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Flyaway By Lucy Christopher,

  • Title: Flyaway
  • Author: Lucy Christopher
  • ISBN: 9780545317719
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Hardcover
  • If they saved the swan together, could she then save her friend At the hospital, upset and scared after her dad has suffered a heart attack, 13 year old Isla meets Harry He s the first boy to understand her and her love of the outdoors But Harry is ill, and as his health fails, Isla is determined to help him the only way she knows how Together they watch a lone swan strIf they saved the swan together, could she then save her friend At the hospital, upset and scared after her dad has suffered a heart attack, 13 year old Isla meets Harry He s the first boy to understand her and her love of the outdoors But Harry is ill, and as his health fails, Isla is determined to help him the only way she knows how Together they watch a lone swan struggling to fly on the lake outside Harry s window Isla believes that if only she can save the injured swan, somehow that will help both Harry and her dad, too What she doesn t realize is that her actions will change not just their lives, but hers.For tweenage readers, a touching novel about hope and healing by the award winning author of Stolen.
    Flyaway If they saved the swan together could she then save her friend At the hospital upset and scared after her dad has suffered a heart attack year old Isla meets Harry He s the first boy to understa

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    1. This one is by the same author who wrote STOLEN which you ll recall that I adored FLYAWAY is actually her first novel, published second in the states, and it s a middle grade novel Basically, it s about a girl who becomes determined to reunite a lost swan with its flock after the girl s father has a heart attack Anyway, here are five reasons to read it 1 It s soft and sweet The image of a feather comes to mind, even though this book is about a girl coping with the idea that her father and her ne [...]

    2. One of the reasons I love Lucy Christopher s books so much are because they re real She knows that the teenagers reading her books aren t stupid, and instead of treating her younger teenage readers like they re nine, she gives us a novel that can be read by anyone.Seeing as the narrator of FLYAWAY is a thirteen year old girl, Lucy Christopher could ve written a juvenile middle grade book with ridiculously simple writing and stiff dialogue But she didn t Lucy Christopher knows teenagers she knows [...]

    3. Rewritten Review due to the review being erased Enjoy.Rate 5 stars all the wayWhen I first heard about this book was right here on I forgot about it for a while but then I was looking through my s to read list and saw it I immediately went to the library and put it on hold Two days later I got it and started reading it.Isla Harry Let me just say that Flyway is a touching, uplifting, and all around wonderful story I just loved it From the beginning to the end.A young girl Isla narrates this story [...]

    4. This is a sweet and heart wrenching book Isla, the narrator has a compelling voice, and is very likeable she is selfless, and her relationship with her family is very strong Harry, the sick boyfriend, though really shines.Their blooming relationship is innocent, and it is fun to watch it unfold The loner swan brings them together and parallels their adventure Spoiler below The only thing I don t like is that it did not give me closure on whether Harry makes it through his transplant But then aga [...]

    5. Stolen was one of the first books I ever reviewed and I absolutely fell in love with Christopher s dreamy, lyrical prose and well defined characters I had put off reading Flyaway as I was nervous the book would never live up to Stolen, which I loved Though I wouldn t say Flyaway quite had the same impact on me as Stolen did though I think it would be almost impossible for another book to be as intense as Stolen is I really did enjoy Flyaway and am still a huge fan of Christopher s writing.As wit [...]

    6. My reaction in one gif Full review I d read Lucy Christopher s debut novel, Stolen and was completely captured by it The tension, the characters, the psychology I knew coming into her second novel, Flyaway, that it wouldn t have the same punch as a book about a girl getting kidnapped, but I was stoked to see what else Christopher could do.This book is not big It s little It s quiet In a way, it reminds me of Jane Austen Not that it is a satire, but that it depicts life on a small canvas Isla s l [...]

    7. After reading Lucy Christopher s book Stolen, I knew I had to read the rest of what she wrote as well I was not disappointed by the next book I chose by her Flyaway is a touching, uplifting, and all around wonderful story.A young girl Isla pronounced like eye lah narrates this story that begins with her and her father going out early in the morning like they do every year to watch the whooping swans when they return to the nearby wetlands preserve, marking the start of winter But this year is di [...]

    8. Flyaway is only Lucy Christopher s second book, but already it feels like I ve been reading her words for years It s completely different to her debut novel, Stolen, but is just as good, if not better This story is told by Isla, a teenage girl with a love for all types of birds When her father is taken to hospital, it s there she meets a boy called Harry Brambling Isla and Harry discover a swan out on the lake, and before they know it, everything changes.Isla is an engaging narrator, with a warm [...]

    9. Lucy Christopher s sopho novel, Flyaway, is just as breathtakingly beautiful as her first Though in a very different way.Flyaway is written in such fluid prose that it takes you right into the heart of Isla s world I felt like I was watching the swans with Isla and her dad, riding to the hospital with her in the middle of the night and sitting with her while she started to make the best school project in history Lucy Christopher captured an air of sadness with her soft, subtle prose But it is al [...]

    10. This book was definitely a page turner When I first got the book I didn t think I would enjoy it as much as I did The book Flyaway was an amazing short read, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes true emotion in a book One thing I loved about the book was the relationship between the main character, Isla and her father The true emotion that author, Lucy Christopher, put into the story is unreal In the book Isla s father goes through a heart attack which takes a huge toll on their family i [...]

    11. I had read Lucy Christopher s Stolen and was eager to read her next book This did not disappoint The story is rich with well developed characters about whom you come to care deeply Isla, the main character, is a young teen who shares with her dad an intense interest in birding, and in watching wild whooper swans as they migrate into England for the winter She and her dad are following a flock of swans as they migrate in, when he suffers a heart attack As she and her family anxiously hover in the [...]

