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Death Instinct By Bentley Little,

  • Title: Death Instinct
  • Author: Bentley Little
  • ISBN: 9780451219978
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cathy was six when the man next door killed his wife and himself She heard the screams She saw the blood and the bodies Now, 20 years later, the house is no longer vacant Someone new has moved in Something terrible is happening to the neighbors And Cathy has a secret of her own
    Death Instinct Cathy was six when the man next door killed his wife and himself She heard the screams She saw the blood and the bodies Now years later the house is no longer vacant Someone new has moved in Some

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    1. Bentley Little loves cock He s obsessed with it Stephen King writes about small towns Dean Koontz has his uber intelligent doggies and blond chicks Richard Laymon doled out the rape y ness in his work until his death on, go figure, Valentine s Day And Bentley Little loves writing about big ol swingin ding dongs It s a passion really I ve been reading Little since 2000 or so, and damn near every one of his books has the description of a swollen fuck stick flappin in the breeze I think he finds th [...]

    2. Thanks to my parents, for allowing me to grow up strange From the author s AcknowledgmentsIt s clear, as early as the prologue, that Bentley Little isn t afraid to write about things that scratch at the door of your comfort zone You may argue that some of this is uncalled for In fact, you wouldn t be wrong, but in this particular instance there is some method to the madness So read on I like the dark This is a novel about a twisted serial killer Which is a bit like saying Jason Voorhees has homi [...]

    3. Stephen King recommended author He says BEST OUTRIGHT HORROR NOVELIST Bentley Little, in a walk Don t know Bentley Little You re not alone He s probably the genre s best kept secret, but at least 10 of his novels are available in paperback you can pick up three for the price of that flashy new hardcover you ve got your eye on The best thing about Little is that he can go from zero to surreal in 6.0 seconds My favorites are The Store think Wal Mart run by SAYYY tan and Dispatch, in which a young [...]

    4. Ugh This book was awesome until I finished it It was a brutal, exciting, suspenseful page turner My mind was racing with all the potential endings this book could have had I had about five different ideas as to what the outcome would be All of these ideas, except for one, would have been awesome That one was the ending I was given and it was the simplest most unexciting ending the book could have had It also made a lot of the back story pointless.So far I ve read five of Bentley Little s books a [...]

    5. This turned out to be my favorite Bentley Little book There are no vampires, demons or monsters in this story In fact there s no supernatural element at all The first three quarters read like your typical mystery serial killer whodunit novel Of course the murders that take place are gruesome and twisted like you d expect from this author Once again though I have a hard time throwing in that fifth star to a Bentley Little novel due to its lackluster ending This dude just doesn t handle the ending [...]

    6. This was, quite possibly, one of the most twisted novels I have ever read Not only is it freaky because of the situations presented, but to imagine a mind that would think up such a tale is disturbing.

    7. This was originally written under Bentley Little s pseudonym, Phillip Emmons Very good suspense thriller, kept me interested the entire time It had its moments of unbelievability, but I ve come to expect that with Bentley Little Overall, one of his best.

    8. Certainly the worst Bentley Little of all I ve read It s inexcusably ableist, using terms totally outdated and unnecessary in a shamefully implausible and offensive plot This review sums up how I felt really closely despite some ableist terms in itself and also addresses the problem I ve mentioned before about Little s books the rape obsession review show

    9. Death Instinct by Bently Little.Okay the only reason that it only gets three stars is because I figured out the ending and joked about it with my friends, imagine my shock when I have to tell them I was right I saw it coming, and all though that in itself doesn t seem like a bad thing in a book its just that after reading the house and having a really different experience reading it and its paranormal factors I was kind of expecting something like that you know The novel goes through many pov s [...]

    10. Death Instinct is about a string of extremely gruesome yet disgustingly creative murders which appear to be committed by a highly intelligent person Cathy lives in fear as the murders become rampant and grow closer to her street Meanwhile, she s still haunted by the dark memories regarding her former neighbour as well as one of her brothers.There was an abundance of gore complete with detailed descriptions which will definitely make the visuals in the reader s head stay long after turning the l [...]

    11. This was my first Bentley Little book and I wasn t as impressed as I had thought I d be As a horror fan I kept hearing his name thrown around and was finally excited to get my hands on a few of his books For some reason when I was a young horror fan I had never been able to find his books at the places I shopped at, but now thanks to the internet I can find whatever I m looking for.Death Instinct is a slow read and the action seems to plod along at a snail s pace There were times I thought that [...]

