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The Walking By Bentley Little,

  • Title: The Walking
  • Author: Bentley Little
  • ISBN: 9780451201744
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • It begins in a small Southwestern town Then it spreads Across the country a series of strange deaths have overtaken the living And a stranger compulsion has overtaken the dead.In a travesty of life they drift with bizarre purpose toward an unknown destination The walkers have become an obsession for investigator Miles Huerdeen His father is one of them.Now, lured intoIt begins in a small Southwestern town Then it spreads Across the country a series of strange deaths have overtaken the living And a stranger compulsion has overtaken the dead.In a travesty of life they drift with bizarre purpose toward an unknown destination The walkers have become an obsession for investigator Miles Huerdeen His father is one of them.Now, lured into the shadow of the restless dead, Miles is a step closer to a secret as old as time to a reality as dark as hell For Miles is following them into the deep end of an unfathomable nightmare.
    The Walking It begins in a small Southwestern town Then it spreads Across the country a series of strange deaths have overtaken the living And a stranger compulsion has overtaken the dead In a travesty of life th

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    1. This was definitely one of the better Little s book Possibly even the best The writing here is the strongest, he really spent time developing a strong backstory and fleshing out realistic characters The Walking does refer to the walking dead, but this isn t a zombie novel, it s a story about witches and a pretty good one at that Koontz referred to it as unusually clever, which primarily should tell you the level of writing he is used to It can certainly dance circles around the sort of crap Koon [...]

    2. Another book that tries to sneak onto lists of zombie novels Don t be fooled by a mere technicality Yes, there are a few walking corpses, but they are very incidental to the actual storyline.

    3. Enjoyed it Not my fave Little but overall intriguing I should probably give it a 3 and 1 2 stars but I feel that the author exceded in creating a world worth investing, if that makes any sense at all.

    4. I would give this book three and a half stars if possible It is a fairly fast paced story of dark places, witches, monsters, and walking dead Not zombies, just dead people who walk Protagonist and private investigator Miles Huerdeen is rocked by the news of his father s sudden illness and soon discovers that much worse lies in wait Investigating a possible stalker, he finds a list of men who are dying one by one in unspeakable ways and races to find a connection A homeless woman gives him nonsen [...]

    5. Miles Huerdeen is a private investigator His elderly father suffers a stroke and dies a few months later But his dad doesn t rest in peace He walks Around and around his room, eyes blank and staring at nothing, heart stopped, lungs still He s dead, but up and moving.Miles calls a buddy in the coroner s office and they come and take the boogying body away, after the proper drugs and restraints are applied But the body disappears a few days later.Now Miles is in a desperate search for his father H [...]

    6. I am always on the look out for truly frightening horror outside of the wonder twins, King Koontz, and heard good things about Little Maybe I came too the book with too many expectations From reading the description, I was excited for a good zombie story but found myself reading what felt very much like the same old story about intolerance, revenge, and witchcraft Set in the Old West, or the Middle Ages, witches who misuse magic because normal people hurt them for being different Been there I fe [...]

    7. Damn, I really liked this book up until the conclusion Did I miss something What was the point of the corpses walking in the first place Even if it was quickly explained, the resolution of this book is wrapped up too fast, too neat, and it deserves so much for the build up it was given.I would rather give it a 3.75 because the writing is always great with Little behind the pen.

    8. I was wrongis book is not about Zombiesough there are Zombies in it It is a good tale, about revenge, and witches, and what happens when you don t trust your instincts I was impressed enough that I might seek out some other Bentley Little tales.And it is a bit creepye Zombie parts areum, creepy For reasons other than Zombie tales usually are Intriguing

    9. This is the book that got me hooked on Bentley Little He s certainly not an author for everyone his books are by no means deep or profound, and many of them can be very gory and violent But what fun they are to read

    10. The Walking is strange to say the ultimate least It isn t like my favorite type of Little novels where a small event eventually snowballs into something unimaginabley horrible, but it is still a great book Basically, The Walking is about an epidemic of the dead getting up and walking toward a specific destination and the characters trying to figure out the whats, hows, and whys I thought that it was a unigue idea and very interesting and exciting read, but the memorable quality that I love in Li [...]

    11. Good but not amazing I enjoyed the Then and Now approach the author took and that Then was mid 1800 s The history of Wolf Canyon is fascinating and the revenge against those who were responsible for the flood was excellent Once the strange happenings began to be explained the element of surprise was weakened, and the conclusion was anti climactic I didn t want Miles to suddenly become a great sorcerer, but the last 30 pages trekking through the desert was tedious To be fair though, I was trying [...]

