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Babe in Boyland By Jody Gehrman,

  • Title: Babe in Boyland
  • Author: Jody Gehrman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Natalie boldly goes where no girl has gone before in this fresh, funny peek inside the male mind Natalie writes the relationship column for her high school newspaper Then she is accused of knowing nothing about guys and giving girls bad relationship advice, so she decides to disguise herself as a guy and spend a week at Underwood Academy, the private all boys boarding sNatalie boldly goes where no girl has gone before in this fresh, funny peek inside the male mind Natalie writes the relationship column for her high school newspaper Then she is accused of knowing nothing about guys and giving girls bad relationship advice, so she decides to disguise herself as a guy and spend a week at Underwood Academy, the private all boys boarding school in town And in the process, she learns about guys, though in ways she never expected But when she starts to fall for her dreamy roommate, things get even complicated The fun doesn t stop in this light, lively offering for teen girls.
    Babe in Boyland Natalie boldly goes where no girl has gone before in this fresh funny peek inside the male mind Natalie writes the relationship column for her high school newspaper Then she is accused of knowing not

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    1. 3.5 stars It s pretty much impossible to read this book and not smile throughout most of it Impossible, I say I ve never read this author before, but the quirky cover appealed to my sense of humor and the premise reminded me a of A Different Twist, one of those paperbacks I really liked in grade school.Have you ever wondered why guys don t call back when they say they will Natalie has, so she decides to go undercover at a boys prep school for some inside info for her newspaper story on how the o [...]

    2. For those of you who read my reviews, this one might feel like a bit of d j vu.Which is exactly how this book feels to me Granted, sometimes this premise is done well But mostly, it s not.I actually think that this theme could use a reboot, especially in this day and age, with gender roles becoming and fluid and undefined I would love to see one of these characters discover that the old, Men are From Mars, Women Are From Venus paradigm is a load of crap and that we re all actually just human b [...]

    3. Full review posted at Amaterasu ReadsFrom the summary, you d probably think of Amanda Bynes movie She s The Man A girl who disguises herself as a boy and went to an all boys school Ring a bell Or if you re familiar with Hisaya Nakajo s Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, which is also about a girl who went to an all boys school Or if you want to look even further, I would say this also reminds me a bit of Drew Barry s Never Been Kissed You re probably right in that part of the story, but I think that s w [...]

    4. I loved this book I want to snuggle up and cuddle it and marvel in its sweetness It was fun, clever, made me laugh a lot and HELLOOOO EMILIO That boy made me swoon The characters in this book were so easy to love Natalie AKA Nat felt so real, she s the type of girl who d be great to have as a friend Chloe and Darcy were awesome, best friends so different but when matched with Nat, the perfect balance Tyler was a cutie, I have a thing for nerdy but shy and cute guys or POKSI as Natalie would say [...]

    5. Having not read any of Jody Gehrman s other books, I opened Babe in Boyland, not knowing what to expect The synopsis reminds me of Amanda Bynes movie She s The Man, K Drama He s Beautiful and Taiwanese drama, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, in which the heroines go cross dressing as a guy in a foreign place, but with different motives I was a little worried that Babe in Boyland will fall into the same mold as the movies dramas, but turns out, it doesn t fall back on tired stereotypes The cross dressi [...]

    6. Whaaaat the fuck This book is literally just a cheap rip off of that Amanda Bynes movie Want to know what guys ACTUALLY think Watch that freaking movie at least it would be some what accurate 2 solid stars no no less.

    7. 3.5 stars I do not really know exactly why I enjoy stories that picture girls masquerading as men so much I do not mean stories that focus on girls feeling wrong in their own female skins, but plots that show girls cross dressing because their gender would be an unacceptable obstactle to doing what they want or what they have to do like spy work, having a career or evading a certain unwelcome fate For instance, I loved Alle halten mich f r einen Jungen, in which 12 years old Simone just doesn t [...]

    8. First, let s discuss the cover The girl has huuuuge eyes I suspect photoshop and the reason I mention it is because the huge eyes is common in shoujo girl s manga So, the huge eyes automatically led me to expect something a bit wacky because well, suspension of belief is quite necessary to read some manga _ the shoujo ones anyway and the mustache makeup is kinda genius You have to admit that It elicited a chuckle out of me anyway.First, let me just say that I love gender benders I love the impro [...]

