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Dreamer of Dune: The Biography of Frank Herbert By Brian Herbert,

  • Title: Dreamer of Dune: The Biography of Frank Herbert
  • Author: Brian Herbert
  • ISBN: 9780765306470
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everyone knows Frank Herbert s Dune.This amazing and complex epic, combining politics, religion, human evolution, and ecology, has captured the imagination of generations of readers One of the most popular science fiction novels ever written, it has become a worldwide phenomenon, winning awards, selling millions of copies around the world In the prophetic year of 1984, DEveryone knows Frank Herbert s Dune.This amazing and complex epic, combining politics, religion, human evolution, and ecology, has captured the imagination of generations of readers One of the most popular science fiction novels ever written, it has become a worldwide phenomenon, winning awards, selling millions of copies around the world In the prophetic year of 1984, Dune was made into a motion picture directed by David Lynch, and it has recently been produced as a three part miniseries on the Sci Fi Channel Though he is best remembered for Dune, Frank Herbert was the author of than twenty books at the time of his tragic death in 1986, including such classic novels as The Green Brain, The Santaroga Barrier, The White Plague and Dosadi Experiment.Brian Herbert, Frank Herbert s eldest son, tells the provocative story of his father s extraordinary life in this honest and loving chronicle He has also brought to light all the events in Herbert s life that would find their way into speculative fiction s greatest epic.From his early years in Tacoma, Washington, and his education at the University of Washington, Seattle, and in the Navy, through the years of trying his hand as a TV cameraman, radio commentator, reporter, and editor of several West Coast newspaper, to the difficult years of poverty while struggling to become a published writer, Herbert worked long and hard before finding success after the publication of Dune in 1965 Brian Herbert writes about these years with a truthful intensity that brings every facet of his father s brilliant, and sometimes troubled, genius to full light.Insightful and provocative, containing family photos never published anywhere, this absorbing biography offers Brian Herbert unique personal perspective on one of the most enigmatic and creative talents of our time.Dreamer of Dune is a 2004 Hugo Award Nominee for Best Related Work.
    Dreamer of Dune The Biography of Frank Herbert Everyone knows Frank Herbert s Dune This amazing and complex epic combining politics religion human evolution and ecology has captured the imagination of generations of readers One of the most po

    One thought on “Dreamer of Dune: The Biography of Frank Herbert”

    1. This is of a Brian Herbert pitty party than a biography of Frank Herbert The writing is as bad as his Dune sequel prequels Really, if someone is reading this there s a good chance they re a fan of FH and have read his books, you don t have to tell us what they re about every time they re mentioned I gave it two starts just for the information about FH I didn t know before.

    2. Frank Herbert was a jerk But also a genius He was also capable of intense love, loyalty, and feeling In short, he was complicated That may not come as a surprise to many, especially when studying the life of an artist Complicated people often produce art that is as nuanced and disquieting as they are I recently read the original six Dune books and was curious to read a little about the mind that came up with such hauntingly weird stories There is a layered complexity to Dune that almost gets un [...]

    3. I just finished this biography written by Brian Herbert andwowI really disliked it Let s just say I have personal reasons for reading this book This account read like a 13 year old s diary shoving snippets here and there oddly mashed, incomplete and a lot of times out of place The constant tug of pity me praise me irritated me the whole way through and made it apparent that Brian has unresolved daddy issues Cry me a river.What strikes me most about this book is how Brian wrote in regard to his y [...]

    4. Brian Herbert s Dreamer of Dune is a solid, if unpolished and narratively unfocused, look at his father Frank Herbert.As any of you reading likely already know about the man s work and legacy, I ll skip the preamble and go straight to brass tacks This feels like the first draft of a manuscript What interesting insights there are about Frank s life and work are marred by repetitive writing and a matter of fact writing style that comes off as plain boring It reads like babby s first novel Frank s [...]

    5. Interesting work, although maybe would have been better with some editing Brian Herbert reveals that his father, partly of Catholic Irish American background, was extremely anti English This shows in the Dune universe, where there is no reference to any specifically English cultural heritage out in the future, that I can recall Frank Herbert is also shown as a longterm Republican Party supporter, on the grounds of extreme anti marxism, and supporter of President Nixon He went on a mission to Vie [...]

