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Caesar: A Biography By Christian Meier,

  • Title: Caesar: A Biography
  • Author: Christian Meier
  • ISBN: 9780465008957
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • As politician and diplomat, writer and lover, but above all as a military genius, Julius Caesar is one of the perennially fascinating figures in history Boswell called him the greatest man of any age Christian Meier s authoritative and accessible biography is the definitive modern account of Caesar s life and career, setting Caesar s life story against the rich politicaAs politician and diplomat, writer and lover, but above all as a military genius, Julius Caesar is one of the perennially fascinating figures in history Boswell called him the greatest man of any age Christian Meier s authoritative and accessible biography is the definitive modern account of Caesar s life and career, setting Caesar s life story against the rich political and social background of the Late Roman Republic.
    Caesar A Biography As politician and diplomat writer and lover but above all as a military genius Julius Caesar is one of the perennially fascinating figures in history Boswell called him the greatest man of any age

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    1. Interesting, controversial account of CaesarThis is written by a German Classics professor and though it s pitched as a book for the general reader, it assumes quite a lot of knowledge about Rome and its politics Having said that, it is erudite without being overwhelming and is very well translated It covers Caesar s life, military and political career, and puts it all into the context of the social political crisis of the Republic Both a weakness and a strength is the lack of critical bibliogra [...]

    2. Christian Meier approaches his subject with characteristic German Gr ndlichkeit This book could well have been shortened, and it would not have suffered from it on the contrary It doesn t quite take off until you ve gone through a quarter of the pages Meier doesn t seem to be really in his element until he gets to the start of Caesar s political career, and that is than 100 pages into the book I almost gave up before I got there I was ready to fling the book against the wall when Meier, writing [...]

    3. This is the best biography of an ancient personality that I have ever read It was originally published in German, and an English translation was published in 1982 Right out of the gate, the translation is excellent, making this a smooth and compelling narrative There are plenty of detailed maps in the front, as well as a good section of illustrations The book has a significant number of strengths, but also what I consider two weaknesses.One significant strength is Meier s ability to place Caesar [...]

    4. He was an outsiderA couple of weeks after I wrote my blog River crossing I wrote an e mail to professor Fik Meijer University of Amsterdam I asked him Why did Julius Caesar cross the Rubicon and wanted to stay at the top in old Rome and was not satisfied that his consulship finally ended He wrote that there is not an easy in dutch niet zo maar answer on this question He pointed me at the biographies on Caesar of Luciano Canfora and Christian Meier.Best biography on Caesar 100 44 BC Last week I f [...]

    5. Another re read after a long time Bought this in the late 1990s Good read It does start slow and then gets into the life of Caesar The book captures Caesar s life from his escape from the Sulla civil war, his image of being a dandy and a profligate borrower and spender, his ride to prominence, his long years in Gaul and to his famous return to Rome The author covers the lethargic state of politics in Rome and the dissatisfaction of it from an action oriented outsider like Caesar to quote There w [...]

    6. When informing the Senate of his quick victory at Zela, Caesar used this now famous pithy phrase to mirror the quickness of his victory Veni, vidi, vici Well, there was nothing veni, vidi, vici about my reading of Christian Meier s Caesar A Biography That s not to say I did not appreciate the book had I not I would never have finished reading it However, at times I found the repeated psychological interpretations tedious and suspect It is difficult enough for me to accurately decipher my own psy [...]

    7. This was the best political biography I had read until i came across Robert Caro s LBJ series.Translated from German, Christian Meier gives a very interesting and revealing historical and psychological analysis of Julius Caesar and his life.A great read.

    8. I actually only picked this book up lately it sat for 15 years on the Colleen McCullough bookshelf, along with The First Man in Rome series, which I originally read as they were published in hardback.I picked up this volume to further inform myself about the subject over which I d already spent so much time.I was intrigued, when I finally picked up the book that it read like a series of essays about Roman lives and times, rather than the episodes in the life of Julius Caesar himself The environ [...]

    9. One of the first books I read on Roman history It provides an extremely detailed account of pre Caesar Rome along with a breakdown of family rivalries leading to Caesar s rise to power This book is a very good book for experts on Roman history, however, because it tends to bogg the reader down with trivial family facts that beginning readers have a tough time understanding I was lucky, already having a very broad knowledge of the time period before starting Provides a sub par account of Caesar s [...]

    10. This was an uneven book It would pull me in, get interesting, and then fall back into tediousness Well written, if a bit repetitive If you re looking for a scintillating read about Caesar and the Romanswell, look elsewhere This is Caesar the politician, Roman politics, and that s about it.

    11. First encountered Meier s Caesar on a reading list at university A scholarly yet readable account of Caesar s life and times Look out for chapter 3, which is the best account I ve read about the factors contributing to the fall of the Roman Republic.

    12. Meier s Caesar is a masterful work of biogaphy with great insight to a truely misunderstood personality My Favorite biographical treatment of the Greatest of All Romans

    13. An incredibly in depth, unbiased, evaluative biography of Julius C sar by a at that time West German professor of Antiquity I knew only popular lore of C sar beforehand this tome provided background, cultural context and as much fact as possible about the life and ventures of C sar It took 9 months to get through it, and has been a thought provoking period of time directly after Donald Trump s election to the US Presidency There are many similarities between the late Roman Empire and the state o [...]

