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A Tall Man in a Low Land By Harry Pearson,

  • Title: A Tall Man in a Low Land
  • Author: Harry Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780349112060
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • Most British travel writers head south for a destination that is hot, exotic, dangerous or all three Harry Pearson chose to head in the opposite direction for a country which is damp, safe and of legendary banality Belgium But can any nation whose most famous monument is a statue of a small boy urinating really be that dull Pearson lived there for several months, buryiMost British travel writers head south for a destination that is hot, exotic, dangerous or all three Harry Pearson chose to head in the opposite direction for a country which is damp, safe and of legendary banality Belgium But can any nation whose most famous monument is a statue of a small boy urinating really be that dull Pearson lived there for several months, burying himself in the local culture He drank many of the 800 different beers the Belgians produce ate local delicacies such as kip kap jellied pig cheeks and a mighty tonnage of chicory and chips In one restaurant the house speciality was Hare in the style of grandmother I didn t order it I quite like hare, but had no wish to see one wearing zip up boots and a blue beret A Tall Man in a Low Land commemorates strange events such as The Festival of Shrimps at Oostduinkerke and laments the passing of the Underpant Museum in Brussels No reader will go away from A Tall Man in a Low Land without being able to name at least ten famous Belgians Mixing evocative description and low grade buffoonery Harry Pearson paints a portrait of Belgium that is rounded than a Smurf after a night on the mussels.
    A Tall Man in a Low Land Most British travel writers head south for a destination that is hot exotic dangerous or all three Harry Pearson chose to head in the opposite direction for a country which is damp safe and of lege

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    1. Somewhat dated, somewhat scattered, and somewhat charming account of Harry Pearson s summer spent traveling with his wife and daughter around Belgium I read this in the hopes of gaining a light hearted insight into the country I will soon call my home Pearson s telling, however, is a bit all over the place and even he seems bored by his own writing by the end of the book, which ends fairly abruptly He can be witty, but although some of his prose made me smile, it was not as funny as I had hoped [...]

    2. When not strapped for cash or time, the best way, imho, to judge the general quality, tone and subject coverage of a publisher series of travel guides in then old fashioned book format is to first read the one of your own country If that activity results in than one Yes, indeed or, even better, I did not know that , then it is probably a wise decision to buy the one of the country region you intend to visit in order to get tailored information you want, need or simply must have Thus, if you are [...]

    3. I can t stop laughing or at least grinning while reading this book Pearson looks at Belgium through a very different set of lenses He is able to find the humor in things that most folks would find maddening I want to try and adopt his attitude Not just when it comes to things Belgian but in all areas It would save a lot of heart ache Find the humor.This is my anti Columbine which I am also currently reading book Safe to read before going to sleep.

    4. An easy enough read A little dated, as it s over 20 years old, but the main problem is the lack of structure It s very scattershot, with Pearson zooming from one side of the country to the other within the same chapter and often the same day Large parts of the country are barely touched upon, and Antwerp is left out entirely There are plenty of info dumps, many of which are interesting, and a few half decent observations The best humour comes from character observation at other times the jokes s [...]

    5. This is another book that I read years ago I live in Belgium, so want to find books about my adopted land and read up on it I must admit that when I read it the first time I really enjoyed it This time it was enjoyable but not as much Perhaps it was because I didn t know all the places he mentioned and visited but seems I ve been to most if not all of them now It s not a big country.Pearson offers some interesting insight and the best thing about the book is that it isn t a tourist book where h [...]

    6. The book is now a little out of date published 1998 but still has some interesting background information for those curious about Belgium e.g about history, language and customs For me it was a little too heavy on amusing anecdotes genuinely funny but distracting from what I was really after.

    7. I m not at all familiar with Pearson I picked this up because I saw it mentioned and there aren t a whole lot of books out there about traveling in Belgium By 2013 this is a bit dated and hit or miss Pearson assumes the reader is familiar with British popular culture football teams and television personalities as well as with at the time current events in Belgium the Dutroux murders, which I looked up to make sure I spelled right but which I m not going to read anything else about, be my guest i [...]

    8. Thus book is not funny, but it is badly written with many grammatical mistakes that a journalist should have known better I guess this is from being a Northumbrian who currently sues dialect terms and nuances that are commonly known in the Nort East The book is offensive to the Belgians being the stomach of Europe, calling them fat, tasteless and are inept in DIY I live in Belgium and married to a Belgian who also finds this book very distasteful and offensive to the people that the author met i [...]

    9. A bit average overall It s nearly 20, and so obviously dated There are some good personable bit of writing, but I found it a bit strange to avoid most of the major cities and sites in Belgium for the book, instead concentrating on villages and smaller towns and things that amused him during a couple of months stay There are a few good jokes, and in a few places he does have passages that really do get under the skin of Belgium But obviously not as much as, well I d guess there would be dozens of [...]

    10. This was recommended reading for a Upcoming trip, but it had very little to do with the cities we will be visiting.

    11. I would not recommend this book to someone wanting to visit Belgium, his descriptions of dirty train stations, dingy hotel rooms and musty museum exhibits are far from appealing maybe it s supposed to be funny Nevertheless, I was very impressed at how good he gets the Belgians and the cultural differences between the north and the south Add to that a very generous sprinkle of history and interesting anecdotes that include interesting beer names , and suddenly this book transforms into a really g [...]

    12. Although no laugh out loud moments for me, I did have several smile widely whilst nodding sagely moments largely because I am living in Belgium and could appreciate the hunt for fresh milk in the supermarket and the Belgian s penchant for DIY if I can judge a whole nation by the DIY efforts of our landlord

    13. Laugh out loud funI do enjoy good travel literature and will be traveling in Belgium so thought it would be useful to read this I had no idea I would be so thoroughly entertained The mix of keen observations of everyday life, personal anecdotes, and history was all told with such humor I definitely recommend this book and plan on rereading it.

    14. Moderately funny book about Belgium, written by an Englishman It would probably get four stars if I were English, because some of the humor is based upon knowledge of things English that I don t have Nevertheless, the book is pretty funny just in the way it describes the Belgians, and the authors adventures in that allegedly boring, but actually pretty interesting, country.

    15. I liked this textual look at Belgium My mother in law is Belgian and this book helped me understand some of her quirks a little better I thought it was funny and witty, however my husband read it and gave up after a few chapters I think due to the author being English, the humor is very British, as are the references to pop culture, which suits me just fine

    16. Fantastic insight into a country I am already very fond of I have visited it numerous times now and it has only made me even fond of it now A very funny read that proves that there s to Belgium than Bruges, Brussels and chocolate.

    17. Belgium as seen through the eyes of Englishman, Harry Pearson He finds all sorts of humorous adventures there I learned so much about this country and some of its gifts to the world like the saxophone, French fries, and .

    18. Interessant, aber etwas veraltet, aus den 90ern und aus englischer Perspektive Stellenweise langatmig Das Buch gibt aber einen allgemeinen berblick Insgesamt ok.

    19. A good introduction to Belgium, its history and its society Unfortunately the humour of the author is far from being Bill Bryson s and at points it gets annoying

    20. I enjoyed this book about a Brit who travels around Belgium Some very good observations on the Belgians Worth reading if you are spending time in the country.

    21. What I learnt from this entertaining book he author made the most Belgium but therwise B is a rather boring country.

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