    9. Natalie Rowan wants to know a couple of things 1 When you say you re going to call and you don t, what happened 2 What are you do different when your friends are around Which one is the real you 3 What do youreally look for in a girl 4 Is it true that guys think about sex every eight seconds, or is it just a myth 5 What s the surest way to tell the difference between a guy who s being sincere and one who s just looking to score 6 What can make you lose interest in a girl overnight 7 If you won t [...]

    10. This book was HILARIOUS So many laugh out loud moments and such a feel good novel I could read it again right now Despite being a novel full of humor and witty one liners there is also an important underlying message, that not only teens but all readers can appreciate.If you haven t read Jody s Triple Shot Bettys books I d recommend you pick those up as well I love Jody s characters and her depictions of friendship That s something that I can always expect when picking up her novels and Babe in [...]

    11. I did enjoy this bookYeah, I guess that s how I m gonna start this review.Listen, if you ve seen Just one of the guys or She s the man , you know this story by heart And I mean that 95% of EVERYTHING in this book is taken directly from those two movies I started wondering if this book was the basis for She s the man But that s impossible.So This book gets a big fat 0 for originality.Just imagine someone getting their Twilight fanfiction published That would be weird And dumb.But ok Ignoring the [...]

    12. Menudo espanto, ha sido llegar a la p gina 50 y dar saltos de alegr a por poderlo abandonar de una vez Creo que no hab a visto jam s m s t picos de adolescentes superficiales resumidos en tan pocas p ginas Veamos.Protagonista superficial y absurda checkTrama totalmente absurda checkAmigas totalmente absurdas checkNarraci n exc ntrica y absurda checkPues eso, maravilloso.

    13. I m currently in the process of avoiding studying for a test so naturally I decide to read I read this because I was in the mood for something funny and optimistic It was hilarious and embarrassing, but as you ve probably guessed, a predictable fluffy book.Quick Overview Natalie, aka Dr Aphrodite, knows nothing about how boys really think even though she writes a column for her school paper dishing relationship advice After reading some harsh words from guys about her horrible advice and total l [...]

    14. This isn t going to win any awards for best writing or creativity, even, but it was a quick, clean, fun read Natalie Rowan writes a love advise column, generally tossing bad advise to her female followers Basically, she has a tendency to tell them what they want to hear, rather than what they need to hear Desperately wanting to prove herself knowledgeable and write a killer article on the male mind, she cross dresses as Nat Rodgers and enrolls herself into a male only private school You must sus [...]

    15. I know I say this every time I review a contemporary novel, but I rarely actively want to read contemporary I just can t get over this roadblock in my head that says contemporary is either Gossip Girl fluff or slit your wrists depressing This, despite all of the incredible contemporary I ve read Whatever, welcome to my brain The point is, I rarely wishlist contemporary books, but Babe in Boyland, for whatever reason , was one I wishlisted So when Jody emailed me, asking if I d like to review Aud [...]

    16. My Thoughts We are introduced to Natalie who loves the drama club and loves her role on the school newspaper She gives advice about guys and love She s never really had a boyfriend or been in love and so she starts to feel fake Along with her two best friends she decides she will enroll in the all boys school and get to know how boys really think She than starts to have feelings for her roommate Yes, this book is very much like She s The Man the movie I m sure I m not the first person to say tha [...]

    17. This is one of the most overused storyline in the history of romance Huh A girl in a boys school I ve come across this too many times However, Natalie aka Dr Aphrodite enters the realm of testosterone in order to find out information about the opposite sex She did this for the betterment of her writing and investigative skills which she majorly lacks What annoyed me was, she plans on submitting a paper about the secrets of the male specimen what makes them act the way they do I think it s a bit [...]

    18. A fly on the wall we always want to know what someone else is thinking or if what we see or feel is for real if only I was a fly on the wall How many times have you said that in one form or another when it comes to the opposite sex Babe in Boyland takes that concept to a hilarious, madcap level Natalie is determined to find out how boys think, act, and especially why they do certain things that drive girls crazy After a few painfully funny interviews, Natalie discovers the only way to uncover th [...]