    12. Stephen King recommended author He says BEST OUTRIGHT HORROR NOVELIST Bentley Little, in a walk Don t know Bentley Little You re not alone He s probably the genre s best kept secret, but at least 10 of his novels are available in paperback you can pick up three for the price of that flashy new hardcover you ve got your eye on The best thing about Little is that he can go from zero to surreal in 6.0 seconds My favorites are The Store think Wal Mart run by SAYYY tan and Dispatch, in which a young [...]

    13. This is supposed to be a horror suspense book, but it s really about a middle aged man in a midlife crisis still pining for his ex wifed there are witches The premise of the story is intriguing, but this is book is not well plotted or well written The best are the passages that read like porn that Freud may have writen He spent himself inside her, spurting with abandon until his loins were emptied, and she held him in, obtaining her own gratification, before finally allowing him to pull out.

    14. I m hardly into horror zombie stories,but The Walking kept me reading,mostly captivated by William s story,I didn t know it scared me till something dropped on the roof,there I jerked,and crazy dreams followed,so I guess the book is potent.I was a little bit disappointed at the end,I expected a bit magic and a better demonstration of Miles supernatural inheritance,over all it s a great read.


    16. Maybe closer to 3 1 2 stars A little simplistic for my type of horror but still kept my interest so the 4 stars is the way I went.

    17. It was as well thought ok It jumped around a lot it took till near the end for things to finally make sense There was a quick nod towards another Bentley book made.

    18. The Walking is a good novel from one of my favourite horror writers Its premise is uncomplicated, it delves both in the past and present alternately dealing in witchcraft at its core Personally i found it less intense than his other books, less shock em value The only let down was the ending.

    19. This was my second try at Bentley Little s writing and I guess it s not the best example of his writing judging by the other reviews on here and my own opinion, sorry to say It certainly didn t live up to the blurb on the cover, Horror Event of the Year Unless that was a bad year for horror maybe Not that this book was bad, it wasn t really It just wasn t very awesome either It was pretty meh really The characters were ok, Miles, the investigator, his ex wife Claire, his partner Hal, and a young [...]

    20. This book could have been great I picked this book up after discovering that Stephen King was a fan of Bentley Little, and was looking for a great horror novel And what I got, for most of the book, was a great horror novel And that is until the ending.I won t give anything away, suffice to say that this book is truly effectively creepy and unsettling The first line draws you in John Hawks died and kept walking, and it keeps up that kind of ominous, mounting tone the whole time Little writes with [...]

    21. 3.5 STARSI am a fan of Bentley Little I ve read most of his books and I haven t disliked any of them However, many have sort of irritated me Little has a way of presenting a story like it s going to be something truly disturbing and psychological, and then pulling a bait and switch at the last minute and giving it an absurd paranormal ending The Walking doesn t do that it starts out paranormal and ends up paranormal The ending fits It isn t tacked on I appreciate that.Aside from that, it contain [...]

    22. Not my favorite Bentley Little book After reading a dozen of them, this is at the bottom of the list The plot and story were interesting, and sometimes creepy, but the story took forever to progress I really wasn t into it until I was 200 pages into the story Then at the end, although the climax was fitting, it could have been done so in a lot less pages If you re a Little fan as I have become, or if you re considering this author, I advise you to NOT read this book first I plan on reading all o [...]

    23. This one started out pretty nicely with a cool intrigue but at about half way through it gets predictable and is nothing than a very loooonnng wrap up.This is my third Bentley Little book and I m noticing a weakness in his endings.There are a few loose ends that are neglected the big and scary dead creature discovered in the desert is never explained, and that s annoying Also, many times you think you re finally gonna find out what Isabella really is but no, you re left hanging Annoying.Once yo [...]

    24. Miles is a private detective who begins investigating a bizarre, supernatural phenomenon after the death of his father People are dying and they keep walking after death This happens to Miles father, and despite all efforts, his father s body disappears from the morgue This book is full of creepy zombie like images and government secrets and the beginning is highly intriguing The Walking is a great story with very appealing characters However, the ending is a little of a let down I felt Little r [...]

    25. This was a roller coaster of a read I found myself with dramatic highs and lows with each corner the book takes you ooh, this is interesting To umm, oookay what just happened , oh yeah, I see where this is going , waitaminutewhy did it stop , okay, now it s getting good , to what the hell In the end it was a mind tease, a very frustrating, uninspiring jerk of a book that left me with the urge to do extra housework just to make up for the grueling time spent reading it Tossing it into my flop pil [...]

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