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Bizarre Tales from World War II By William B. Breuer,

  • Title: Bizarre Tales from World War II
  • Author: William B. Breuer
  • ISBN: 9780785819929
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ernest Hemingway stalks U Boats A Belgian woman halts the Panzers Adolf Hitler plays Santa Claus If you think these are tall tales, guess again More than 140 of the most bizarre, curious, and downright strange incidents from World War II are documented here based on personal interviews, archives and declassified documents.
    Bizarre Tales from World War II Ernest Hemingway stalks U Boats A Belgian woman halts the Panzers Adolf Hitler plays Santa Claus If you think these are tall tales guess again More than of the most bizarre curious and downrigh

    One thought on “Bizarre Tales from World War II”

    1. The tales weren t really that bizarre Some of them were interesting Some left me wondering why they were included At the end of almost every anecdote he would say And that surely was the first time that X happened while X at X or some variation thereof.

    2. This is an easy to read collection of short snippets organized by time period before, during, and after World War II I d hesitate to call them bizarre tales, however Curious coincidences and interesting anecdotes is probably appropriate.I would not recommend this as a reference book for those writing about WWII It is, though, probably a great source of inspiration for those looking for story fodder or to add elements of realism to work they are already doing.

    3. I am part way through this short anecdotal book It is a good bathroom or commuter train read, as all of the episodes are around a page long There are some interesting stories, many obscure, but the book was tainted for me from the first story by jarring bad editing for accuracy It says the B 17 Flying Fortress was being built by The Glen Martin Co when it was actually Boeing, and misspells the Vought aircraft company as Voight A few pages further on, it refers to a British Flight Officer , which [...]

    4. Why do I read this stuff I read another book by the author and while it wasn t too bad, there seem to be numerous small errors and repetition If I saw feldgrau defined one time, with the exact same definition, i would have screamed.There are some interesting stories, but there is also a lot of fluff and lazy writing The various error, such as B 14 vice B 24, are examples of bad proofreading that a good publisher would have caught If you know a lot of the history, you will for the most part lear [...]

    5. I enjoyed this book it was easy to read and i finsihed it in less than a week Easily understood short paragraph sized stories that are dumbed down to the letter almost too much Overall, i would reccomend it for someone who just needs to relax between two deep books.

    6. A good book full of interesting and strange happenings from WWII The tales were weighted towards stories from the ETO but that is to be expected as writing has come out of the ETO in English language historiography.

    7. Interesting reading, some subjects I d heard about before, but nonetheless entertaining.Each subject is short, so it s a good book to pick up when you have a little time.

    8. Okay, have to admit some stories are a little boring, while some are cool and awesome while some are mysterious, like where one ship was totally invisible.

    9. The book did not really match the title There were some interesting snippets of WWII lore, but lacked an overall theme.

    10. This book is an easy read with a lot of interesting information, mainly for your entertainment It won t help you pass a history test at school but makes for good topics of conversation.

    11. I don t believe this author knows what the word bizarre means This book should be titled Mildly Interesting Tidbits about War

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