    19. I give this book 5 stars because it was just too catching and awesome But I have to warn you, this is no extraordinary story You might have read similar ones This story is just so cute and amazing and funny I couldn t put the book down and I do have a lot of work to do It s just one of those books that make you smile and happy and girly and swoony It s genuine, down to earth, completely crazy I just fell in love with it and the characters are smart, kind and lovely I ll definitely be reading of [...]

    20. I d give this book 4.5 stars, but you know that s not how rolls So I m rounding up for sheer adorableness.Even though I have hundreds of books on my shelves, I go to the library every week And this book caught my eye when I walked by the New Reads shelf in the YA section You know how your mom told you that can t judge a book by its cover She was wrong.This book is utterly charming from the beginning to the end, and I really loved it The cover is totally cute, and that s why I picked it up While [...]

    21. Natalie is a romance advice columnist, Dr Aphrodite, for her school paper When some harsh comments crop up on her latest online help column, she realizes that maybe she isn t the best person to be dispensing advice about relationships, especially since she hasn t had a boyfriend sincer She decides to ask the boys at her school some questions that girls really want to know the answers to They all clam up though and give her nothing Natalie isn t sure what to do Then she has a plan, born from her [...]

    22. Ich bin ein RIESIGER Fan von She s the Man Ihr wisst schon, dieser Teenie Film mit Amanda Bynes, in dem sie sich als ihr Bruder ausgibt und sich ein Zimmer mit Channing Tatum teilt Nun, Babe in Boyland war wie eine etwas abge nderte Buchversion von diesem Film, was es mir irgendwie unm glich machte, das Buch NICHT zu m gen.Es geht hier um die junge Nat, die in ihrer Highschool die Ratgeberkomlumne schreibt und damit alle M dchen begeistern kann Als ihr ihre m nnlichen Fans aber sagen, dass sie k [...]

    23. I didn t want to like this book because I thought it was going to be so cliche But I found that I couldn t help but really like it It was quite humorous.When a friend first recommended this to me, I looked up the summary and thought Oh no Another book about getting into the minds of boys, and to top it all of, about a so called journalist I m sorry, but for some reason authors think it s the thing to write about reporters and columnists, and they can t be off about what it s like in the real wo [...]

    24. Street Corner TBR ChallengeSeptember pick 1 per Janina The gist Natalie has decided to go under cover as a boy in an all boys school She wants to understand guys She wants to write an awesome story for a competition She wants to give girls all the answers into the male species mind Only, it s harder than she thought to be a boy Especially when you have a hot roomate I like that it wasn t all picture perfect, like she had to witness guys changing clothes and peeing It wasn t as easy for her to ge [...]

    25. Como disfrute al leer este libro Natalie es la tipica ni a fresilla cinica pero buena oyente Al ser Nat no cambio bueno solo fisicamente pero nos mostro un lado de los ni os que suponiamos pero no tan divertido como es La escena de Max usando la toalla como si fuera hilo dental JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA la ame Tyler aw el chavito al cual solo prestamos atencion para ser un amigo pero es tan lindo para la chica indicada 3Summer cara de zorra la deteste kChloe Darcy muy buenas amigas aunqe Chloe me frustro [...]

    26. Genre YA chick litRead like a movie adaptation if the movie was a cocktail of CLUELESS, SHE S THE MAN, and JUST ONE OF THE GUYS Many a description of what everyone is wearing and what music is playing in the background The soundtrack is important, right I found the 17 yr old first person narrator vacuous with little of the sweetness or perception that would make her bearable to me I admit that I don t usually read YA romances but do loves me some cross dressing teen comedy From that perspective [...]

    27. Queue Aerosmith sDude Looks Like A Lady I laughed so hard while reading this it was therapeutic lord knows I needed a good laugh I will say that the story line is very similar to the movieShe s the Manstarring Amanda Bynes but I had such a good time reading I didn t mind much.

    28. 3,5 starsWell it is obvious I can t give any than 3,5 stars because well lets be honest it s not something we ve never seen before But it was a really funny and entertaining book I had so much fun with Babe in Boyland that I was literally laughing out loud at some scenes I especially like the one with Max and the towel.

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