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Falling for Henry By Beverley Brenna,

  • Title: Falling for Henry
  • Author: Beverley Brenna
  • ISBN: 9780889954427
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
  • A 15 year old girl, lonely after the sudden death of her father, finds herself transported back to the days of Henry VIII s teenage years where she inhabits the body of Katherine of Aragon and has to deal with the increasingly fervent attentions of the young prince.
    Falling for Henry A year old girl lonely after the sudden death of her father finds herself transported back to the days of Henry VIII s teenage years where she inhabits the body of Katherine of Aragon and has to

    One thought on “Falling for Henry”

    1. Summer read, not much to this book, kind of boringLiked the time travel aspect of it, but story was not long enough

    2. REVIEW ORIGINALLY POSTED ON READER VIEWS KIDSI know I m not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but before I even opened Falling for Henry, I was drawn in by the smooth and sturdy binding, the beautiful juxtaposition of script and serif with a simple sans serif, and the perfect small, but not tiny and thin size of the book Falling for Henry by Beverley Brenna did not disappoint Kate Allen is living with her sister in London, attending a private school Both her parents are gone her mother left [...]

    3. I didn t finish this book The idea was good I was excited for this, it sounded so amazing, but God, the disappointment The book starts with Kate visiting a museum or something, I forgot what it was, and she spends the entire time moaning about the weather, the food, the history, her classmates, her sister, her uniform, her life She s Bella Swan, but even Bella Swan was interesting But if you can get past that fact, then get ready for the most slow paced book of your like, because it takes aroun [...]

    4. I requested this book to review for the Historical Novel Society because of its interesting premise a girl is transported back in time and ends up falling for Prince Henry, the future Henry VIII I thought this book was on the whole an exercise in mediocrity The story is pretty anticlimactic and very very slow paced The characters are reasonably well done but not anything special, and Brenna had this unfortunate tendency to work her modern mindset into her historical characters Perhaps better for [...]

    5. I wanted to like this book, but I just couldn t get into it and, ultimately, gave it up Despite not being a fan of time travel and despite this clearly being a book about time travel, I decided to give it a try The author certainly has an interesting premise a modern day girl meeting Henry VIII before he became THE Henry VIII but I could just never get involved with the story I don t give ratings for books I don t finish in fairness to the rating system, which is why this book gets zero stars fr [...]

    6. I m a fan of Tudor fiction and was really looking forward to this story as the idea of time traveling to the Tudor era sounded fascinating, however I was disappointed with this book It was poorly constructed Jumping from one character s point of view to another and then from one era to another It left me feeling confused Also the end of the story felt incomplete I just couldn t get into it.

    7. Ehh This book had the potential to be very compelling and beautiful but unfortunately I found er to be a bit on the boring side Kate was really irritating and I feel like not a whole lot really happened in the book like it was real anticlimactic

    8. The description looked interesting, but I only read about 40 pages of it I just couldn t get into it The writing was not good, and the main character was whiny and self loathing.

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