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Ants Dissolve in Moonlight By W.B. Keckler,

  • Title: Ants Dissolve in Moonlight
  • Author: W.B. Keckler
  • ISBN: 9781879193048
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
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    Ants Dissolve in Moonlight None

    One thought on “Ants Dissolve in Moonlight”

    1. This title makes me sad and quivery My grandfather s speciality was ants I have an affinity Do they reconstitute with the light

    2. The title is very intriguing.I recalled Bunuel s films immediately Entering a world of miniature as in Gulliver or Alice in wonderland Ants are very inspiring Perhaps the radiation of moonlight dissolves them A very untouched image.The use of language is strong The words have been interwoven in a net that you can never open the syntax nor the semantics These poems bring you to new concepts, a new lens perhaps The imagery is very creative , the use of metaphor the book takes you to a place to ren [...]

    3. The book as a whole is okay, but there a handful of really great poems including what may be my favorite poem up there with Prufrock titled Ten and Six Themes for a Painting.

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