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When Colors Bleed By Estevan Vega,

  • Title: When Colors Bleed
  • Author: Estevan Vega
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A short story collection that features three unique colors love, loss, and regret Both palpable and haunting, each story is a glimpse into human frailty and desperationBY BLUE Casey never had any luck with men, even though she was employed by one of the finest clothing stores in New England and saw attractive, sure kinds strolling through her section every day likeA short story collection that features three unique colors love, loss, and regret Both palpable and haunting, each story is a glimpse into human frailty and desperationBY BLUE Casey never had any luck with men, even though she was employed by one of the finest clothing stores in New England and saw attractive, sure kinds strolling through her section every day like clockwork At twenty three years old, she has given up on her dreams of the spotlight, of finding love, and of ever getting out of the small town she reluctantly calls home But one rainy afternoon, Thomas Rayford, a very unusual and kind stranger, stumbles into her life looking for an odd, baby blue suit One thing is certain Casey, the twenty three year old dreamer stuck in a line, will never be the sameNILLA RED From his cold hell in Block C, a nameless man unfolds this twisted tale This is the story of a man who becomes something else A man who had a father once A man who loved once They want to know why They want a reason, he confesses But nobody likes the reasons They re like unwanted children or cancers with no cure A reason is a justification, an excuse so we can t be blamed But I know what it is I ve done, and there is no reason that can take it back So begins Vanilla Red, a confession, a story, a prayer, or perhaps a drip of dark truth in the batter of humanity Take a look inside and tell me what color you seeE MAN IN THE COLORED ROOM Colin awakens in a room, jittery, afraid, and confused He knows not how he got here, who brought him, or why And the only thing waiting for him is a hot cup of coffee and a seemingly flawless room that bleeds colors As an architect, he understands that no room is perfect, but somehow this anomaly has crawled through the cracks and pushed the limits of perfection No seams No lines No windows Enter a bald man in a suit Once he steps through the door, he makes the colors disappear with the push of button His name is Jack, and he claims to be a friend Still unsure of anything, Colin wages war with his mind, with a dark truth he isn t ready to accept, and with Jack In the moments that follow, Jack asks Colin a series of questions, questions that will reveal the where, the how, and the why of his arrival.
    When Colors Bleed A short story collection that features three unique colors love loss and regret Both palpable and haunting each story is a glimpse into human frailty and desperationBY BLUE Casey never had any luck

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    1. Source Received from author Many thanks goes to Estevan Vega for sending me a copy of this book for review I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review My rating 4 5When Colors Bleed is a compilation of three short stories by Arson author, Estevan Vega The stories included are, Baby Blue, Vanilla Red, and The Man in the Colored Room Each tale features the main character questioning themselves and their surroundings The themes and emotions portrayed throughout are those of [...]

    2. Review Of When Colors Bleed By Estevan Vega I applaud Estevan for writing three amazing short stories My favorite was Baby Blue because it made me cry and it just made me take stock of my life All three stories, in my opinion, reminded me of possible episodes of The Twilight Zone Vanilla Red is a great retrospect into the mind of a disillusioned soul The Man In The Colored Room ends up being a curious surprise with a twist for an ending I read this book without reading the blurb because I wanted [...]

    3. Estevan Vega completely blew me away with his novel Arson when I read it last year So when Estevan contacted me to read his short story collection, When Colors Bleed, I jumped on it immediately no questions asked.Each story is similar in that they have the usual dark undertone no sunshine and rainbows here , yet they re each unique stories that stand on their own I found myself completely taken by each of the stories BABY BLUE had me in tears, VANILLA RED made the part of me that loves reading a [...]

    4. Let me tell you that the collections of stories in this book are good Very good Each had a different feel to them but with the colors is all expressed different emotions.Baby Blue This story is achingly wonderful The amount of emotions and story packed into a short story, is wonderful The characters you can relate right away and let you fee like you are in their shoes.Vanilla Red I love getting into this man s mind The thoughts in his head were crazy but made sense at the same time Absolutely be [...]

    5. This is the second Estevan Vega book I have read The first being Arson This author has such a unique writing style it s very dark and intense, often tapping into the disillusioned, disenfranchised soul This collection of short stories is no exception.Baby Blue tells the story of two people reaching out to each other forming a connection but for very different reasons It is a touching story, both beautiful and heartbreaking.Vanilla Red is a dark tale Very dark, but just as fascinating The reader [...]

    6. WHEN COLORS BLEED, by Estevan Vega, is a collection of short stories from the author of Arson I am a huge fan of Arson and I anticipate the release of the second book in the series So when I was asked to read Vega s collection of short stories I was excited to get started.These stories are not happy, so for those thinking they will be can prepare for quite the opposite These stories are dark and explore the not so nice part of people and situations that humanity faces My favorite story out of th [...]

    7. I ve had Estevan Vega s book Arson on my wishlist forever I m still anxiously waiting for my library to buy a copy, but when he offered me the opportunity to review his new set of short stories I jumped at the chance I ve heard nothing but good things about his writing and I went into this with high expectations.Wow, is all I have to say Truly These three short stories are not only well written, but each one is filled with such emotion and so poignant It s like being teased with a little bit of [...]

    8. I was asked by Estevan Vega to review this collection of short stories and seeming how I loved his book Arson I felt honored to do so The first story Baby Blue gave me such a lump in my throat It tells you the story of a unique relationship developed over a suit but the end is so very heartbreaking The characters made me realize that even someone you meet in such a short time can change your life forever and you shouldn t be afraid to take chances My heart broke for Casey in the end Then we move [...]

    9. I was quite surprised about these three short stories They really made you think and they draw you into them and the whole time it has you guessing what the end result will be All of them are tragic and haunting Baby Blue tells the story of a Casey who works at a department store A strange man visits once a week and asks to try on the same suite and shirt They build a comfortable relationship Then one day he buys the suit and Casey is shocked by what she reads in the paper the next day Extremely [...]

    10. I received this book in exchange for a honest review WaAr This book is a collection of short stories by the author Baby Blue, Vanilla Red and The Man in the Colored Room These shorts are on the dark side for anyone expecting anything different Baby Blue is the softer out of the three showing you if you don t take chances that you will lose them Vanilla Red kind ve creeped me out since you were seeing and reading the perspective of a murderer The Man in the Colored Room is about a man named Coli [...]

    11. When Colors Bleed is a beautiful collection of stories that delight the reader Baby Blue, a bit of a love story, was charming and heartbreaking Vanilla Red, terrifying The Man in the Colored Room, achingly dark Vega s passion for writing bleeds through in the colors he describes and I thoroughly enjoyed each word I m looking forward to reading of his work.

    12. Creepy, disturbing, wonderful, all three short stories I really like that all three were mysterious in the beginning Vega is an author I ve been meaning to read for years and this was a great introduction to his writing

    13. Vega is a new to me author I found this collection of short stories to be haunting, sad yet beautiful, unique A great find for me I ll be seeking out of Vega s stories.

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