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Hot On Her Trail By Sable Hunter,

  • Title: Hot On Her Trail
  • Author: Sable Hunter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jacob McCoy wishes for a wife and a family Tis the Season for miracles when a young woman shows up on his doorstep homeless, in danger and expecting a child Jacob s child.Their relationship is complicated by the fact that, A they ve never met before and B she s a virgin Jessie is determined not to be a burden to the McCoy family As far as she s concerned, she isJacob McCoy wishes for a wife and a family Tis the Season for miracles when a young woman shows up on his doorstep homeless, in danger and expecting a child Jacob s child.Their relationship is complicated by the fact that, A they ve never met before and B she s a virgin Jessie is determined not to be a burden to the McCoy family As far as she s concerned, she is just passing through Jacob has a different opinion he wants Jessie in his life, in his bed and in his heart.
    Hot On Her Trail Jacob McCoy wishes for a wife and a family Tis the Season for miracles when a young woman shows up on his doorstep homeless in danger and expecting a child Jacob s child Their relationship is complic

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    1. I am on a roll with this series This one got me mad, however not with Noah that I got mad It was his jerk face brother, Joseph He is one guy I don t want to read because he has to be most evil bastard that has ever lived He was not protecting his brother he was hurting the woman his brother loved because he was afraid of losing money What a complete jerk Now, this story was great with just enough spice to keep you blushing and drama to keep you on your toes Great story and a keeper for me I am l [...]

    2. Read the full review at DearAuthorA return to Tebow Ranch, home of testosterone steaming Alpha Males and the helpless damsels in distress who fall at their feet Soooo, after laughing my way through the first book of this series, I strapped on my big girl undies to see if Book 2 was as bad as the first.It s a damn good thing I suited up in protective gear, because in between the vomit inducing Insta Love and a lot of WTFery, this book PISSED ME OFF.The plot Homeless orphaned dyslexic pregnant vir [...]

    3. 2.5 stars I am really torn on how to rate this book As for the main couple, it was a solid read Insta love, sweet hero and insecure virgin heroine The writing was better that the first book The lingo used was normal Still got bamboozled but overall it was better So it would have been a 3 or 3.5 stars Unlike the last book, the hero was a manwhore up until a few months before meeting her because he decided it was time to find a wife I was ok with that We do not see or run into any exes There were [...]

    4. Really loved this book Both Jacob and Jessie were very very likable Jacob was even perfect than Aron, the brother in the first book He was just an absolute doll I admit to crying during the last part of this book, but it all ended up amazingly perfect The sexual talk wasn t as silly as the first book which I loved anyway.

    5. This is the second book in the Hell Yeah series This is Jacob and Jessie s story.Jessie has severe dyslexia and never finished school She feels her job choices are few because of it She signs up to be a surrogate for a couple who are not able o have a baby But there was a major mix up at the cryobank and the wrong sperm had been used When the McCay s found out they wanted her to have an abortion but Jessie refused So she goes in search of Jacob McCoy, who the cryobank told her could possibly be [...]

    6. I m so beyond disturbed that I actually enjoyed this book enough that I think I m going to have to read the rest if the brother s stories This book was the definition if cheesy sappy unrealistic I mean I think that the hero had about a thousand different endearments he alled the heroine Treasure, pumpkin, puddin , doll, angel face, lamb chop, sweetness, precious And on and on and on The hero was so sweet it made my teeth hurt The hero was disturbingly trusting and head over heals for her like te [...]

    7. This book was even better than the first The continuation of the trials and tribulations of the McCoy family there are so many twist and turns, which kept me off on edge constantly, but I found it to be enthralling The character development of the family and then the addition of even characters with a solid plot makes for a good read I also appreciate the tempo of the story and the fact that is seems so realistic.In this book we have Jacob and Jesse Jacob is most philanthropic of the McCoy men [...]

    8. Jacob McCoy, Jessie the naive, a psycho and a douche bag brother.I think maybe this series just isn t for me The books are like a soap opera The MCs are only about 2 3 of the story and then the focus shifts every so often to the other brothers The setups for their stories are so transparent that I feel i don t need to read Anyways, Jessie suffers from extreme dyslexia and so has never been able to do much with her life Even her family has been a let down She ends up agreeing to be a surrogate m [...]

