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First Light: A Magical Journey By Carol O'Biso,

  • Title: First Light: A Magical Journey
  • Author: Carol O'Biso
  • ISBN: 9780790006802
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • First Light is a warm hearted journal of a personal odyssey Enyone will enjoy it and especially those who believe in the power of the human spirit.
    First Light A Magical Journey First Light is a warm hearted journal of a personal odyssey Enyone will enjoy it and especially those who believe in the power of the human spirit

    One thought on “First Light: A Magical Journey”

    1. This was one of the non required books I read in anticipation of my study abroad in the south Pacific Carol O Biso was a curator in charge of a traveling exhibit of Maori art She went to NZ to get the art, and followed it around the US to its various destinations The book was imbued with some weird magical spiritual elements which were enjoyable if a little silly Still, it is a beautiful story about art and reverence for art Update 5 27 15I decided to up my rating from 3 stars to 4 given how oft [...]

    2. A beautiful read, heartwarming funny, sad, spiritual, Carol O Biso captures the feelings for the art and for the Maori people while dealing with them and their Art.Perhaps my all time favourite book, have loaned it out to many friends and while in NZ last time picked up 2 copies to pass on to family and friends.Thank you Carol O Biso for this gem

    3. I had to read this book for a class at Webster like 8 years ago I have never forgotten it It is an autobiographical account of her interaction with the Maori people of New Zealand Truly fascinating.

    4. You do not have to be a museum nerd to read this But if you are one, you will hopefully enjoy this too This gorgeous, witty book is a rare gem in the museum world It is written from the perspective of a Registrar not a curator based in New York who is tasked against the odds of bringing the controversial, watershed Te Maori exhibition to the rest of the world, and away from the shores of New Zealand for the first time The exhibition first displayed in 1984 in New Zealand before travelling overse [...]

    5. The spirit of TeMaori Carol O Bisio was the Chief Registrar a profession that was new to me for a touring exhibition of ancestral treasures of the Maori that leaves New Zealand for the first time ever The book is her story of the gathering, transportation and mounting of the exhibition She learns from Maori elders what the pieces really are and grows to understand the amazing trust they have placed in her And she feels the impact that the tour has on people, both Maori and Pakeha And a special c [...]

    6. Loved this book It s heartwarming and absorbing, and I was carried along the whole journey with the Maori treasures O Biso s writing will make you laugh and cry So relevant to our current exhibit at the museum.

    7. She is the chief registrar for the art show Te Maori which travelled through the United States with 181 Maori artifactsin the mid 80 s Story about cross cultural connection between career oriented New Yroker and Maori people.

    8. I liked that the story was told through the letters she had written to her friends I think it made the story interesting and believable than if it had been written as a recollection of her experiences.

    9. The joys of being a museum registrar very painstakingly spelled out in this book But glad to see some things haven t changed since 1984.

    10. Enchanting It was fun for me to read because I ve known the author for a few years, but didn t know she d written a book I enjoyed it very much.

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