[EPUB] ✓ Dorrie and the Goblin | By ✓ Patricia Coombs

Dorrie and the Goblin By Patricia Coombs,

  • Title: Dorrie and the Goblin
  • Author: Patricia Coombs
  • ISBN: 9780688413156
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
  • While Big Witch prepares for her big tea party, Dorrie attempts to babysit a baby goblin and discovers that even little goblins can be big trouble.
    Dorrie and the Goblin While Big Witch prepares for her big tea party Dorrie attempts to babysit a baby goblin and discovers that even little goblins can be big trouble

    One thought on “Dorrie and the Goblin”

    1. Dorrie is an adorable little with whose stockings don t always match, has a cat named Gink and some very interesting friends and adventures This story is so cute I love the darling illustrations and the imagination behind the story I know I would have really, really wanted to go to a Magic and Tea Party when I was little okay, I want to go to one NOW And I like how Dorrie s kindness with the goblin that everyone else shuns has such a surprising and beneficial result.This is one of the few Dorrie [...]

    2. I really loved this book as a child I lived in quite a well ordered house on a farm, but would have much rather been a witch with mismatched socks and a cat called Gink It provided escapism, and I read it when I was in junior school it is a great resource for discussing behaviour implications.I would place it as being suitable for year 1 2, but quite honestly I enjoy it now My favourite themes within the book were activity that escaped adults, unpunished bad behaviour, and the existence of somet [...]

    3. My youngest is starting to enjoy longer books, so I picked this one up off her big sister s bookshelf and gave it a try She loved it I love the old school charm of the illustrations because the evoke a sense of nostalgia in me And I don t think I can ever pass up a book that has a clever girl as its lead But the writing could be a bit stilted and repetitive at times This is fine for its target audience but as a read aloud for me, it got kind of dull at times.In this volume, Dorrie has to contend [...]

    4. An oldie but goodie early reader series that s also fun to read aloud to younger readers Especially liked by girls who gravitate toward the covers , but boys generally like Dorrie s bumbling and catastrophic flubs, too, when they pick up the books.

    5. The art is adorable, somehow sharp and foggy at the same time, but the narrative is labored It feels like a lot of work to get to the place we finally arrive at.

    6. Very good read, excellent pictures, good story,likeable characters surprise ending, excellent card trick What s not to like

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