    9. Endearingly Good Hot on Her Trail by Sable HunterHave you ever experienced a time when you didn t feel appreciated When you wanted to be loved for who you were even though you didn t live up to the dictates of society Or how about hoping and wishing your life changed for the better despite Fate not dealing you a fair hand Hot on Her Trail by Sable Hunter is one such story It s about Jacob McCoy and Jessie Montgomery, two individuals who come from opposing sides of the track One rich, one poor, b [...]

    10. I just finished reading Sable Hunter s Sweeter version of Hot on Her Trail What a great book Sable is such a phenomenal writer and really cares about her readers I have read all of her Hell Yeah series and have loved each story that unfolds about the fabulous and handsome McCoy Brothers Some readers like different degrees of Hot in their books and Sable has listened She is re writing her HOT series in a sweeter version, so that her books will reach all readers who love contemporary love stories [...]

    11. I suppose I have to face it, I ve been postponing writing this review for almost a month just because I ve got so many things to say about it but I m lazy.I m still lazy so I won t go deep in every issue This is smut after all.I don t think this is a stand alone if there was a warning I didn t read it , there are some many things happening to the rest of the McCoys but I m not complaining I loved the sex scene with Libby and Aron.I m looking forward to Joseph s fall, it ll better be epic for he [...]

    12. If only there were 1 2 stars It s says 4 but it s really 3 and 1 2 Ok Here goes Love Jacob and Jessie, Jacob kept calling Jessie a doll but he was too me,he was sweet and kind and yummy and amazing ,insta love with the shifters or Vamps Or any paranormal needed But he needed to be a lot Alpha at times, he sounded like one Hell of a lover but Jessie deserved of a fighter What jackass Noah pulls near the end of the book was nearly unforgivable,he s prejudiced towards Jessie from the get go, is i [...]

    13. Hot On Her Trail Book 2 of the Hell Yeah SeriesAuthor Sable HunterSable Hunter outdid herself on this one I really liked the story of Jessie and Jacob The love scenes were scorching hot, the feelings that Jacob had were very sweet towards Jessie and her unborn baby The story of how she came to be pregnant with his baby and still be a virgin was one his brothers didn t all embrace right off the bat They were worried that she was a gold digger and that Jacob just fell head over heels crazy for her [...]

    14. 5 LOVING starsThese McCoy men are gonna steal your heart away and never give it back Yup Absolutely never This time it was Jacob McCoy who found the love of his life in Jesse Montgomery The heart of the family, Jacob McCoy The compassionate one The Greek God Gorgeous hunk who thinks of his family before everything Some men were adequate lovers and some were exceptional Jacob had been told by reliable sources that he ranked in the top one percentile But he craves for a family of his own someday.J [...]

    15. Ok, just let me say up front I was lucky enough now at two different times now to get the first two books in this series Sable Hunter is a fantastic storyteller in her own rite That she feels a need to cater to Romantic Erotica is kinda of sad she has the ability to reach a whole lot wider audience with her stories they pull you in that much with the characters the way they interact Don t get me wrong erotica has its place she does it so lovingly with two people truly in love that it is endearin [...]

    16. Wow I m really not sure how to rate, or review this book The language for the sexually encounters is adult, so no one under the age of 18 should read this book Those encounters are pure fantasies With that being said if you want to read a good trashy romance this one is for you The story itself was good Jessie had the worst parents growing up giving her a complex that she is ugly, and weigh too much Her father died early in her childhood Later on, both her mom, and step dad died So she is all al [...]

    17. The cheezy nicknames Baby, Treasure, sweet doll had me rolling my eyes continuously The way Jacob talked dirty what woman likes that I found myself annoyed with Jessie for being all goo goo eyed when he spoke to her that way I would have preferred his dirty talk to be sexy rather than plain o trashy.The story idea is great, and when Jacob wasn t talking dirty I actually liked him Even with its cheezy dialogue, I enjoyed the story and finished the book And I give kudos to Ms Hunter for creating a [...]