    12. Plot One cold winter mourning, Dad gets sick and goes into hospital It s there I meet Harry, with his scruffy hair and firefly eyes From his window we watch a wild swan on the frozen lakes outside There s something different about her, truly different Almost magical Perehaps, if we can help her, everything else will begin to make sense.Review There were 3 major themes to this book Family, Swans and Harry The book itself was suprisingly captivating and I even found myself crying towards the end o [...]

    13. Thirteen year old Isla and her father share a deep love for the swans that spend winter on the nearby lakes, chasing after them so they can tell where they have landed But on one of their jaunts, her father becomes ill and is hospitalized While visiting him, Isla meets Harry, who has leukemia and is waiting for a bone marrow transfusion They bond over their shared interest in one swan that Harry can see from his window, a swan that became separated from the others and seems unsure how to fly Isl [...]

    14. I received the ARC of FLYAWAY from the BEA What attracted me to this novel was the author, Lucy Christopher I had read her first novel, STOLEN, which I thought was absolutely brilliant FLYAWAY is quite different than STOLEN but also interesting It s a MG novel narrated by Isla, pronounced I la Isla has a close relationship with her father Together they share a love for birds, especially swans As the swans migrate, Isla and her dad track them around their community SPOILER SO BEWARE On one of tho [...]

    15. Isla and her Dad share a love for watching swans return to local ponds each year This year, however, Isla sees that her father isn t quite himself When he falls to the ground with a heart attack, Isla s quick action calling for help gets him to the hospital in time to save him Dad has to have a heart valve replacement, and during his stay, Isla meets Harry, a cancer patient who is waiting for for a bone marrow transplant Throughout Isla s worries, she concentrates on the swans and on a very spec [...]

    16. While the ideas presented in this book are interesting, I rated it at 2 stars It is not the subject matter itself which is heavy , but the writing which was heavy handed Perhaps because it is written as a children s book, some of the symbols and allusions were written to be extra obvious, but I think a lighter not as in comedic, but as in deft touch would have worked better It felt as if the author were shining spotlights on certain character names and plot events and shouting LOOK AT THIS SYMBO [...]

    17. I didn t really know anything about this one, just that it had good reviews and just recently made it onto ALSC s Notable Children s Books list So I picked it up And now that I am done, I can absolutely see why it was on the notable list This book is absolutely brilliant and beautiful Sometimes when I read a book where things are really up in the air, I want to sneak a peek at the ending to see if all of the characters are going to make it But I wasn t tempted even once while reading this one Fo [...]

    18. This book knocked me over It s full of beautiful imagery about swans and birds, freedom and hope Isla and her father take special delight in following the swans as they migrate from Iceland every year to a lake near their home This year their flight has become dangerous because of a power plant and at the same time her father suffers a heart attack while they go looking for swans In the hospital, Isla meets Harry, a talkative, interesting young patient awaiting a bone marrow transplant In school [...]

    19. Being a bird person, I thought I would love this book because it s about a girl who loves swans It s a good story and tackles some tough subjects for kids like the near death of a parent and chronic illness of a kid BUT IF I READ ANOTHER BIRD FLYING FLOCK SWAN METAPHOR IN THE NEXT 6 MONTHS I M GONNA FREAK OUT If she d taken out a few of those, it could have been about 100 pages shorter and twice as good.

    20. Not as exciting or unusual as, but I thoroughly enjoyed this teenage girl s interactions, both in reality and in her dreams, with the injured swan and her flock The whoopers in the natural world were the perfect contrast to the hospital scenes and Christopher includes some lovely romance for the YA reader too.

    21. Oh my goodness I absolutely loved this book It was so wonderful and special and touching It played with all of my emotions and I could not read it fast enough The ending was just so loving and touching Excuse my loss for words It was just perfect I loved every single second of it Definitely one of my favorites and a book I want to own

    22. What a nice coming of age story I loved how connected Isla was with her dad and granddad The relationship that Isla develops with the swan was also amazing The relationship that humans develop with nature is so awe inspiring and powerful.

    23. I absolutely loved this book I could not put it down It was soooo sweet and a really good book too Not just some typical cheesy love story about a cancer patient I would recommend it to anyone.

    24. Up front, I will say that I purchased this book based on the number of starred reviews and the words lyrically written What can I say I don t have enough time on this earth to spend reading things that aren t worth reading and I am smitten by beautiful writing I can t say enough negative things about books where there is so much emphasis on death and dying in a realistic fiction book Maxi s Secret just about took me out and after reading three novels about Hurricane Katrina and my beloved New Or [...]

    25. Ich muss sagen, dass es ganz gut war Eine sehr sch ne und niedliche Idee, aber die Umsetzung war eher mangelhaft F r meinen Geschmack war es zu oberfl chlich, man hat gemerkt, dass Lucy einige Dinge passieren lassen wollte, aber ich habe das Gef hl, dass sie sich nicht ganz im Klaren dar ber war, wieso und wof r die Dinge passieren sollten Was also Charakterentwicklung und dergleichen anging, davon hat man irgendwie nichts gesp rt Die pl tzliche Heilung des Vaters am Ende war mir zu ruckartig Da [...]

    26. I really liked the suspense and storyline but having neither of them die at the end was so disappointing The entire book, I was questioning who would live and who would die, if not both of them, because they both meant so much to Isla, but because neither of them died, I just thought that the ending was weak.

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