    6. There is a lot of detail here about Frank Herbert s life I mean, a lot of tiny family details a real peek into his daily life What is lacking is insight into the inspiration behind Frank Herbert This is a well written 2 D account of FH yet it shows that Brian Herbert doesn t or didn t really know what was going on inside his own father

    7. The following originally posted at postdefiance son of tacoma, written by Erik Hanberg.He wrote one of the bestselling science fiction novels ever He won both the Nebula and the Hugo Awards the two most prestigious awards in science fiction NASA has officially approved the naming of geographic features on Saturn s moon Titan after words coined by him.He s from Tacoma, but no one here seems to know it.The man is Frank Herbert, and he is the author of the science fiction classic Dune, as well as f [...]

    8. Dreamer of Dune is the biography of Frank Herbert the masterful creator of the Dune science fiction series, as told by his son, author Brian Herbert.I will say from the outset that this is one of the finest biographies I have ever read Brian Herbert helps the reader understand the real man behind the books as well as gives great insight into the genius that was his father That is no small task presenting someone in all his humanity and, at the same time evoking his brilliance and Brian Herbert s [...]

    9. La escritura a ratos dispersa y un tanto amateur, pero en general muy interesante Pese a lo que pueda parecer biograf a escrita por hijo que sigue estirando el chicle de la obra de su padre , esta no es una hagiograf a Brian no se corta a la hora de contar las sombras de Frank Herbert Imprescindible para conocer el trasfondo de una de las obras de ciencia ficci n m s influyentes.

    10. This is an essential read for anyone interested in the Dune series I loved reading about Frank Herbert s evolution as both a writer and a person Brian Herbert does an impressive job by writing about his father truthfully, examining both his strengths and weakness One paradox within Frank s character was how brilliant and gregarious he was with adults and yet was a vicious harbinger of discipline with his sons Brian and Bruce He went to great lengths to help his friends and was possibly the most [...]

    11. Brian Herbert has received a lot of criticism for the way he has dealt with Frank Herbert s literary legacy Some of it even justified given the quality of the recent Dune books I was afraid that with a book weighing in at well over 500 pages he had gone a bit overboard on this project I read the book in four days in which I ought to have been studying a lot than I actually did Brian Herbert s description of his father s life is a fascinating read He shows us a complex man, at once brilliant and [...]

    12. It s a mixed bag Part fond reminiscence, including heretofore unrevealed family history Part cheerleading session, if you don t know after reading this book that Dune Soul Catcher were Frank s favorite of his own works then you haven t paid attention during the MULTIPLE repetitions of this fact Part airing of grievances, Frank was less than accepting when Brian s brother came out.The book is uneven focused during the early family history section, long and drawn out during an overly detailed des [...]

    13. In 2003 Tor released Dreamer of Dune, a biography of Frank Herbert 1920 1986 written by his son Brian Herbert, who has written a number of novels as well The best known of these are the DUNE prequels and sequels written in collaboration with Kevin J Anderson Dreamer of Dune is not the only book about Frank Herbert or his works but the others I am aware of are currently out of print My copy had been sitting on a shelf for years before I finally picked it up after finishing Frank Herbert s The Gre [...]

    14. The fascinating story of the life of one of my favorite authors The writing is at times amateurish and in need of editing, but at other times beautiful and poignant Despite this complaint, I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Frank Herbert.

    15. In places the prose is clunky, but overall a decent look at the life of a ground breaking Amercan writer.

    16. I love Frank Herbert, but this biography was very poorly written Sped read the entire book just so I could finish it as quickly as possible.

    17. The story of Frank Herbert is as interesting to me as the stories he wrote Not completely for everyone, but for Dune nerds its a must.

    18. A well detailed biography about one of my favorite authors that I couldn t put down It was marred a bit by some dumb comments the author his son made but overall really good.

    19. How could I not be swept away by the Evergreen state imagery and the fact Group Health saved both of their lives

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