    19. This book was completely ridiculous There were so many things wrong with this novel, i honestly cant believe I finished it My biggest problem with this book was the heroine The heroine was a pregnant virgin who happens to be dyslectic I have nothing against people who are dyslectic, don t get me wrong But you see, the heroine of this novel is sssoooooo hindered by her dyslexia that she couldn t finish high school, or read a sign or a legal agreement or write her name properly HOWEVER, she confes [...]

    20. i loved this book it had all of the elements that i look for in a great love story cowboy fantasy the characters were intriguing and had depth and drew me into the story effortlessly i found my self becoming angry,sad,happy and all the other emotions right along with the hero and heroine i am already planning to read it again just in case i missed anything and i can t WAIT fot the next book in the series so i can find out what happens with them next not to mention the hero brothers that have the [...]

    21. I liked the story, I wished the baby was his though but he would love it anyways I cried when Noah told her to leave what an A hole I wanted to punch his face I feel like he should be apologizing so much I liked her but she was weak sometimes and she would put herself down I wish she would get it thru her head he wanted her.overall it is a fun series to read can t wait for Joseph.

    22. I liked it, even with the bad cover, all the editing errors and the million silly pet names There is alot of steam in the book I see potential and really do want to read the other brother s stories UPDATE Much BETTER new cover Give it a try, I think you will enjoy it too.

    23. This was a very interesting concept for a book and I did like the plot and characters Maybe it s because I haven t read much from this author, but it just seemed all over the place Jumping from one person to a next It was really hard to keep up even though the story sucked me in I loved Jessie and how sweet she way, the suspense aspect kept the story moving, and the steam added another element to it I might read from this author, but I can t be 100% certain 3 stars because it was hard for me to [...]

    24. Lien ici wp p5AuT9 1DoDeuxi me opus de la s rie Le Ranch des McCoy avec Sur une trace br lante de Sable Hunter Dans le premier tome, nous avons fait connaissance des fr res McCoy, ces cow boys ultras Hot Et bien que cette suite ait des airs un peu clich s cela reste malgr tout une lecture forte sympathique et torride souhait.Ce tome se concentre sur l histoire de Jacob McCoy, un homme au c ur d or avec un corps vous faire fondre Il a toujours r v de fonder sa propre famille mais il n a jamais tr [...]

    25. Hot on her TrailNot as good as I had hoped but still 4 starsJacob McCoy has wanted a family for a while now and seeing his brother Aron with his girl Libby has only made him want it When Jessie Montgomery shows up on his doorstep broke, homeless and claiming that through a mix up at the sperm bank she was pregnant with his child, well he was beyond happy He doesn t care that he just met her and knows nothing about her He can tell from the start that she isn t there to cause trouble and only wan [...]

    26. The McCoy family of Texas have a lot of boys I m not sure but there may be six of them Jacob s story is the second and he is the second eldest brother He is sweet and quite the ladies man for a while, but lately he has been looking for the one and kept his jeans zipped up tight Good timing for him because Jessie is four months pregnant with his child because of a mess up with the names at the cryogenics s lab She was supposed to be surrogate mother for family McCay The McCay s are a nasty bunch [...]

    27. 3 starsJessie is poor, pregnant and homeless She got caught up in a surrogate pregnancy deal gone wrong She goes to meet Jacob, who is supposed to be her baby s true father Jacob falls for her as soon as he sees her even before he knows about the baby but she doesn t believe it she s a beauty that thinks she s plain This causes issues as Jacob tries to win Jessie and she thinks it s just about the baby.She is a virgin even though she s pregnant and it s an interesting twist to the story However [...]

    28. Bem mediano Bem, como eu categorizei essa s rie como aquela pra relaxar, eu nem fico analisando muito a hist ria, pq se n o ferrou Mais uma vez eu acho que em todos os livros aconteceu o vapt vupt entre os personagens, aquele amor que surge do nada que meu deus N o gostei dessa mocinha achei chatinha e mimizenta, mesmo analisando por tudo que ela j passou, pela as barras que ela j aguentou, sei l sabe ela se desvaloriza muito, sempre com uma baixa autoestima, enfim Me irritei em diversas vezes c [...]

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