sentiments paradoxaux Je l ai trouv trop long 500 pages serr es, r p titives, hypnotiques Et pourtant j ai aim cette succession rapide de courts billets de 3 4 pages jouant saute moutons entre les poques J ai trouv qu il ne nous apprenait rien On savait d j que Marilyn s tait suicid e et que les th ories autour de son assassinat par la mafia et ou le FBI et ou la CIA taient fumeuses Et pourtant, il ne prend pas parti sur les causes de sa mort, n carte aucune hypoth s [...]

    2. I found this novel to be incredibly confusing to follow Using a similar journal entry format as Misfit, this was far confusing it jumped around between dates and different psychotherapists If the author s aim was to make the reader feel as though they too needed services, the mission was accomplished I didn t enjoy the take on Marilyn s madness and felt it to be very one note I would not recommend this to a friend.

    3. Reading this on the tails of Misfit and The Empty Glass, I found it cold and clinical which was kind of the premise It read too much like a analytical biography to be entertaining, but the author admited to taking vast liberties with fact, so it doesn t work as a bio either If I wanted this level of detail, I would read her life in non fiction.

    4. Synopsis4.25 am, 5 August 1962, West Los Angeles Police Department Marilyn Monroe has died of an overdose , a man s voice says dully And when the stunned policeman asked What , the same voice struggled to repeat Marilyn Monroe has died She has committed suicide If life were scripted like the movies, this extraordinary phone call would have been made by the most important man in Marilyn Monroe s life Dr Ralph Greenson, her final psychoanalyst During her last years Marilyn had come to rely on Gree [...]

    5. This book, first published in France, has recently been translated It is based on the supposed transcripts of tapes made by Marilyn Monroe for her psychiatrist, Dr Ralph Greenson, before her death in 1962 The transcripts were made by a detective, John Miner, from memory over 20 years later They caused quite a sensation but have been widely disputed In my opinion, they make a poor basis for a novel or biography Inexplicably, Marilyn s Last Sessions won a major literary prize in France Michel Schn [...]

    6. Ce livre m aura vraiment clair sur la personnalit r elle de Marilyn Les m dias la montrent sous un jour peu glorieux et, m me si cela est en partie vrai, elle n a eu de cesse de cacher un autre aspect de sa personnalit C tait quelqu un de fragile et qui ne se sentait pas sa place dans ce monde.Je trouve que le livre est tr s bien document et ne tombe pas dans le pi ge de la th orie du complot L auteur cherche comprendre et expliquer le comportement de Marilyn ainsi que les raisons l ayant pousse [...]

    7. A fictional account of Marilyn Monroe s last days It s almost real, in some ways, except for the fact that some details are too fictional to behold Case in point The afternoon of August 4, 1962 the afternoon before Marilyn died, because the meeting with Lawrence Schiller wasn t even mentioned, and some stuff like that.It s a dark, gripping look at the life of one of celluloid s biggest and most tragic stars, and how psychoanalysis helped, and ruined her It also talks about Marilyn s alleged affa [...]

    8. Un livre ne pas rater Une vie d une actrice que toutes les cam ras la montrent brillante, intelligente et jolie, tr s jolie m me mais en r alit ce n est que des apparences Pour la conception, j ai trouv des difficult s au d part surtout avec les sauts d une date l autre mais apr s je trouvais qu avec cette m thode a devient plus dynamique surtout avec la multitude des v nements propos de l actrice, j tais touch e avec sa sensibilit , cette fragilit qui la laiss assez sp ciale Nous qu on envie to [...]

    9. This novel is a bright and smart look into the last days of Marilyn s life, but uses her therapy sessions for storytelling Her relationship with her therapist is a close one and you get a good feeling of her being able to be herself Her therapist may be one of the few people who saw all sides of Marilyn Question remains, who was she The author does a wonderful job of transporting you to the couch, as if you were Marilyn, telling her life.

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    11. Etonnante documentation et clectique tant sur Marilyn, que sur la psychanalyse ou le contexte artistique notamment le cin ma mais aussi politique de la fin des ann es 60 Passionnant Le mode narratif choisi, fait d allers retours vite tout effet roboratif et la progression s installe au gr des s ances suivies par la star, un v ritable travail titanesque d criture qui passe comme un songe veill sur le divan d un analyste

    12. Cu n rota puede llegar a estar una persona Y qu terrible que, consciente de ello, sea incapaz de hacer algo para cambiarlo Pero, tambi n, cu nto pueden enlodarse las cosas cuando una persona intenta desesperadamente salvar a otra Aqu , la interdependiente relaci n entre Marilyn y su ltimo psicoanalista es tan torcida como fascinante.

    13. To nie jest biografia Marylin To nawet nie jest zapis ostatnich sesji Marylin z psychoterapeut To jest ksi ka o wp ywie psychoterapeut w i psychoanalityk w na rodowisko filmowe w Hollywood, a zw aszcza na aktor w.

    14. Te da una perspectiva distinta de la diva de Hollywood, sus miedos e inseguridades y las consecuencias de ellos Narra sobre su personalidad igual pasional y solitaria, como los personajes mas cercanos a ella tomaron ventajas inimaginables sobre su vida.

    15. Hasta qu punto la imagen puede opacar la esencia de una persona Norma Jeane no dej de existir al surgir Marilyn s lamente se escondi Y esta divisi n en su persona acab por romperla.

    16. Fascinating book on both Hollywood and the practice of psychoanalysis in those years The telling is great I recommend especially if it s your first time reading about a real life story.

    17. I m the fan of Marilyn Monroe, so I want to know about her This book contains unknown recordings which Marilyn taped to Dr.Greenson.

    18. Having never read a non fiction work about Marilyn Monroe I found this novel to be one that I could almost believe to be factual.

    19. Last sessionsAs far as I am concerned, a work of fiction or not, Marilyn spoke I laughed, I disagreed, I loved it Any thing about Marilyn is fascinating

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