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  • Title: Me and My Dragon
  • Author: David Biedrzycki
  • ISBN: 9781580892780
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A boy lists all the reasons he wants a pet dragon and describes how he would take care of it Includes tips for selection why you shouldn t choose a three headed dragon , discipline what to do if your dragon misbehaves , and diet why you should never give a dragon broccoli.
    Me and My Dragon A boy lists all the reasons he wants a pet dragon and describes how he would take care of it Includes tips for selection why you shouldn t choose a three headed dragon discipline what to do if your

    One thought on “Me and My Dragon”

    1. A cute little story about a boy and how he would interact with the pet dragon he has always wanted From feeding him to having the dragon help with errands, things could not be better for the protagonist of the story Bullies would be a thing of the past and show and tell would be brilliant as well There s nothing that life with a dragon could limit, at least in this story Neo listened and enjoyed the story so much, eager to hear about others might like to have a dragon He, too, would surely love [...]

    2. That is the most adorable dragon I have ever seen The typical pet story, and the typical pet twist story as well But I like that it was a dragon And I liked seeing the dragons antics, expressions, and experiences as well as the boy s My favorite part the broccoli Sorry Couldn t help it That was my hardest laugh of the many I had.Would work for a school age storytime because of the humor, but I think it could also work in preschool.A good choice for a Beehive nominee Kids will love it, especially [...]

    3. Utterly Adorable and funny This book made me laugh out loud at not only the pictures but the descriptions of how this little boy would love a pet dragon and why Every time I look at the book I find something sneaky hiding in the back of the illustrations Like how the blue bird of happiness appears on a uniform and then in the background as the boy teaches his dragon how to fly The scared dogs that appear in the pet window and obedience school Just open the book an really look at it in detail The [...]

    4. Darling book about a boy who imagines getting a pet dragon, taking him to the vet, getting him a collar and leash then taking him to obedience school.He goes on to imagine all the great things he could do with his dragon, he s the fire breathing variety who likes Brussels sprouts how convenient.A charming story for all ages with the sweetest illustrations and clever little details My children loved the stuffed knight the dragon carries around like a teddy bear My son was so proud of himself for [...]

    5. When I was a kid, I wished I had a dragon just like the one in this book For one thing, he would have eaten my brussel sprouts Actually, that alone would have been enough of a reason The dragon in Me and My Dragon is such a friendly dragon that my four year old son thinks he says, Good morning, little boy Have a wonderful day And he probably does I m just too old to hear it The story is adorable, but what really sets this book apart and made me want to buy it are the fabulous, whimsical, slightl [...]

    6. One little boy wants a very unusual pet You might think a dragon would make a horrible pet, but that s not so With a few adjustments, dragons can be perfect pets.What I thought Too fun Me My Dragon is another great book to add to my pets story time In fact, maybe I should have an unusual pets story time The illustrations are great so saturated with bright and bold colors My favorite illustrations are the cover, walking the dragon, brussel sprouts, and dragon reading.Story Time Themes Pets, Unusu [...]

    7. The storyline is clever enough, but it is the pictures that make this book great They are extremely attractive, but also full of really funny moments along the sidelines and in the background The end papers are also fabulous and not to be missed This is a great story for kids interested in dragons or in getting a pet.

    8. You might think that a dog or a cat is the perfect pet, but you would be wrong The perfect pet is a dragon Read this funny book about how to find, train, and have fun with a dragon that s just right for you

    9. Great choice for any child who has or wants a pet Perfect for a story time or one on one.Recently used in a library story time for children ages 3 5 who loved it.

    10. Really cute story about a boy wanting a pet dragon Kierra and hubby enjoyed it tonight before bed Fun illustrations and a fun story.

    11. I usually like books by Biedrzvki, but this left me flat David Larochelle s The Best Pet tackled the subject with what I felt was a much better read aloud.

    12. I liked the overall storyline and how bold the dragon was in terms of color when compared to the rest of the illustrations The storyline was imaginative too.

    13. I like that a monster dressed up as another monster and said, Hey He stole my idea But, it isn t spooky enough.

    14. What do you do with your pet Would you do the same things if your pet was a dragon Find out in this sweet picture book about sharing your life with a pet dragon From check ups to bath time this covers it all.

    15. The story is adorable and I can t get over how perfect the font choice is Makes the story very kid friendly The dragon is just darling the last page made this librarian grin

    16. Book Title Me and My Dragon by David BiedrzyckiShort Description of Book This story is told from the perspective of a young boy and details all the things he would do, and not do, if he had a pet dragonCUS Narrative Features I would use in a mini lesson1 Voice This story is narrated from the point of view of a young boy It is important that students understand voice because in this story, voice lends to context and understanding The story is light and fun hearing it from the perspective of the y [...]