    12. All I have to say is.WOW This was an awesome book I ve read 5 Bentley Little books so far, and this is by far my favorite If you can handle a little carnage, this book is a page turner Cathy, the main character, who lives with her invalid, mean spirited father Cathy has a friendly relationship with Jimmy, the kid who lives down the street His parents are divorced and he lives with his father, who pays no attention to him Then there is Allan, the cop These three main characters entertwine when a [...]

    13. Bentley Little is my go to for over the top, what the hell did I just read horror I have read just about every book in his line up and love his ability to go from mundane to surreal in no time flat That said, this one is unique in his repertoire and for every moment that I really liked it, there were just as many where it just fell flat The crime scenes and contraptions are brilliant and the killings are than enough to give you goosebumps, but the desire to stay out of the realm of the supernat [...]

    14. Stephen King fan You ll probably like this one Difficult to rate, as its consistently inconsistent, fluctuating between flashes of brilliant writing and apathetic drivel Conversations remain unimaginative throughout, but the killing methods are nothing short of wildly spectacular truly twisted, evil genius quality Gotta give credit where its due few authors could present such a variety pack of inventive, sadistic murders in one plot not the typical, garden variety murderer or slayings Impressive [...]

    15. This is my second Bentley Little, and I found it much better than the first The Walking But it still didn t exactly knock my socks off I thought the gore was well placed, a bit repetitive at times but not really overdone, but some of the characters and situations didn t ring true I had marked problems with some aspects of the story and certain incidents, but, that aside, Little s use of suspense and tension were quite effective It carried an eerie vibe all the way through and maintained a high l [...]

    16. If you want to know what the book is about, read the synopsis I stopped doing book reports when I was in grade school If you want to know what I thought of the book, read on I did not think I would like this book at the beginning However as I was curious about the main character, I continued to read and found that I did quite enjoy it It had quite a lot of surprises in store for me.

    17. I loved it Bentley Little found the perfect moment, and wording to get me creeped out I finished this one really glad Del was home with me, and I wasn t going to be spending the night alone The character is in her house alone, the lights aren t working ando And then it came out of the corner, crawling on the floor, slinking like a giant cat.Only she could see a human head and hands and feet there was a glint of knife steel in the retracted light.

    18. This is a strange and yet alarming gruesome story about a sick twisted killer who rips the flesh off his victims The scen where the young girl comes crawling out of the house twisted and broken into the shape of a pretzel is magnificent I m currently collecting all of Little s books He writes extrodinary horror IMO and stays hidden from the media.

    19. More of a police procedural or a romantic suspense almost except for the X rated slasher parts than a horror Another one of those books that was pretty good until the killer was unveiled Didn t like the killer, didn t like the motives, just seemed like a cop out But man oh man Bentley is one sick little puppy Don t think I ll be continuing down the Bentley road.

    20. This book is absolutely amazing I ve read it multiple times and will continue to read it It keeps you on your toes the entire time and once you find out who the killer is you will be scared Definitely can t put this book down once I have picked it up Anyone who loves horror and gore will absolutely love this book.

    21. If your a huge Bentley Little fan you might find this book a little different than his others It is still gruesome and disturbing, but not as over the top as most of his stories It was a fun, easy read The story kept me interested through the entire book even if it was predictable at times If you like horror, and serial killer cop dramas then you should enjoy this book.

    22. First book by Little I read.Even though it gets very little recognition, this was probably my favorite by him The concept is interesting and although it could be a little bit cheesy at times, it kept my interest throughout I would definitely recommend it to any fan of Little or anyone looking into checking him out.

    23. Death Instinct is a riveting, murder mystery horror hybrid and the true embodiment of a too often throw around phase the page turner Bentley Little s writing is so well crafted and effortlessly fluid that it barely feels like your even reading.

    24. Though the main character isn t the type that I usually like the heroine was a push over, in the beginning anyways I was very into the serial killer aspect of the story It had a different twist that made me want to read Bentley Little.

    25. An enjoyable read until the wheels fell off during the last 80 pages or so Sometimes when a writer does something that hasn t been done before it s not because someone else hadn t thought of it first, rather it hadn t been done because it was ludicrous.

    26. 3.5 stars, rounded up to 4 Crazy intense, and highly inventive methods of killing people.but the book spent a lot of time on Cathy s backstory her brother for ultimately no reason, so that was a little disappointing.

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