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Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat By Kaori Tsutaya Amy Hirschman,

  • Title: Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat
  • Author: Kaori Tsutaya Amy Hirschman
  • ISBN: 9781594745256
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • Got fur balls Are your favorite sweaters covered with cat hair Do you love to make quirky and one of a kind crafting projects If so, then it s time to throw away your lint roller and curl up with your kitty Crafting with Cat Hair shows readers how to transform stray clumps of fur into soft and adorable handicrafts From kitty tote bags and finger puppets to fluffy cat tGot fur balls Are your favorite sweaters covered with cat hair Do you love to make quirky and one of a kind crafting projects If so, then it s time to throw away your lint roller and curl up with your kitty Crafting with Cat Hair shows readers how to transform stray clumps of fur into soft and adorable handicrafts From kitty tote bags and finger puppets to fluffy cat toys, picture frames, and , these projects are cat friendly, eco friendly, and require no special equipment or training You can make most of these projects in under an hour with a little help, of course, from your feline friends
    Crafting with Cat Hair Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat Got fur balls Are your favorite sweaters covered with cat hair Do you love to make quirky and one of a kind crafting projects If so then it s time to throw away your lint roller and curl up with your

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    1. i have been sick in bed with some kind of dickensian wasting disease for the past FIVE DAYS so i am way behind on everything i need to do but just before i contracted the virus that will probably end the world, i made this list, so i attach it to this old review, for enjoyment and holiday helpering rifflebooks list 24865e you kidding me AAAAARRRRRE YOOOOOU KIDDDDING MEEEE this is the best book ever and i know i say shit like that a lot, because i am excitable as all hell, but seriously what woul [...]

    2. Why do I bother nobody reads these but i soldier onI THINK this book was written in all seriousness After all the author IS Japanese and they are an incredibly crafty folk I am not being judgmental or racist So shut up I happen to love Origami Anyway I ve always wondered WHAT THE HELL,I could do with the kilos of cat hair that I collect off my kitties every month besides knit myself a car cozy Now I know I can make the cutest little cat puppets in the world, or felt little kitties onto book cove [...]

    3. This book was once suggested jokingly for our next read at an Interrobang Book Club meetup, and it s made some occasional subsequent appearances on the ballot, though it s never won the vote It would definitely meet the unique and unusual criteria Anyway, today I saw it in the Sunnyvale Public Library, and I figured I had to at least skim through it, even though I don t own a cat or even know anybody in close proximity who does It s perhaps not quite as crazy as you d think the basic premise is [...]

    4. I know a lot of people even fiber enthusiasts who are squicked by the idea of using cat or dog fur in projects I ve never really understood why what makes fur from a cat or a dog so fundamentally different than hair from a sheep wool or from a goat cashmere or from a rabbit angora Certainly cat and dog fur isn t as well suited to most crafting endeavors as these other fibers, but I ve never heard an objection due to the utility of the fiber it s always emotional in nature Strange.Crafting With C [...]

    5. Wait, there s a book about crafting with your cat hair Awesome.The book was originally in Japanese, and it has retained the cuteness present in Japanese thru the translation, and of course the pictures and illustrations are cute too ever seen a book in Japanese that wasn t cute Me neither.Most of the projects are with felting techniques These are presented well with details, so they suit people who ve never tried any kind of felting before.Good techniques now if only I got my kittehs to love som [...]

    6. This book is a delight for crafters and cat lovers It s unique slant of using your cat hair to craft might strike some as odd but the books is so well put together, clean, neat and tidy that you love it at once It is a delicate combination of graceful advice and fun simple crafts that are accessible and achievable by most people There are brushing and cat care tips as well as inventive and cute little projects like necklaces, brooches and little bags all well laid out and easy to understand If y [...]

    7. I found this book at one of our local libraries and HAD to get it Was this book for real Yes It was indeed The author instructs you how to gather cat hair from your cat, keep it free from pests and odors and turn it into cute handicrafts I am a cat lover Currently I live in a home with five cats two are mine so a supply of cat hair would certainly not be an issue for me Still, I can t bring myself to make any of these handicrafts Mostly this book was amusing and I had a lot of fun shocking peopl [...]

    8. I was hoping that I could make my fortune with cat hair crafting, as I have two cats, one of whom is long haired But I don t think so It is a cute little book, though, especially for cat lovers This book is unintentionally funny with many admonitions that end with the phrase is not how a good owner should behave I would have to be much dedicated to the craft of felting to pursue this activity I ll stick with wool.

    9. Crafting With Cat Hair Cute Handicrafts to With Your Cat by Kaori Tsutaya and translated by Amy Hirschman is written by the author of a popular site, and is Japanese craft style in a very feline way Using the soft hair you brush from your cat as well as store bought wool felt, you create projects for your home and as accessories for yourself.Just so you know, I m a cat lover since I was a kid My very first pet in fact was a parakeet I named my keet Pretty Kitty just to make sure my mom knew that [...]