    17. Check out picture book reviews Perspective of a WriterA boy talks us through the adventures he has getting a pet dragon.The drawings in this book make it a MUST HAVE even if the story itself weren t so adorkable Most story books have 1 or 2 spreads that are spot on and make a book satisfying in this book EVERY page was a winner Seriously my nephew poured over this book and we were terribly challenged to find just one picture to draw too Whimsical, fun and full of detailsThe story though really [...]

    18. Biedrzycki, David Me and my dragon Watertown, Mass Charlesbridge, 2011 Print.Me and My DragonBy David BiedrzyckiI chose this book because my five year old nephew is in love with dragons and would adore having one as a pet This book is about a little boy who wants a unique kind of pet He doesn t want a dog, cat, gerbil or fish He wants a dragon It is all about how he would care for his dragon and the wonderful things they could do together It touches on responsibility, bullies, the pros and cons [...]

    19. This is a sweet, simple take on owning a pet dragon, complete with the 7 Tips for Raising a Dragon The protagonist doesn t want a dog like other kids, but instead chooses a fire breathing dragon from the local exotic pets store Biedrzyski approaches owning a dragon with all the matter of factness of owning a dog or a hamster Water it, feed it, give it someplace warm to sleep But never, ever bring it kite flying or feed it broccoli Broccoli gives dragons gas Brussel sprouts Those are ok One of th [...]

    20. ReviewI thought this book was a very adorable book It has lot of colorful pictures that hold attention of children Not only are the pictures colorful they are quite amusing The picture go great with the story and I could see a beginning reader looking at the pictures to help with understanding words I like books that have a child imagine something fake, like dragons aren t real I think this is a good entertainment book for ages like 4 6 beginning readers SummaryThis boy does not want a dog or a [...]

    21. This is a funny tale about a very unusual pet We ve read a lot of dragon stories recently, so this was a clever and humorous addition to the mix The dragon is adorable, especially as a baby And the various scenes that the boy imagines are hilarious We loved the little details in the illustrations, like the 9 essential flammables and minerals in the Dragon Chow and the fire extinguisher in the boy s room as he reads a bedtime story We had to laugh that the dragon ate the boy s Brussels sprout, si [...]

    22. This is such a good book This is a simple, fun, typical pet story about a boy and his pet dragon The author used easy to understand language, yet it was still diverse enough to keep the story interesting This book had plenty of humor It made me laugh at loud because of the descriptions the author included and the way the illustrator drew the dragon The illustrator did such a great job at making a pet dragon seem like a completely normal thing The pictures were very cute, funny, and colorful This [...]

    23. Children love reading books that they can relate to Me and My Dragon is definitely one of those books The book is about a young boy that dreams of having a pet dragon He uses his imagination and explains everything that he would do with his pet dragon, like taking him camping in the summer and roasting marshmallows He also gives silly advice for anyone that wants to get a pet dragon too The voice of the character is very strong throughout the story which is one of the main reasons that children [...]

    24. I found this book to be a very cute book A lot of children at a young age gravitate towards unreal things like a dragon This book tells a classic story of what would go through a childs mind when they really want something They think about what they would do with it, where they would go, what would happen if they misbehaved Because those are all things that already happen to the little child but to add something as cool as a Dragon would just be the best I think this book would fit an early elem [...]

    25. An adorable dragon for a pet Who wouldn t love that The young boy in this story is keen not to have just any old pet, but a fire breathing, not big dragon as a pet and friend He imagines how he would take care of the dragon, detailing the advantages of having a fire breathing, flying dragon for a pet.The illustrations are adorable Even if I didn t think having a dragon as a pet would be awesome, the cute face of our red, fire breathing friend, loving gazing out of the cover would be enough for m [...]

    26. This book is adorable, and the illustrations are hilarious Between the looks on people s faces as they spot the dragon, to the antics of the boy and his dragon themselves, they should keep kids entertained and laughing.

    27. In this story, a child states the list of reasons a fire breathing dragon would make a great pet and different ways he could take care of it if he had one It s a cute story with realistic looking pictures I think this story could be aimed at younger students, in possibly kindergarten because of its short texts per page I believe it also teaches children how to care for a pet and that it s okay to use your imagination This book appealed to me because of the cute illustrations I saw as I first fli [...]

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