    14. I didn t read the complete book, just several large chunks So take this with a grain of salt.First the good Most books I ve read on ancient history don t add that much to the original sources They may be interesting and readable, but most actual new data is just speculation This book is different The author adds a lot of rich detail on the structure of Roman society and politics, and a lot of useful analysis of Caesar s circumstances and motivations Where many have tried and failed to add this, [...]

    15. This is a dense book, but also a surprisingly easy read Meier offers a self contained biography of Caesar that narrates the life of the man and describes the culture he lived in In the earlier years of Caesar s life, when we know less about him, Meier provides a broad description of what life was like for young men of that age He indicates the probable events of these years when we don t have sure evidence of what Caesar was up to This book is really much than a simple biography This is a histo [...]

    16. I gave up 100 page through the book Hard to follow the author handed it over to a charity shop Author assumes readers knowledge of Roman life style

    17. Originally published on my blog here in August 2001.The transition of the Roman government from Republic to Empire is one of the pivotal moments of world history, and Julius Caesar is the key figure of this period Luckily, there are many sources dealing with his life which are contemporary or nearly so including Caesar s own writings , and it is on these that Meier draws for his study of the man.The basic problem that afflicted the Republic, though, as Meier continually stresses, this was not un [...]

    18. Good biography I don t remember much but I do know I really like the idea of Caesar being the dawn of a new psychology in Rome.Quotes It is evident that the war was waged to protect Caesar s honour Caesar and his opponents thus represented two disparate realities the old reality, which had once been the whole and was suddenly reduced to a part, and the new, which had detached itself from the old and could hardly have been realigned with it even if war had been avoided so wide was the gap, so gre [...]

    19. While the book appears to be for a lay audience, it presumes that the reader has a deep of knowledge about Rome and Caesar While some reviews may have you buy this book, their writers are most likely know the biography and are interested the the critical work that this is.It seems that Meier is building the thesis that Caesar, as an outsider, was politically and psychologically disposed to take on an intractable Rome although he had no agenda other than advancing himself.I am sure there are many [...]

    20. This is a dry, dense, philosophical biography of Julius Caesar The structure is strange the author starts the book with the unusual choice of criticizing Caesar s crossing of the Rubicon as a selfish action and it s over 50 pages before Caesar is born Unfortunately, I can t recommend this book at all The tone is so dry, with no quotes and basic matter of fact textbook style narration, that even the most interesting material is rendered as lifeless as dust To return to the book s structural probl [...]

    21. More attention to the circumstances and deep explanation of the politics Description is developed from the circumstances.It is written in the precise language of an academic book.In fiction in which the author plays with the imagination of the reader and a perfect balance between precision and blurriness tickles the reader s mind.The academic dissects the complex and complicated system of the Roman Republic between 100 and 44 It is not an easy or fun read.It explains and describes with all the k [...]

    22. I read this book in college in my free time, so really sitting there and analyzing wasn t my motive for this read Just wanted to learn about this apparently great figure in history The book was detailed, but it read like it was a series of events and after a few hundred pages I had trouble remembering specific dates of things or names There is a lot of information and events in this book.I got a grasp in a general sense of who caesar was and in a greater sense who Romans were in that time period [...]

    23. This is one of those books that I enjoyed because I like the subject matter, but it probably won t appeal to the casual reader Meier makes several good historical and political observations.This is one of those books where Meier utilizes why use one word when you can use two I also thought it was odd that many times throughout the narrative Meier discusses how neither Caesar nor any of his contemporaries could find an alternative to halt the decay of the Republic and save it, but waits all the w [...]

    24. Ich habe diese Caesar Biographie f r meine Staatsexamensarbeit gelesen und habe gehofft ein umfassendes und anschauliches Bild von Caesar zu erhalten, welches sich nicht ganz so trocken gestaltet wie die brige Fachliteratur durch die ich mich k mpfen musste Meier liefert zwar ein sehr anschauliches Bilder der handelnden Personen, schweift aber oft ab, verliert sich in Randthemen und ab und zu wird es trocken Wenn es aber um die Personen an sich geht, schafft er ein wirklich lebendiges Bild und s [...]

    25. I gave it 100 pages.But most of those 100 weren t about Caesar at all they were about Roman society And I guess I should ve realized that a current biography written in 1982 about a man who lived 2,000 years before might be a little slim on details of said man But I ve taken a Roman history class Vice and Virtue in Ancient Rome sexy, no , and wasn t looking for that this time around.So, despite Conn Iggulden s wonderful fictional introduction, I m skipping the facts for now.

    26. If this were written in English originally, it might get 4stars The translation is a bit awkward, but it is a rewarding read which paints a full picture of how Caesar was what he was rather than just a timeline of his life.Meier s notion of Caesar as an Outsider is perhaps the most useful paradigm through which to view the guy He s a figure so different from his contemporaries, but so inextricably tied to them that any portrait is bound to contradict itself This is no different The depth of the [...]

    27. I really enjoyed this book for the larger context of Caesar in the late republican period Most biographies pay homage to military strategies and or give the pretension of a singular man overcoming all challenges until the end to become the man Caesar turned out to be But this book played particular attention to the lead up the characteristics deficiencies of late republicans and how it all led to the development of Caesar, his behaviors, and ultimately his actions.

    28. Unless you re a history student and you plan on reading Comentarii de Bello Gallico then this is the best biography of Caesar you re going to find In my judgement, it takes too lenient a view of Caesars life and actions He was a a megalomaniac, albeit an extremely charismatic one But otherwise it s excellent thorough, without getting too hung up on one episode or another The Germans always write the best books on Ancient Rome, it seems.

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