    10. Got this for my mom, since she at least at one point collects brushed out cat hair in a large zip lock bag It contains detailed instructions and the list of supplies you ll need including cat to create cat fur crafts, such as Kindle covers The book is serious about its cat crafts, and it looks like they all should work as described That doesn t keep it from being funny When crafting with your cat, it is important to remove hair only by gentle brushing Do not shave your cat Here s a sample page

    11. Loooove it Come on, how is cat hair any weirder than sheep hair Yeah, my parents haven t been able to answer that any better than with a nervous laugh when I ve said it, either Anyway It s really about embellishing felt crafts with felted cat hair, less of making physical things with the hair It s fairly fragile But I love the idea, I love the Japanese, and I was positively delighted that my library bought this And yes, I have a box full of harvested cat hair going.

    12. Using the cat hair really isn t as gross as it initially sounds The problem with this book is that it s really the same craft a cute, furry cat shape applied to different objects A scarf, a hat, a picture frame, a box Not enough ideas But, of course the cats are adorable.

    13. Adorkable I found this book at my library s bookshop for 50 cents Like new Obviously its previous owner did not appreciate it as much as I do Brush your cat and make a finger puppet today

    14. Surprisingly charming than creepy The warning regarding these crafts not being appropriate for people with allergies seemed a little than silly.

    15. Initally this is hilariousAnd I didn t think I can collect that much fur to make anything Trying during shefding season.

    16. You might be tempted to say eeuuw when you see the title of this book, but don t It s a fabulous, hands on crafting book with well explained, various projects of little items you can make from hair from your beloved or otherwise kitty You won t have to shave it bare the projects only require small amounts that you can obtain from brushing or a little judicious snipping if you have a long haired cat They re felting projects and could be carried out using other animal hair or wool rovings sheep, a [...]

    17. This book shows you how to felt items with cat hair Some cute ideas but no real crafts except for the cat finger puppets, it s just embellishments Especially not useful for me, since someone I live with is full of cat allergies.The REAL reason to read this book is for all the adorable Japanese cats And when I say adorable, I mean ADORABLE This whole book is adorable, as is the writing.UPDATE Just got this again to flip through because I couldn t remember if I d actually read it or not One though [...]

    18. This book is really cute, and greatly exceeded my expectations Yes, it is written in seriousness, though the tone is lighthearted I get that a lot of people find the subject too strange, but I m pretty strange myself _ I expected to learn patterns and techniques, but I also learned new to me information about cats, felting, and Japan three subjects I thought I knew a lot about already The crafts are really adorable to me , and the author obviously really cares about and advocates for cats It s a [...]

    19. I m not sure I ll ever make any of these crafts, but it was fun to see all the ideas the author had for using cat hair I found this book to be very humorous, but I m still not sure if that was intentional or unintentional The common sense cat care tips sprinkled throughout the book added to my enjoyment don t shave your cat Don t brush your cat too much Watch out for fleas Okay, maybe I ll try making a cat hair finger puppet one of these days.

    20. Ok, I admit it, I rented this ironically, fully intending to read it and make fun of it but it was actually really cute and not nearly as ridiculous as the title might imply For the most part, the suggested crafts are all small cat shapes made from one typical bundle of discarded hair during brushing grooming It seemed really reasonable, if not recycle y, and the results were than adorable no different than felted wool, truly.

    21. Do you love your cat Well Quirk Books has another great how to book out that tells you step by step how to make some great little projects with a little help from your cat I know, how clever is that This book will walk you through step by step to make Book Covers, Portraits, finger puppets, cat toys and even tote bags all with a little fur from your cat These crafts will surely be one of a kind treasures Just think, all of these projects are eco friendly

    22. I got a newsletter from bookdepository recommending some books on quicky crafts and this title popped up Well, now all my christmas shopping is over and done with Neighbourhood cats beware my shaving equipmentThank you Karen for a great review of this book, it is a long time since I laughed so hard

    23. I have to that this is a different crafting idea than I had ever read about After thinking about it I decided cat hair is no different than using any other animal hair There are some cute ideas for crafting as well as some good information on taking care of your cat If you are looking for something a bit different in crafting this book may be just what you are looking for.

    24. Saw this at the bookstore yesterdaye perfect gift for the cat people in your life Hilarious but also has some kinda cool crafts that could also be adapted for dog hair, bunny fur, or whatever other kind of fur inhabits your home.

    25. Yep, buying this made me a crazy cat woman The little crafts are so cute though I am currently saving up some kitty fur to make some stuff I m thinking all of my cats could use a good bath and brush May as well use the fur that gets all over the house

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